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By on April 15, 2006, with 52 Comments

Observe this! No, those lines weren’t done in Photoshop. The red lines are actually painted on the buildings themselves! If you don’t believe me, jump inside the post to see evidence I provided. It is massive version of famous “3D Painted Rooms” I posted earlier. This picture was taken in Place de l’Odeon, Paris. Looks like someone took a red marker and drew a couple of lines on the image below! It looks perfectly lined up only if you view it from one particular viewpoint.

Lines in The Street Illusion
Here’s how it was done:

Lines in The Street Illusion


52 Responses
  1. Farted says:

    I don’t believe it!! That’s amazing!!

  2. Farted says:

    How could they get that that oddly?????

  3. ITS ME says:


  4. Nana says:

    Because the lines look like they are all connected, it looks like they are hanging down!!! Thats why they look sooo AMAZING!!!!

  5. gibbergabu says:

    what a waste of time dont they got nuttin better to do

  6. BoBo says:


  7. ~~*NIQUE*~~ says:

    that’s so cool. I think I’m gonna paint my living room that way.

  8. Jamie says:

    FREAKS!!! Get a Job!sum one who has that much tym on their hands must still live at home wit their moms!!!!

    • Home is where you hang your @ says:

      YOU’LL NEVER BE THE MAN YOUR MOTHER WAS!!!!111!!!111!!!!eleven

  9. MIGHTY MAN says:


  10. ChOpStIcKs says:

    WICKED!!!!, by the way, if it is a real city, whats the name of it? I wanna know.

  11. xXx_StakeXMyXHeart_xXx says:

    Spiffier than a Hippopotamus named Frank Iero Wearing a Sweatervest and eyeliner. ^_^

  12. Rayne says:

    Jamie, you do realize that painting could be their jobs, right?

  13. guynextdoor says:

    Hey Chopsticks, it IS a real city, known to most as LONDON, England. It was a temporary paint that peels off. Just an art project not a permanent addition to the city.

  14. Captain Obvious says:

    your wrong too guynextdoor, read above the photo it says, “This picture was taken in Place de l’Odeon, Paris.”

  15. Hannah says:

    This is the guy who did it. It seems unlikely but this thing may be real after all.


  16. frenchguy says:

    HEY – YOU! … yeah you, guynextdoor. There is no place, I repeat NO PLACE in London that looks like this. Look at the architecture, look at the street signs, my God, LOOK AT THE LANGUAGE ON THE BUILDING! How can it be anywhere but FRANCE!!???!!! You are apparently an even bigger DOLT than you think the rest of the world is!!!!

  17. MMM says:

    i prefer the painting rooms…

  18. spanish (to Its me) says:

    Please ITS ME, ask for help!

  19. Someone says:

    how did somebody get the authority to paint all over those buildings?

  20. Hotshott says:

    Nice !!

  21. browndog says:

    no idea why u think it’s so cool… i mean, I could do that in Paint on my computer… r u sure he didn’t add it in on the comp?

  22. Sam says:

    It’s amazing, browndog, because paint on the computer, and painting on actual buildings are two different things, you ignorant boob, it takes lots of calculations and planning, and has to be perfect, the fact of the matter is, it looks like lines are just hanging in the sky, and honestly, I don’t think you could do that, sure, you could fake it, but it’s no where near the same thing.

  23. ilikechocolate<# says:

    why cant u ppl just appreciate the art??

  24. Lady_Tramp says:

    That’s pretty cool, gosh people these days are creative!

  25. Miscellaneous says:

    That better not be permanent.

  26. Anonymous says:

    y would you even want to do that unless there is more and it makes like a really cool design from some angle

  27. Elliexx ANIMALS ROCK!! says:

    yeh thats really kl!!!!
    how clever!

  28. Carli, 18, UK says:

    Very interesting.
    It is imressive, and “i could do that in paint on my computer” is the laziest most dumb-assed comment on here. what would be the point in faking something that actually takes skill and calculation?

    also, “get a real job”… yes, like be another number in a call centre or one more face in a bank instead of letting inspiration embrace you and actually doing something different. What a suggestion eh.
    Maybe people who know nothing about this kind of thing should NOT comment.

  29. Anonymous says:

    as if you paint random red lines on buildings

  30. Optiguy says:


  31. Anonymous says:

    Oh god I just LOVE these things!!!

  32. SEXYGURL says:

    go carli ur well rite. people just sit in offices all day answering the phones while others do stuff like this. think which one you would prefer- stuck in an office going insane with boredom or painting and expressing your feelings. rock on to the painter ur amazing

  33. i*is*awesome says:

    holy crud guynextdoor GET A LIFE
    wow so cool
    number 34

  34. breadmanpaul says:

    My guess is that they used one of those spinning ruby lasers used in the construction industry at night to mark where the lines should go and then painted them.

    Amazing, nonetheless.

  35. thisperson says:

    woah you got some strong views SEXYGURL but i totally agree. i would rather be out there painting instead of stuck in my office

  36. Anonymous says:

    a tru banksy masterpiece ^^

    and it rele is art

  37. Aurora101 says:

    That’s the coolest thing I have ever seen!! How did they know where to put the lines? They look like lasers coming from the buildings. < ^.^> haha

  38. Niclas says:

    To all the people having trouble appreciating this: go somewhere else. Or are you just trolls, desperately seeking attention?

    Do you look at Dali or Picasso the same way? It’s called “art”.

    I love it, consider the precision it takes to make it, not just aligning the lines but varying the thickness of them as well to make them seem seamlessly connected.

  39. Jesse says:


  40. Anonymous says:

    WOW! I mean.. WOW. That’s amazing. For all the dumbasses, each building is painted with a few lines of paint, with just one building it looks like its just been one line but together at that angle, it looks like ribbon hanging down from the streets. And LOL@’Rayne’ It is their job and they enjoy it. DUHH 8-)

  41. waw. or wow. or wotiver

  42. anonymous says:

    that’s so amazing!!!
    I never see sth like that!

  43. Anonymous says:

    This place isn’t Paris. It’s the little town of Neuchâtel in Switzerland. I know it because I’m living in Neuchâtel ! Now I understand what these red lines were for. Thanks to this website but correct your post, please !

  44. Ant says:

    I think that’s rubbihs. They’ve essentially made a load of buildings look rubbish just to achieve is a mid rate optical illusion that can only be seen from a specific point.

  45. cometrue says:

    If you wanna see more of that art, just Google the Pictures of “Felice Varini”, he’s the one who made this peace and manymany more, in- and outside…
    Just one more stunning artist…

  46. breanna says:

    no way thats so cool!

  47. Unknown says:

    Ant, it’s not rubbish it’s art and if you don’t appreciate it then don’t even bother commenting on it… get a life

  48. that looks hard to do

  49. Beiny says:

    It’s not Paris or London !! It’s Neuchâtel in Switzerland !

  50. brook says:

    On the first picture i thought it was a long piece of orange tape connectings all the buildings

  51. Dana says:

    It would be cool if it actually said something or made a picture. Its just random lines scattered that look connected. Big whoop.

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