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By on March 18, 2010, with 83 Comments

Our Belgian friend Ellen spotted this new LG poster in the wild, and gracefully decided to share it with us. At first I haven’t noticed anything interesting about it, but luckily I was patient enough to read the bottom line before I ditched the photo. It says something about LG phones being able to detect up to 16 faces in one shot. Then I inspected the little phone icon, and noticed there are at least 16 hidden faces present in this perspective! Boy was I surprised! Apart from 5 obvious people and a picture on the wall, try and spot as many hidden faces you can. I’ll start by pointing out the branches in the window. Could it be a reference to our widgets icon? The one we borrowed from Sandra Bullock’s Premonition? I’ll let you find the other ones… Be sure to open the picture in full-size, and then you can check the little phone icon in the footer when you’re stuck! Please, no more than one answer per comment, so other can have some fun too…

LG's 16 Hidden Faces Optical Illusion Billboard

You can open this image in full size to see all the hidden stuff...

  • Lian

    damn I only saw 14.

  • Billy

    Hmm I was only able to find 10, if the shadow face counts.

  • Billy

    Then looked at the answer.. not obvious

  • Team work, we found all 16, very clever
    hint: The Lamps will look at each other:
    (Give away: 2 in the lamp)

  • David Bethke

    One in the fireplace (in the fire). Does the reflection of the man on the left in the glass count?

  • russell

    Very cool. I’ll share one I think is mid difficulty – the bottom left corner of the bookcase has two books with white on the spine making the eyes for the nose in the middle and mouth below.
    What fun ! Thanks for posting this. I have only found 11.


    The pedistal of the end table.

  • Roop The Black

    Flowers on the woman’s back, that was no. 16 for me.

  • Melynda

    There’s a face in the plant on the upper right – the leaves form a delicate outline of eyebrow, eye, nose, and cheek.

  • Ashish Jaiswal

    I got all 16 faces….

  • fallenthorn

    I had originally found 15. Then i looked at the answer and i don’t count the books as a face.

    Far as im concerned there are only 15 faces and then the books trying to be a face and failing.

  • William M

    I actually found 18! theres two in the fireplace 19 if you count the shadow guy

  • Kidsrock12347

    i see a total of 10 faces…..
    hint: there is a face in the fire! :P

  • Kidsrock12347

    i see 12

  • Valerie

    I think I’ve found 14. Has the womanin the picture got a face in her hair?

  • Did you get the 2 in the fireplace and 2 in the fire itself? Pretty cool!

  • Valerie

    Where do I get the answers from? Can’t seem to find more than 15.

  • Barbarella

    It took a bit but I found all 16 once I zoomed in on the upper corners of the fireplace. I keep thinking that there are 4 more; 2 small, squarish faces in the gildwork on either side of the window. That would be 20! Although they look more like little gold Pacman monsters than actual faces.
    This was a great post!

  • Found 15, then looked to the solution for the 16th and saw that the shadow of the man counted…

  • Barbarella

    SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!

    Here’s what I found; I did not include the man’s shadow in the bookcase glass:
    1 Man standing
    2 Woman in black standing
    3 Blonde woman standing at window
    4 Man sitting
    5 Woman sitting
    6 Lower left bookcase – behind the man’s knee; face with white eyes
    7 Lower left bookcase – right at the man’s ass; face with black eyes
    8 Large face in tree twigs in the window
    9 Lower curve of wooden telephone table
    10 Woman in painting
    11 Leaves on the back of woman in painting form half a face; her lips are a flower
    12&13 Lamp illusion of two faces looking at each other on the mantle
    14 Flames in the fireplace
    15 Upper left corner of fireplace in relief
    16 Upper right corner of fireplace in relief

  • i found 14 at 1st glance den i check d anwser:
    d book is laughable but very good well done {:-)8<

  • mangyman

    The two sets of books in the lower left of the picture make up 15 and 16.

  • Isaiah

    I only found 8. Wow I am so bad.

  • popesantaxiv

    Oooh! This is awesome! I found about 8 at first until I realized I was supposed to count the actual faces too. =)

    The face with the vase and the flowers looks like the face from this illusion:

    (The second one.)

  • Justice193

    I see skulls on the couch, actually, there more like the face from the famous “scream” picture, and once I got going I found more than the 16, probably some that showed up unintentional.

  • DarkInVader

    In the fire I saw 3: up-right, down-left and in the middle of fire (maybe another one not so clear center-left, and almost a full body up-left but without a face).

    And the books don’t looks really like faces.

    For me, I find 18, but if you try to find the 5th pow to the cat you can find 21 lol

  • WW

    Cool :p

  • Laura Fisher Wilhelm

    very cool

  • Near Kitten

    I saw 17!! Possibly 18 actually. :)

  • Simon Woolcott

    If you take the lamp as 2 then there are 17 faces. The answers are in the wee phone display.
    The hardest one for me was the guys elbow being a nose and belt as mouth…

  • I love this blog! Also pretty clever marketing move from LG.

  • Brian

    I have found a few more than 16, but I’m sure they didn’t count some of the ones I have found. Here is a list of where I have found faces.
    #1-5: The real people in the picture
    #6: painting above fireplace
    #7: fire in the fireplace
    #8 & 9: in the top left and top right corner of the engravings on the fireplace
    #10: the bottom part of the table with the telephone on it
    #11: the leaf and flowers of the plant on top of the firplace make a face on the painting, with the flower being the lips
    #12: The middle window has two eyes made of trees, with the couch and grapes being the nose and mouth, respectively
    Here is where things get tricky, some faces may not count, but I will list all that I have found:
    #13&14: the two golden vertical borders on each side of the window, halfway down, seems to be a face on each side
    #15: shadow of man’s face on the bookcase
    #16: possibly the books in the bottom left corner of the bookcase make a face
    #17: lamp on top of the fireplace kinda looks like a face
    #18: figure on the bookcase right above the womens head almost looks like a face (more like an alien face lol)
    #19: the outline that the man and the women make standing by the bookcase, right under the man’s arm, but above their thighs.

  • Leon Haidvogl

    question is: does the LG logo also count?!

  • Found 14. Sorry to say but I didn’t like this illusion very much.

  • ahhhh only found painting people and five others please will someone tell me the rest its pissing me off not knowing!

  • Wadey

    I found 19 :S

  • Emoai / Beverly McAlister

    I Love these types of puzzles! After about an hour, I have counted (found) 40 different types of faces, All of which you Can make out, This was very enjoyable, Any others?

  • Greg

    Nice bit of tech marketing there.

    1. Give the audience something to do;

    2. Turn a bug (false-positives in their face-detection software) into a feature.

  • Andy

    There is one face in each corner of the fire place engravings (2); there are 4 face figures in the center couch – looks like a person wearing a masque.

  • Janice

    I saw 11 LOL, pretty good ad.

  • lola

    i spot only 15…

  • C. Anita Nuñez

    I got 15 and then looked at the answer (biggify the small phone pic for that folks!) LOVE this kind of illusion!

  • Greg McMahan

    It seems to me that recognizing fires, windows & books as faces is a bad thing in a face-recognition system. My first thought was “that’s a lot of mistakes”

  • Ron

    First I agree with Barbarella this post is a lot of fun.

    Spoiler Warning, Spoiler Warning, Spoiler Warning!

    We start with the five people who, of course have five faces. 5
    The reflection of the man on the left 6
    The branches of the trees 7
    Jamie says: clever
hint: The Lamps look at each other:
(Give away: 2 in the lamp)

 8 & 9 (I think this one in the lamp is the most clever of the faces.)
    David Bethke says: 
One in the fireplace (in the fire)
    DAVID FUHR says: 
The pedestal of the end table

    Roop The Black says: Flowers on the woman’s back, 12 *** (Good Job, Roop.)
    Leon Haidvogl says: the LG logo also counts. 13 (I think your right)
    Melinda Williams Moore says: Did you get the 2 (on) the fireplace (Mantle) 14 & 15
    If I left it out, that means I either can’t see it or I respectfully disagree.

    After much debating, I think the books are arranged to look like a face. 16.

  • n01z

    we saw over 20, but this is through the artistic eye lol

  • Arnab

    I found only 14 faces YAAR!!!!!!!

  • Sara

    If you want the answer look closely at the camera in the corner and see where the green squares are.

  • Sukumar

    Well here the solution i found!!!
    Note: i think i found a extra one.


  • David

    On the face of the love seat cushion there are four leaves topped with flowers, all in white. Just to the right of the left-most flower and below the leaf within the yellow/brown area, there is the face of a woman with short curly hair. It repeats again at the third location.

    Nostrils and eyes appear at the center of the mantel – think depictions of green men.

  • psb

    The solution link was handy from Sukumar. I think there’s more. Picture over fireplace, behind her braid looks like a wooden face, then her back spine is nose with the shaded areas left and right as eyes. The lamps pulls could be eyes with the base as nose and the turns as lips. Also, couldn’t the light bulbs behind lamp shade be eyes? One more, on the books between the knees of the couple on the left. Too fun!

  • tacos

    i found them all look in the phone in the corner it has all the answers after looking at the answers i felt so stupid it id kind of obvious

  • Ron

    A few corrections,
    Five people, 5 faces
    Correction, the reflection is a head not a face. Brian was right. His number 19 stated, “the outline that the man and the women make standing by the bookcase,” this is number 6
    Tree branches, 7
    Lamps (2) 8 & 9
    Fireplace 10
    End table Pedestal 11
    *** Flowers on painting of the woman’s back, 12 (Good Job, Roop.)
    I must now disagree with Leon, while the LG logo is a face it is not part of the photo. Leon, it was still a great guess.
    In my first count I totally forgot to count the printing of the women. Duh! She is my # 13
    Fireplace (2 on Mantle) 14 & 15
    Books on bookcase lower left, 16

  • Dovid L. Kanon

    There are more than 36 actual faces in this image – and I haven’t finished counting. why stop at 16

  • Spolier!

    1-5 people
    6 shadow face
    7 top right side of book shelf (wood design)
    8&9 books @ bottom left of book shelf
    10 trees outside the window
    11 painting lady
    12&13 lamp in front of the painting
    14 flower vase leaves and rose
    15 phone table stand
    16 fire
    17 topleft of fireplace design
    18 topright of fireplace design

    Are there more? ;)

  • Maria

    This is currently my desktop background. Well done. It’s not that easy to find the faces, but I like a good challenge.

  • Dovid L. Kanon

    Here are a few hints for the others – then you will see the many many more
    1. man on couch, middle of lower leg, face in pants facing bookshelf.
    2. just below his right shoulder, folds in the suit are a face looking up mouth above elbow.
    3. besides the shadow of the man in the bookcase, there is a full man’s face facing straight out with the eyes as the two whitish areas near the top of the shadow and the knose the middle ligher area.
    4. the flower face is actually, I believe, a rendition of a famous painting, with the light branches as the eye.
    5. at the top of the window there is a man’s face that is looking a bit up and right, eyes are about 1 valence width below the valence.
    6. there is another face behind the pole in the window just below that one.
    7. There is another face, large about 2/3 the length of the curtain triangle on the left side, with the frowning mouth being the one lone branch that stops in the middle
    8. once you find that one, reorganize your thoughts because that is the eyebrow of a female face facing left with the dark spot below being the eyeball and the nose behind the main branch. Many other faces in the window
    9. the actual woman in the picture is almost kissing a man’s face that is in the top corner of the picture.
    10. her back where the lamp light crosses is the midpoint of a face mouth towards the lamp hairline about at her backbone.
    11. there are two more full faces in her back
    12. everyone notes the fire face, but if youlook above that face, there is a charlton heston like face facing down a bit, one eye is the dark spot just above the devils e;ye, the nose is the devil’s ear. there are two more big faces in the fire
    13, there is a nice black shirted figure in the bottom right corrner of the fireplace there is a bar that is almost pointing at his nose and mouth.
    Some to contemplate. The top loop of hair in the mantle picture is one eye, the very bottom is another eye and there is a non human face sideways in her hair.
    14. there is another little face at the edge of the window where the second semicircle of dark above the couch, facing the man on the couch.
    15. There is a face in the bow of hair of the girl by the window facing back and away from here eyes as whitish bow
    16. I believe that the recling female has a face on the left knww with the skirt making the two eyes
    ready for the hard ones?

  • zack

    biggest face..
    look at the the men far left.
    the shadow of light which showing on book case which is face and his elbow is nose and belt is mouth, the women face is ear.
    what do you think guys?

  • Redwan

    Well, that doesn’t mean I will buy LG phone.

  • Big Dave

    I’m surprised there weren’t more false positives. Our brains are wire to find faces, so we tend to find them just about everywhere.

  • Jonnathon

    I spotted all 16 the LG had plus one more it did not spot making 17!
    Check the moulding above the left woman’s head!
    The LG phone does not include the man’s reflection either so if you include that there are 18.
    The obscure one the camera detects is a face made from light to dark ratio with the man and cabinet, his elbow sticking out is the nose!

  • Shawn

    Has anyone considered the dial face of the phone?……..;{-

  • Shawn

    Also one in the carpet straight under the grapes at the bottom of the design;{-

  • Ellen

    This is the longest time I’ve spent with an ad!

  • me

    hmm i think i must be blind or something i stared at the pic for half an hour and i found 3 faces:P

  • Filip

    Clever picture.
    Stupid ad!

    Who wants a camera that focuses on bookshelfs and trees in the background? And it seems incapable of finding smiling faces too…

    • Filip is right; the caption should be that it the phone MIS-detects up to 16 faces. Some of those like the books or the lamp are just absurd; that’s really stretching the imagination and the definition of “face”. If the camera actually tries to focus on stuff like that, thinking that they’re faces, people would be pissed and throwing the stupid thing against the wall.

  • kirstie

    the couple in the left corner make a face. if you look at the gap underneath their hands. :)

  • anonymous

    I like how the curlycues on top of the top of the couch gives the tree branch face a mustache=)

  • bob

    2 dots on couch as eyes and bowl of grapes is mouth

  • Thomas

    Hi, I have looked at this photo briefly and stopped after I found over twenty alone in the fire. Enlarge page if you need to, to know more than 150 percent. There are actually over 50 faces in this photo easily found and possibly 100 faces. Keep looking.

  • ben

    i detect 21 faces

  • seth zane gupwell

    i see faces coz faces da best ok

  • jeudi

    I can see 22 faces… that’s me being paranoid again…

  • Grace

    In the pic of the woman, in the corner of it there is flowers that make a face.

  • lgn

    in the ear of the lady in the picture and in the top left corner of the picture frame.

  • mittens

    whoah very cool love how the pic is sooooo unique and NOT formal

  • hoblescotch

    actually there are 17 in my opinion and 20 if you want to be strict.

  • PenguinLover

    16, theres some on the phone picture

    • PenguinLover

      Make that 22

  • Mak

    It was soo easy i found it in just 1 min

  • Akire

    The lady in the painting has a scary face in her hair

  • Time for adventure

    well i found 17 if the reflection in the mirror counts. does it?

  • Bob Hale

    Great picture – not so sure about the advertising concept. Personally I’d want my phone’s face detection feature to detect…er… faces. Not things that look a bit like faces.