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By on January 15, 2013, with 16 Comments

This guy Liu slowly starts to annoy me… After I have finally managed to see him in each of his previous stunts, he does it all over again, presenting us with whole new set of photos from his latest performances. Not to mention he’s getting better with each blend! I guess we should be happy, but still… Time to roll-up our sleeves one more time, and exercise our awareness again. His newest #art installation is currently exhibited in Eli Klein, popular New York art gallery, and is titled “Hiding in The City“.

Liu Bolin, Once Again...

Each one chooses his or her path to come in contact with the external world. I chose to merge with the environment.” – Liu

Liu Bolin, Once Again...Liu was inspired to create his camouflage artworks after the Chinese government destroyed Beijing artist village Suo Jia Cun in 2005. where at the time, he had been working. The village housed Asia’s largest congregation of artists. Prompted by the demolition of the site, Liu decided to use his art as a means of silent protest, blending in with the chosen backdrops, explaining his performances as silent comment on individual’s position in the society.

Liu Bolin, Once Again...
Liu Bolin, Once Again...
Liu Bolin, Once Again...Here are couple more of Liu Bolin’s never before seen blend-ins. See if you can pinpoint him in each one. Which one did you like the most?


16 Responses
  1. Steve says:

    I really like the fact that he takes on hard situations in addition to the easy ones. Okay, none of them are really “easy,” so maybe it is the “hard” and “impossible” ones!

    Well done, Mr. Liu!

  2. ECA says:

    It would be more interesting if he would change position..
    Knowing this, it tends to be abit easy to know ABOUT where he is..

  3. Romiea says:

    I think too much emphasis is given to Liu Bolin. Yes, he thought of the idea to blend into his surroundings, but majority of the work comes from the artists who paint him up with such detail that he is able to do that.

  4. Natalie says:

    Who is more talented: the guy who is shown in the photo, or the person who paints the person who is shown? I would say that the talent lies with the painter. Which is Liu?

  5. suor de sapo says:

    In the first one I had to look to his feet ;)

  6. John Scriven says:

    The artist has the concept. The assistant merely wields the brush.

  7. minecaricature says:

    very nice!

  8. Capser says:

    I think this ‘trick’ of him is getting a bit boring. It’s well done but after 5 pictures I’ve seen it. He should think of some other tricks now.

  9. R M Booker says:

    These are all good, but for me the magazine and papers one is the best, I really had to look for him there – good effort all round.

  10. Annie says:

    So did I, suor de sapo !

    I couldn’t see all of him for ages, even when I knew where he had to be,but now I have. Finally !

  11. alisha says:

    you can cleary see the guy sttod there

  12. Sarcasm says:

    This is too easy.

  13. anonymous says:

    I think he’s pretty easy to spot. He’s always somwhere close to the middle…

  14. theNomad says:

    Hes meant to be found, why go to the trouble of totally hiding him. It’d be easier to just put up a photo that didn’t feature him and say spot Liu.

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