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By on November 30, 2011, with 19 Comments

If you’re familiar with the computer game called Portal, then you know just how complex the imaginary world filled with teleportation portals can be. That’s why it’s such a perfect match for the world M.C. Escher imagined, particularly his famous  Relativity piece. While we have featured a lot of artist interpretations on this classic artwork, given Portal mash up by DeviantArt user linkitch just might be one of the most fitting to the original theme. The world it depicts is too complex to ever really understand or properly navigate. Indeed, if Escher were still alive, he would almost certainly take an interest in playing Portal. This creation took nine hours to make, as the artist had to collect reference material from Relativity and Portal and then recreate them in his own 3D space. He even uploaded an image detailing the creation of the final artwork, which you might find after the jump…

M.C. Escher Meets Portal
M.C. Escher Meets Portal


19 Responses
  1. rd says:

    The point of Escher’s drawings was an infinite loop. If you keep climbing, you arrive where you started, which should be impossible. Here I don’t see anything like that. This is entirely possible physically, and you don’t arrive where you started. It is odd only in that there are stairs connecting two walls, but nothing impossible or infinite about it. Somebody is confused.

    • lunytune says:

      I think you might be the one that is confused. Compare this image to M.C. Escher’s Relativity. The basic structure is the same, and the stairways are identical. This one doesn’t have any characters in it to throw off your perception. Other than that, the main difference is that this image has a Portal twist on it.

  2. HaloDUDE80 says:


  3. kano says:

    I wish There were secret Portal levels like this, maybe with new alternate gravity switches!

  4. Andrewpoky says:

    That is amazing!! If only m c escher could see this

  5. Alex says:

    it’s not very illusional

  6. Sergio Ramos says:


  7. edderiofer says:

    Wow. Now if only someone could turn this into an ACTUAL video game. BECAUSE I WOULD PLAY IT.

  8. Roger Sisemore says:

    I find nothing that imaginative here, just look like a portal set

  9. Ant says:

    I want to play it!

  10. pseudonym anonymous says:

    all we need now is a bit of abestos

  11. V0rt3x says:

    Man, portal was hard enough by itself.
    But now this…
    Just… no.

  12. Smartguy says:

    I HATE VIDEO GAMES!!!! I cannot stand them, because I usually spend my time reading. Or writing. Or ectcetera. You are proboly thinking, etcertatgfgh….what? How to say it… EK-SET-TER-AA.About the illusion: cool, even though I cannot find the portals. I see two staircases that go up and down. The other ones are UPSIDE-DOWN!!!! If I had to go there, I would only use the staircases that let you keep your gravity. Or, not letting you fall down. Does it go on forever? It would be up forever, I wish. Not down, because you never know the stakes!

    • EvenSmarterGuy says:

      Et cetera is spelled just like that and pronounced as it’s spelled.

      Probably is spelled just like that and also pronounced as it’s spelled.

    • Person says:

      Tell me. Why do you employ caps-lock and long strings of exclamation points to illustrate your points? Also, you can’t spell “probably”, pronounce or spell “et cetera”, or properly express pronunciations with characters? Furthermore, why are six of your sentences grammatically incorrect? Smartguy isn’t looking too impressive anymore…

    • Person says:

      Excuse me. I meant “why can’t you” when instead I wrote “you can’t”. I apologize.

  13. Lion King says:

    OMG im so famous!!! These are my stairs at my house. I walk up and down them everyday like a pro.

  14. maty71 says:

    that could be mde in portal 2 using hammer

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