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  1. Thank you, but the illusion makes my head hurt. Owwwh.
    I will have to decline your magazine subscription offer.

    But, I will take an aspirin and call you twice in the morning.
    I look forward to reliving this experience again (sometimes).

  2. where? i only see 5!

    the face in the middle, the two on either side of the face as a profile of it, and the two like skeletin ones on the sides.

  3. Tool!
    This image is on the new album from the band Tool The cd case came with stereooptic lenses. The lenses made all the pictures inside appear to have depth (3D), including this one. It has to be one of the coolest albums ever made.

  4. I knew that looked familar thar is the cover for the new TOOL album but they just used the middle three faces. What an awesome picture! Can’t wait to go to his shop the next time I’m in NYC.

  5. easy!!!

    One face in the middle.
    Two faces turned away from the center face.
    Two skulls
    Two creepy baby-looking things, one in each skull

  6. Faces feces! I see NO faces. What is wrong?

    Well, I’m blind if you must know.
    When will you be offering amazing Braille puzzles?

    I live in Rio Bravo, Brasil and we don’t get mail here very often.
    But, I’ll keep an eye out for your illusions translated to finger bumps.

    c’ya later

  7. Yeah, this image is a lot more kickass in 3d. You should go out and buy the album (10,000 days by Tool), It’s got a whole booklet full of images like this, and stereoscopic lenses to view them with. I wonder who submitted this…

  8. Does any one know where one would be able to find a print of this picture? Oh and by the way definately 7 faces. Though I’m not quite sure that babies count as faces.

  9. Earth to Li’l Johnny:

    Aha, ha! I get your sarcasm toward us sighted people.
    Chill, bro; please don’t be bitter. I’m sorry if you really can’t see.

    But, think for a moment, that your attitude toward people who can see might be seen as a form of REVERSE DISCRIMINATION.

    “C-can’t we all j-just g-g-get along?” and enjoy these cool pics in peace?

    Stay cool, bro.

    Your friend, Leon

  10. Hi I can see 7 faces,the face in the middle, the two on either side of the face ,then 2 skulls facing the middle face and on the either side of the skull u can seee 2 face of foetus……but it bleeds my mind…….

  11. I only see five. 3 human ones and two skulls. I noticed in the past comments there were baby faces in the skulls. I CAN’T FIND THEM!!! Oh well, it’s just an illusion.

  12. The two skulls on the side if you look at where the ears are you can see the two embrios (babies with hands & feet).

    And on the TOOL CD if you look throught the two glasses that are built into the CD case these illusions are actually in 3D

  13. I can see:

    1 middle face
    2 faces on sides of middle face
    2 skulls
    2 back of heads on ears of skulls
    2 noses on bottom of skulls

    Anyone else see the noses?

  14. I dont know if im meesed up in the mind (Which I probly am) but I c 8. There is like a mini body in the middle guys 4head. the body has its arms up and over the head with his knees bent and out and his feet together and he is just floating there. Just thought I let u know.

  15. There is definately 8. Jade, I see the little guy on the forehead of the middle face. It looked like a gem on his forehead at first, but when you zoom in, its definately a figure. Not a face, but a figure. His body is in the shape of a figure 8. OMG! Get it?? Its another figure, and the 8th one found! LOL, and he’s a figure 8! LOL, trippy! :p

  16. Who names themself Melf?

    Anyway, I don’t think that number eight should count as a face. It does look like a man, but the picture is too small to tell if that’s not just a decorative bead or something.

    And Seven’s one of my favorite numbers

  17. You slow people who only see 5 try looking at the skulls on both sides, now look at the edge of gthe skulls see those circle things faces 6 and7

  18. I SEE 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I don’t have time to explain where there are but there are 2 little guys on the 1 guy in the middle.
    and on guys is upside down they are attached together.

  19. 11.
    the central one
    the two coming of the central
    the skulls
    the pointed nose guys in the skulls
    the foetuses
    theres kinda another 2 where the ones coming off the middle meet the skulls, I’ts not very clear but i think they look like faces. :D

  20. There are seven! Inside the skulls all the way to the outside there is a fetus with a face in either one. It may be easier to find the fetus’s foot.

  21. There are seven faces. The skulls all the way to the outside have a fetus with a face in each. It may be easier to locate the fetus’s foot.

    jus so u no…

  23. theres one in the middle, two to the side of the one in the middle, 2 skulls at the edges, and in those skulls r two babies

  24. amazing, the fetuses in the corner are well hidden, i only got seven faces however, so is that it? awesome image

  25. I see nine
    1 middle face
    2 faces on side of middle face
    2 babies
    2 evil/sacry faces
    2 skulls
    (the skulls and scary faces share eyes, scaries look to the edges and skulls look to the middle

  26. I spotted all 6 in like 2 secs the person in the middle then the 2 on the sides of the human and the skulls and in the skulls there are 1 baby in each of the skulls looking down and it is from a side view and they seem to be closing their eyes

  27. nine

    those who see anything less than 7, IDIOT!
    those who see 8, I DONT SEE THE FOREHEAD ONE.
    those who see more than 9,WHERE ARE THEY???!!!?!?!?!??!!!??!!!??

  28. i see 7 there are the 3 obvious ones and then look at the sides of the one in the middle and your see 2 more and then if you look at the sides of the skull looking ones there are 2 that kinda look like babies!!

  29. Duh! Talk about obvious. 5 are blatant- see foetuses but really, they are just swirls. Made me feel dizzy- weird.

  30. Am I the only one who sees 13?

    The first 7 are easy, 8…9…10…11…12, quite hard. But the “unlucky 13th one, I am not even sure!

  31. Ok so there are 7 faces. But the skulls, the babies and the profiled men of the central man are reflective, so that reduces the total to 4. Furthermore, the profiled men might be the same one as the central man, further reducing the total to 3.

    That was just the obvious. Someone pointed out 2 “scary” faces inside the skulls. Not counting reflection, that increases the total to 9. Someone else pointed mini skulls in the 2 main skulls’ teeth. I can see 4 of them in each main skull; they are the molars. That’s 8 more faces, increasing the total to 17! I also noticed a gem below the central face. Looking at it closely, I saw two eyes making it look like some sort of flat fish, a pointy manta ray like sole. Now there are 18 faces in that pic. 18 FACES!!! not counting reflection

  32. There are 7 faces as mentioned in the info, three in the middle, two skull faces and to the right and left about the ears of the skulls are two baby fetuses and it shows their faces

  33. is there 9 faces counting the ones thar are tunring-right (excuse my bad eng, im mexican), the 9’th faces is and old man with long facial hair from the top to the bottom

  34. 7 FACES IN TOTAL!!! if you look at the sides of the skulls, you’ll find two baby forms. I guess they count as a face…

  35. there are 7 heads but 5 that have faces.
    in the middle there are 3, then the skulls. and by the skulls are babys but you cant c their faces

  36. its a tool album art skulls and fetusès are kindof their thing infact this picture is a 3d illusion if you buy the album lateralus

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