Let’s Test Your Skills!

Update: The solution has been posted, you can see the answer by clicking on the original picture!

I can imagine you had enough of all them Ebbinghaus illusions by now, but I promise this the last time! Just wanted to see if all my submissions regarding this topic had any weight, and if the experience you gained helps your brain in processing these kind of tests better. So, which of the surrounding circles labeled 1-8 is the same size as the circle in the middle of the image? Solution will be posted shortly…

To see the answer, click on the picture above!

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  1. At first I thought this was just like every other illusion where all the surrounding circles would be the same size but then I looked a bit closer. My conclusion is that either circle 3 is the same size as the center circle or neither of them are. But 3 seems to be the closest.

  2. I was going to say all of them but that’s obviously not true. I can’t pick between 3, 4, 5, or 6 and I figure that’s the illusion. There must be more than one. I’ll wait for the solution rather than get out my ruler.

    1. they are not all the same. i didnt measure with a ruler, but i can tell that they are different sizes, if if it is by one millimeter or so.

  3. I’m going to go for 3.
    Because it’s a good number, and
    it’s only because I know that it is going to be one of the ones that looks huge, because the illusion is amazing :D

      I checked all of their sizes in Gimp, and they are all different sizes. Number 1 is the only one that is the same size as the circle in the middle.
      Circles 1-8 get progressively smaller.

      I guessed number 3. XD

  4. When I tried it by just looking at the illusion, my brains would say number 5 is the same size as the circle in the middle.

    Since I do not trust my eyes (and brains), because it is an illusion I magnified the picture and took a ruler to measure the diameter. By doing this I found out that cirle 3 has the same size as the circle in the middle.

  5. They are all the same size. It is the size and location of the rings of smaller circles in relation to the center that makes the center circles appear to be of different sizes.

    1. A ruler quickly disproves the “all” theory. Only #3 is exactly the same size – Don’t guess. Know. Otherwise you look either r-e-a-l-l-y lazy or r-e-a-l-l-y dumb…

    2. There is no need to be insulting. My understanding was that we were meant to GUESS and the solution would be provided later. Measuring and optical illusion defeats the purpose and spoils the fun. I am also surprised that you singled me out for my guess when many others guessed the same way. Let’s please try to keep this light-hearted and fun, and not mock others for their posts.

  6. There not all the same size… I knew that clear ruler I bought would come in handy sooner or later. Still unsure about the correct answer though. 4 maybe

  7. Reverse Illusion :)

    Taking it into an image editor shows that the circle created by the surround dots are all the same size, but the size of the middle circle changes.

    The correct answer is 3. The diameter of the circle is 49×49 pixels, matching the center. (number 4 is 47×47 pixels).


    1. Nadia, YOU need some medecine I guess.
      Mesuring the circles (with either a good Photoshop or a ruler) shows that the #3 is the only one that matches the size of the center one.
      However, considering only my eyes, I should have said #7 !

    2. Awesome illusion Vurdlak, I really like this one.
      Caps are always unnecessary, especially when what you have written, using the caps, is incorrect, especially when what you have written is aggressive and judgmental. I say, logic says, optics says, and brains say: the outer circles are *all* different; number 3, yes: three, is in fact the only circle that has the same circumference as the centre circle.
      Ive had my eyes checked, I have perfect 20/20 vision. This isn’t about how good people vision is: this is an *optical illusion* website, please don’t forget that “illusions” are interpreted differently by individuals hence the illusory qualities of these images.

    3. haha. so, either the people who used a magnifying glass, ruler, and multiple picture programs got it right, or you did… i’m thinkin them, stupid. ahhah(:

  9. I thought 6, but measured and found it was 3. Interesting how many people claim they KNOW the answer when they obviously have not actually checked.

  10. for once its not an everything is the same size illusion, there actually is a true winner. That winner is #3. I d o financial analysis for a living and couldnt bare to not do some analyzing on this one myself. I can assure you #3 is the same size. Just take some time to copy the circle in the middle, and compare it to the outer circles, max zoom, and #3 is almost a perfect fit.

  11. they are all of the same size.its only the placement of smaller circles around the circles 1-8,which is making them look different in size.

  12. They are all the same size… Not that I measured them it’s just that the little dots around the circles shrink in collective diameter making the larger circles look bigger or smaller than they really are… I think.

  13. Michael is correct, it’s 3. I immediatly thought all of them too but photoshop says 3. 49pixels just like mickael said. Sorry to everyone who thought it was a trick question (inc. me!).

  14. By eye I thought it was 5. Then I measured with my mouse cursor and thought it was 4. Then I see the cut and paste evidence and know it’s 3.

  15. The answer is 3, before posting bullshit (all the same) verify in a image editor, at least you won’t make a fool of yourself :)

  16. how can they all be the same? LOOK AT #8 AND #1! yeah i know the little circles make it look wierd, but if you measure they’re still different sizes!

  17. try to use MS powerpoint (2007 or higher)

    paste the image in the middle of your slide.

    then hold Alt and drag the image, an afterimage will appear, it is perfect for measuring. number 3,4 and 5 are the only ones capable of being the same, but 3 really seems to be the perfect clone

  18. it cant be all of them. I counted the smaller circles that make up the rings, and they are all the same number in each. So the circles inside them get gradually smaller.
    I reckon its either none of them – which is just silly – or three.

  19. On my screen they are all the same size as a dime. so they are all the same size. I mean you know this illusion, so they should all be the same, and in fact are.

  20. They are NOT all the same size. The tiny circles which go around each # are the same, so the circles in the middle of them are all different decreasing in size as the number increases (#1=largest, #8=smallest)

    I think the answer is #1.
    The small circles around #1 make it look large in contrast to the center image where the center circle is surrounded by larger circles to make it look smaller.

  21. !!!SPOILER ALERT!!!
    It is 3. I have checked with GIMP, I am sure. Not all of them are the same sizes. I repeat, it is number 3, I am 100% sure of it.

  22. Oh my goodness, just measure them folks, they are obviously not all the same. My guess is 3. It’s difficult to measure precisely but with a rough finger measurement you can tell 1 and 8 are different, at least.

  23. The answer is three.
    It should be fairly obvious that it is not all of them, because one thing that IS constant is the size and spacing of the outer rings of twelve little circles.

  24. Well, measuring with a ruler will reveal that they are not all the same size. It’s a close call between 2 and 3, but I am going to say 2.

  25. Cant believe some people says all are the same, when if you see picture 1 & 8 close, is obvious they are different sizes.

    I tough at first time that the correct size are 4 or 5, but i’ve checked and is #3.

    Good one :D

  26. I have a Mac. I took the Grab program and selected 1/2 the inner circle. After the picture came up, I lined it up with itself and it was a perfect fit. Then to the outer circles: ONLY #3 was a correct fit.

  27. i did go to the extreme and put this onto paint, and tried them all out. The dimensions are such that three is the best fit, none of them are quite exact, and this is not really an illusion.

  28. its three. i know its three. the answer will say three. if you didnt say three, youre WRONG. if you did, youre correct. its three, its three,just believe me, its three.

  29. Oh wait, yeah I see it. It’s 3. And that Nadia person up yonder istheonethat needs to go seeth optomotrist nearest to her. ANYONE CAN SEE THAT #8 LOOKS NOTHING LIKE #1.

    1. its obviously #3. i figured it out before i even looked at the solution. and for all of you ppl, its NOT #8!!

  30. Sorry the correct answer is definitely not all of them. The center circle definitely matches number 3 and nearly matches 4 but not precisely. I used adobe photoshop to check.

  31. I suspected they where all the same initially but soon descided that was wrong. Next I went for 4 initially, but on closer inspection 3 is the one. I would have thought changing the size of the big circles would also have made this one harder/more confusing and changing the diameter of the circle of small circles around the numbered circle, or perhaps they where left all the same knowing we would suspect a trick like that :)

  32. Itz number 3 cos if u really look 4,5,6,7,8 are too small and 1 and 2 are too big. + i no its one of the big ones cos its a good illusion.

  33. the circles appear to be reducing in dia from 1 to 8.
    can’t decide between 3 or 4 , could be the illusion or that the differences between them are too small .
    will wait for respone rather than measure

  34. ‘Solution will be posted shortly…’

    To quote the Moody Blues…”Can I ever get an answer….”

    I still think they are all the same…

  35. Same as ZL123! At first glance they all look pretty equal; however, once any of them either get larger or smaller then #3 is the only precise one! Good one!!

    Also Congrats on getting to Yahoo’s! homepage!

  36. They’re all the same size. The trick is that the smaller dots surrounding them gradually move farther away from the dots to make them appear smaller than the center dot. Look again.

  37. you know, if you have been on this website long, you’d soon realise it’s an illusion- meaning it can’t be six because it looks like it- it’s one or two.

  38. I think they are all the same size just an optical illusion that they look like they are getting smaller but they are all the same size so they are all the same size as the circle in the middle.

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