LG Detects 16 More Faces!

After such a great feedback, we’ve decided to share another LG’s Find The Hidden Faces poster. The story is simple (and already told) – LG camera is capable of finding up to 16 hidden faces, can you match that? If you click on the image, it will open in full size, thus enabling you to see everything in greater detail. I’ll start with pointing out the baby’s head hidden in the tree branches. Probably a reference to our very own Hidden Baby Illusion. Please, limit yourself to one or two findings per comment, so others can have some fine too!

Btw, have you noticed how our hosted video player loads much faster now? With help of my foreign friend Igor, we’ve managed to find a solution which displays the video almost immediately. If you don’t remember, previously our video needed the whole website to load first, and only then showed itself. Please report your experience :) Is this great or what?

Viewty Smart 2 - LG Poster Optical Illusion - 16 Faces
You can open this image in full size to see all the hidden stuff...

96 Replies to “LG Detects 16 More Faces!”

  1. I’ve found 7 hidden faces. Lay be the most difficult to find was the young lady shaped by the branch tree.

  2. I’ve found over 30. 3 in the main cloud in the center of the picture. 1 looking up and left, 1 looking down and right and 1 in the center of the cloud looking a little to the right. I also like the pinic baskets with the other old “Optical Illusion” of do you see a goblet or a siloette of 2 faces nose to nose.

  3. It is absolutely a testament to the way human brains are wired that so many people are able to construct more than 16 faces when they examine this picture. We are able to detect patterns where at first glance, none exist; but we are especially good at recognizing face shapes. Even babies react differently when shown face shapes as opposed to other things.

  4. A quick scan and I found 11. I particularly like the angry face on the tree trunk and the face in the bush to the right.

  5. I do find it funny that people are finding 20 or 30 when there are only 16. I guess that the faces of the humans aren’t included?

    the one on the tree is pretty freaky.

  6. Does this include the faces of the people in the picture? And about the videos, i’ve never had a problem with it, but good that you fixed it anyway!

  7. I think I found all 16 of them- but I’m not telling where! ;) The fun is in the discovery, not the walkthrough.

  8. This is really interesting! I found about 9. Is it just me or is the right foot of the guy on the picnic blanket messed up? It looks kinda freaky. Anyway very facinating. I love it!

  9. found 16, the best one is the one where the soccer ball is the eye, and the bread forms a nose. Forget about the faces and just check out the hot chix!

  10. Found 11. Can’t find the one were the soccer ball is an eye and the bread a nose!!!!!! And if the soccer ball is an eye where’s the other eye?

  11. it shows where they are on the camera. The funny thing is that the camera on the picture doesn’t detect the real peoples faces

  12. Personally, I’d find it a bit annoying having green lines all over my screen while I was trying to take a photo.

    LG brain thinks, “ooo a rock with a bump on the side… IT MUST BE A FACE!!!”

    Is it smart face recognition? Or just really dumb?

  13. great fun 33 and counting get the side view of Buda in the distant bushes plus all the animals in the near tree and bush

  14. IT’s funny…in almost a competitive way people are always trying to “oneup” each other. “I saw 15 more faces than you!” when the whole intention is to only find 16 obvious ones. We are intrinsically wired to see faces…so yes we will see faces where there is none. It’s how our brain perceives random things that LOOK like they could have the same characteristics of the human body. And To find less typically(i’m not accusing anyone of this, just relating study facts) tends to point towards a…lesser IQ. Not to mention the fact that the picture itself even gives you the answers….

  15. Earthling and Alan are mostly correct but not for these pictures. “airbrushed” faces are the key – I found over 30 again as in the last. Each of the 4 bushes has a face, the white tulip in front facing up and 2 more faces in the leaves in front of it. I didn’t read a comment on the fountain being a large face. etc. Large and small front and side. they are all waiting for deeper insspection.

    1. i found 10 too.
      one in the fountains,
      one in the clouds,
      one on the bark of the tree,
      one in the bushes near the girl with a yellow top,
      and six faces of the people

    2. oh i mean i found 12 dont forget the bird in the sky and the one thats formed with one of the branches of the tree, its the really skinny branch thats hanging off

  16. I’ve found 9.. ive even downloaded the pic to my computer and circled the ones Ive found.. can somebody help me with the rest?
    @ ya.hoo dot com

  17. hahahah its cool i found 16! 6 faces of people, 2faces on the tree plus the face of the dove, plus the faces on the basket and in the flower and 1 face again in the water… and the last two is the faces on the green branches left and right sides of the 3 people in the middle!

  18. I found 18 not including the faces of the people… but then again I found 17 faces in a picture where there were only 11 faces… I must be paranoid

  19. I Found 22! The Ones That Are Listed On The Phone At The Bottom, The People, The 8 Birds In The Sky, And The 1 Bird On The Tree!
    Did No One Notice The Birds?!

  20. I found i think 16
    one in the fountain
    one in the flower
    one in the cloud
    one in the skinny branch
    one in a bush near the guy with a yellow shirt
    one in a bush near the guy in a white shirt playing soccer
    one in the tree stump
    one in the bird
    six in the people
    two in the basket in the picnic

  21. I found 16.
    I see faces everywhere, so it wasn’t hard for me.
    There are probably more that you can find if you’re lenient to what you call a face.

  22. There are 16 alright
    1 in tree
    1 in branch of the tree
    1 in cloud
    6 in the people
    2 in bush near the sitting people
    1 in bush near the standing person
    2 in basket
    2 in flower

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