24 Replies to “Little Lighthouse Illusion”

  1. This is the much-photographed lighthouse at Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia, Canada. It is about 15 meters (~50 ft.) tall.

  2. I love these. My cousin went to Africa once and did an almost flawless one like this, that made it look like he held 3 miniature elephants in the palm of his hand.

  3. I like these illusions, i did one very similar to this myself for my art coursework. But i used my own hometown’s most famous landmark – Blackpool Tower! Looked very effective.

  4. Oh I love this, this is in Nova Scotia, where my family is from. I come every year, to N.S., but haven’t been to the light house in almost 10 years. My dad used to get so mad at me cause all I would do was run around on those rocks. Dangerous too, some kids actually drowned there.

  5. His shadow gives away nothing… it’s examination of his hand and arm positioning that ruins it. He could simply, theoretically, be standing in from of a rock ledge.

  6. it is not really an illusion to me because the man is standing far away from the building and he just has his hand in the air.

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