Love Test Optical Illusion

I should have saved this one for Valentine’s Day, but what the heck – let’s not stall with good ones. Apparently if you concentrate on the center text (focus, don’t blur your vision!), and if you’re loved, hearts will skip a beat and disappear! Check it out, it works like a charm. Another side effect is that the missing rotating heart will turn blue. Many nice effects in such a simple optical illusion, don’t you think? This animation was created by Mr. Scott Henderson, and works identically as Disappearing Dots, illusion we posted more than 4 years ago!

love test optical illusion animation

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  1. Wow that works perfectly. It’s so hard to believe that they all disappear and you are left with a blue heart.

  2. Remarkable …. to begin with, I get the blue heart going around and then all the hearts have a blue halo. Once this happens then 2 hearts disappear, then 3 then 4 …. and so on until all disappear with each “lap” the blue heart makes. When there are no hearts, even the blue one disappears and the page is blank. I move my eyes and they all come back again. Regardless what I do, it does the same thing every time.

  3. Great illusion but i seem to see small white circles in the middle that keep disappearing. Is it just a glitch or is it something deeper?

  4. Yesit is remarkable!……first they all circle, then the blue heart appears, then one at a time they all disappear, then look away and they all come back. Really great optical illusion. Must mean i’m loved!! WOW

  5. Haha pretty cool, at first the heart turned blue then everything disappeared, but the blue heart stayed and kept turning lol

  6. This does not work well on a small monitor; on my laptop I couldn’t get it to work at all. My larger desktop monitor, it worked within seconds.

  7. I must be only partially loved, they didn’t all disappear for me and they tended to disappear, reappear, disappear, etc. Good fun to look at though.

  8. I see it turn blue and then they disappear and reappear. But I also see the white outlines of circles appear. Are they meant to be there?

  9. You have to try not to blink. If you can do that, the hearts disappear. Then if you blink, they reappear and get wiped out by the blue heart as it goes around. Cool illusion.

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