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By on November 1, 2011, with 35 Comments

We’ve featured lots of Liu Bolin’s camouflage paintings before, but that’s just because his talent is so incredibly impressive! I believe there is no reason to ever stop posting such amazing illusory installments when they come out. In my own opinion, some of Liu’s best works include tractor image, dragon series and the camouflage cans illusion because in all of these pictures, Liu appears practically invisible to untrained eye. No matter which of his works are your favorite though, it’s hard to deny the skill necessary to produce these. Specially once you get the chance to glaze through his newest series:

Liu Bolin Has Disappeared!
Liu Bolin Has Disappeared!
Liu Bolin Has Disappeared!
Liu Bolin Has Disappeared!
Liu Bolin Has Disappeared!
Liu Bolin Has Disappeared!

Which one’s your favorite? Do you ever have a hard time finding the person in the pictures?


35 Responses
  1. mikeloko says:


  2. Devam says:

    Easily recognizable yet nice!

  3. diane says:

    I like the Great Wall of China .
    he is always in the Center of his photo`s so he is easy to spot .

    His feet give him away to quick.

  4. valk1989 says:

    Maybe i have a trained eye but I spotted al off them almost immediatly best work I saw off him so far was the traactor

  5. Nicole says:

    I recently found your page and have now spent several hours on it. Amazing collection of illusions. Thank you for all that work which went into this page.

    I love the forth and the last best and think, they are also the ones where the person is hardest to spot.

    Please keep up the good work.

  6. Irma Mogilnicki says:

    I really like these. However, I would like them even better if he wasn’t in exactly the same placed in each one. Once you have found him in one, it makes it very simple to find him in all the others.

  7. Benzboy says:

    Once again, the real geniuses are the artists that paint this guy.

  8. Craig Schaff says:

    The Great Wall was good.
    He is easy to find, he’s always centered in the pictures.

    In future images/works, he should have his positioning different. Then it could be more of a challenge.

  9. Dolphin says:

    I love these! Keep posting.

  10. CurlyTail says:

    Yeah, I agree with Benzboy, the true artists must surely be those who carry out the actual painting!.

  11. txedomoon says:


  12. Artemis Fowl says:

    The first, personally.

  13. Doax says:

    China Great Wall is the coolest xD

  14. Slammer says:

    I freakin love this guy.

  15. Cherry Blossom says:

    I think that he is very talented, but I spotted the person immediately in all of them. Maybe he should place his people in different places, so that the person isn’t where you expect him/her to be. Still, amazing, keep up the good work!

  16. NeeL says:

    When you know he always hides in the centre it isn’t hard to find him. :)

  17. UmmRiiiight says:

    People, these arent supposed to be “where’s Waldo” that you have to try and find him in the photos. OF course he’s easy to spot. Look at it for the talent, its not a game!!!!

  18. ranger says:

    these are great #1 the forest one, gave met he most trouble.because trees can grow into strange shaps all on tere own but once i found his head and adjusted my eyes the rest were fairly easy.

  19. RickyM says:

    Amazing skillful camouflage. Wonderful illusions here fascinate me daily, thank you.

  20. Luis Fernando Forero says:

    Me gusta mucho!!

  21. GEM says:

    I Luv this 1. Truly amazing how they hide him. Although easy top spot it is a very effective illusion. I would admit drawing the man completely camouflaged would be a great job and extremely hard, this 1 deserves a thumbs up. Keep em’ coming!!

  22. Shorty says:


  23. melk says:

    Had somewhat of a hard time with the first one until after looking at the second

  24. Michelle Lai says:

    I like the last one :D
    graffiti one’s nice

  25. Phil says:

    I think the forest one and the Temple of Heaven one are some of my favorites of his so far!

  26. bandit says:

    i like these, but the shoes/feet always give them away.
    they’re great! :)

  27. sweet serenity says:

    Very nice!! These are all great works! My fav the Great Wall, you have to work a lil to see him…thanks for the great site!!

  28. Wewe says:

    But so easy

  29. Dan says:

    Yes you can see him in all of thee,but we were expecting to and knew where to look.

  30. Sergio Rivera says:

    I read in a book somewhere that scientists have made a type of jacket that can projects what is behind it.

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