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By on December 7, 2010, with 302 Comments

Emperor Chiao pointed me to these two phenomenal posters for a vampire movie called Let Me In. I suppose the title references an old myth, stating that the vampire isn’t allowed to enter your home, unless you invite him in. I believed this vampire trend was so 90′s. What’s up with all them Twilights, True Bloods, Vampire Diaries and similar girlish crap? Anyhow, this movie is a remake of a Swedish vampire film, Let the Right One In. Chiao looked forward seeing the American version, but it totally slipped his mind until he stumbled across this movie poster, which by the way is totally awesome! I still don’t fully understand the illusion, but Chiao mentioned:

If you squint your eyes, the illusion is revealed.

Let Me In Illusory Posters

Click on the photo to open original poster in its full size!

Let Me In Illusory Posters

Click on the photo to open original poster in its full size!


302 Responses
  1. Natalie says:

    I see a profile of a face facing to the left. The red negative space between the girl’s right ankle and thigh is the eye. The knee of the top leg is the nose. Just below the nose, the knee of the bottom leg is the upper lip while the sleeve of the left arm is the lower lip. The girl’s left hand is the chin. The girl’s back is the back of the head. The V-shaped space between the two feet is the widow’s peak of the red hair which is the red of the negative space.

  2. Sydney says:

    It took me a couple of seconds. But theyre faces.
    The first one, the red between her ankle and her thigh is the eye, her knee creates the nose, and where her other knee and sleeve are create the mouth and her hand is the chin. The lines in her dress are lines on the cheek.
    The second one, I can kind of see the eyes in the two white patches by her legs. But I can’t make out the rest.

  3. jessica says:

    =/ I can not see anything???? I would love to know the solution if anyone would be so kind..

  4. SWinchestersGirl says:


  5. Alpine266 says:

    I don’t get it

  6. Nikolaki8 says:

    I dont see anything………….. Great site though! Keep up the awesome work!

  7. jeney says:

    dude all i see is an n

  8. Anna says:

    I didn’t care much for the Swedish movie but the book is simply amazing. The author has written three other books and I really recommend reading his work in stead of watching it on the screen. Especially his first book “Handling the undead” is great reding.

  9. mrboma says:

    I see the face in the first one, but can’t make out anything hidden in the second one.

  10. buzz says:

    OOH I SEE IT! there’s an evil vampire face thing if you squint

  11. filodude says:

    I dont get it… some one please explain

  12. Memeee says:

    Sorry, but I don’t get ist?

  13. Ninja Simms says:

    I don’ get it

  14. A great film (the original version), a great poster (this one)… But I squint my eyes, I turne it upside down… I just can’t see anything… Probably it’s too early in the morning … I’ll come back later… and read some else’s comments!! :-P

  15. chelsea says:

    I don’t get it…does anyone else??

  16. anon says:

    maybe you should verify that there is an optical illusion before you post CRAP!!

  17. Sean says:

    Huh? I don’t understand

  18. pixie-dust says:

    Wow I saw something completely different. I saw what you would say was a devil with horns, no blood

  19. Kyla says:

    Erhm.. is it a rabbit, doing what rabbits do best?

  20. jan says:

    When you squint, you can see a face in the first one and vampire face in the second one.

  21. mari0na says:

    Cool one!
    The silhouette of the girl draws someone’s profile (the upper knee is the nose and the other one is the upper lip)

  22. Thunder-Rose says:

    Ok I get the first one but how about the second one? Any ideas?


  23. Becki says:

    Nope, sorry, I can’t see it… Would love to know what it is meant to show lol

  24. I don’t get it, what are we supposed to see?

  25. NeeL says:

    It scared me a bit on the widget, for I saw some sort of demonic face with horns, but now I see the face it is meant to show, I geuss.
    In the first picture, the face is as following.

    eye: space between heel and but
    nose: knee
    upper lip: other knee
    lower lip: sleeve
    chin: arm and head

  26. Kimon says:

    The blood puddle seems to roughly imply an evil/monster face, but other than that I got nothing either.

  27. asd says:

    Nope, I don’t get it

  28. MrMe says:

    I dont get it, what am I supposed to see?

  29. Nomis says:

    I don’t get it
    I’m squinting, I’m squinting,
    nope still don’t get it.

  30. Honey says:

    her body is face……..cool ;b

  31. Prox says:

    i don’t see it

  32. Eden says:

    I can’t see spit

  33. Darren says:

    it looks like a man,, the knees are the nose

  34. kitia98 says:

    it looks like a human heart

  35. Fms-imays says:

    I don’t get it, even when I squint my eyes I can’t see anything… 0_0

  36. Jorge Rincon says:

    Is she shaped like a heart?

  37. Gregory Padilla says:

    I have no idea what I should be seeing here. Kind of reminds me of that mysterious ink spots illusion from a while back that had ‘one correct solution,’ but I couldn’t see it.

    Any have any ideas?

  38. Lee says:

    i don’t get it, if i squint my eyes at the first it looks like a rabbit.

  39. Jamro says:

    An evil bunny?

  40. Madelon says:

    I don’t see it?

  41. 999Visitor says:

    I see it! It’s a devil’s face, profile facing left. The space between her top ankle and dress is the eye; the space between her bottom-most knee and sleeve is the mouth; ; her dangling arm is the chin; her hair is the beard.
    It’s harder to see in the bottom poster. Cool illusion, and I had to come back to it a few times before I saw it.

  42. full says:

    i think yall are full of shit..

  43. Robin says:

    When looking at the pictures from a distance, you see a face emerging behind the woman. Very cool!!

  44. Cheadle says:

    i dont know about the bottom picture, but the top one is a face, to give hint, the right knee is the nose, and the left knee is the top lip.

  45. ZL123 says:

    Cool illusion! It looks like an emperor! XD

  46. Sarah Schmitz says:

    I can’t even get it. Is there an Illusion?

  47. Will Coykendall says:

    I see a bunny on a rock. Pretty cool.

  48. WTF says:

    Can you stop posting rubbish illusions, you site is starting to go down the crapper.

  49. T says:

    I see the face in the first one, with the eye being the red spot under her right ankle, and the mouth being a part of the left knee and her shirt. The nose would be her right knee. I dont see any thing in the second image though. any ideas?

  50. Kryptonoid says:

    What are we supposed to see?

  51. JJagla says:

    What is the illusion?? I don’t see it

  52. JJagla says:

    What is the illusion? i don’t see it…

  53. craig says:

    a rabbit? thats all i can see when i squint..

    As a side note, this is a really good movie. I went to the world premiere in September at the Toronto International Film Fest. Beats the hell out of all the other vampire crap coming out these days. Its gritty but not entirely focused on the vampire side of things. There are a couple other story lines going on at the same time that manage to bring this movie to a completely different level.

  54. lucy says:

    i dont understand it. how is it revealed if you spuint? i see nothing except from blurriness. help so i can see it please!?

  55. dana says:

    that is so creepy LOL but its cool

  56. eilfurz says:

    so, what’s the illusion, what am i supposed to see here?

  57. Martine says:

    I find it looks like a rabbit. Is that it? o.O

  58. the point? says:

    You run an illusion site, yet you just posted an illusion that you arent even sure is an illusion. Maybe one person sees something no one else does. That doesnt make it an illusion. Maybe you should at least get a clue to what we could see instead of squingting our eyes. I see nothing. For all i know this is rubbish.

  59. Mark P says:

    Is her body supposed to be a face in profile>

    Right knee – nose
    Space between right foot and thigh – eye
    Left knee – upper lip
    Left sleeve – lower lip
    Head and left arm – chin

  60. Mike says:

    I want to see something, I see nothing. :-/

  61. Lizzie says:


  62. essayn says:

    Hmmm, the 2nd one looks awsome . Besides when I squint I see 1. the arm and feet are cut off or 2. I see a snake with a ruby on its head (legs are the tail and upper part of the body is the giant head..) just my opinion.

  63. Indigo May Roe says:

    Is it ‘sposed to look like a white vampire face? First with mouth closed, then with fangs revealed?

  64. Tanber says:

    Not getting it, even when squinting. A hint?

  65. DataGreed says:

    Cannpt see any illusion here :(

  66. Bathbomber says:

    I don’t get it.

  67. karley says:

    i dont get it?

  68. ali says:

    I’m not sure if I’m seeing it… the top one sort of looks like a devil’s face looking left – her feet are the horns, her fist is his beard. In the second one, the blood sort of looks like a monster’s face (or devil again) behind her. But not sure…

  69. anomo says:

    All I have to say is: 666

  70. Fenbar says:

    I don’t see it, anyone got any insight into this?

  71. catzrules says:

    what is the illusion?

  72. Tess says:

    What is it supposed to be?

  73. Kara says:

    Looks kinda like a rabbit to me

  74. marchioness says:

    “Girlish crap”? Come on, Vurdlak! Your illusions are great, but please keep your insulting commentary to yourself.

  75. Falon says:

    Mutant bunny rabbit? Lol.

  76. Andy Griffiths says:

    Totally can’t see anything there…

  77. Tracy Losche Harder says:

    Her body is positioned in the shape of a human heart.

  78. i dont see it,, i squint my eyes and still dont see the illusion,,,, :-(

    anyone out there can help?

  79. Phantom says:

    I noticed that the picture looks like a face. It’s pretty cool.

  80. Tonatiuht says:

    I think it look like a rabbit or a face

  81. Meree says:

    I don’t know if this is the illusion you’re talking about, but I see a face in te left side of the girl. The Knee of her right leg would act as the nose

  82. PaulMcCartney says:

    in the second image you can see someone oversized holding the girl upside down with one hand

  83. Charleen says:

    I really don’t get these. What’s supposed to be the illusion here? Somebody please help me out?

  84. noonehere says:

    I don’t see it, what is the illusion?

  85. catzrules says:

    first by the way. :)

  86. terry the censor says:

    I am unsubscribing from this site. Half the illusions are even so.

  87. 69Dragons says:

    Awesome! When I squint, she looks like a white heart, and a bleeding white heart. That is so cool!

    Keep up the good work Vurdlak!

  88. josephine says:

    First one kinda looks like a bunny :) No clue about the second one…

  89. em says:

    aah it took me a while but once you see it you don’t have to squint any more. she is a devil/vampire(?) head.. her knees are the lips and nose and there is a gap by her feet that looks like an eye.. can’t see an illusion in the bottom one

  90. Kaerlion says:

    Hum… Sorry, I really don’t get this one?

  91. If I’m not wrong, they are two different shapes of a human face.
    The one at the top, the right leg resembles the nose, and the left knee, and the left sleeve of the nightgown forms the mouth.
    In the picture at the bottom; it’s another face seen from above.

  92. Care Bear says:

    How totally fetal.

  93. thepuzzlemaster says:

    i think the top one is a rabbit and the bottom is a snake if you squint, ergo the snake is ‘evil’ and thus the vampire

  94. Selma Cahtarevic says:

    True blood is not girlish -.- hahaha gr8 illusion BTW

  95. Alicia says:

    that let me in poster. if you squint your eyes (make it all blurry) you’ll see that she’s in the same shape as a human heart. or a tleast thats my take on it

  96. JasonC says:

    Just a heart

  97. Rudolf says:

    Ohh, now I get it, it’s a human heart. It may be kinda weird, but if you look very, VERY well, you can see the form. The feet and the crease of the shirt are the ventricles (or something like that), and the body and the head of the girl are the form of the heart.

  98. melinda says:

    Is she suppose to be in the womb, perhaps?

  99. WilSki97 says:

    i see a bunny…

  100. bre says:

    i dont see it!

  101. thrower says:

    I see a rabbit in the first one

  102. Xavier says:

    In the first pic, I noticed the knees had nipples, but I don’t know if that’s it.

    • Xavier says:

      In the second one, the blood pool in the background makes a face with the girl’s shins as the nose. You can see the eyes on the left side of the foot and above the rear end?

      BTW, are you allowed to swer on this, ’cause I really wanted to say the A-word right now.

  103. EBZ says:

    i like the poster, dont know wat the illusion could be though…. why am i squinting?

  104. galloots says:


  105. KAUKAU says:

    C:\Documents and Settings\wong4\Desktop\vampire.jpg

    I drawn the eye, the nose and the lips!!

    • ali says:

      You need to upload your picture to the internet first, not off your hard drive. Try photobucket.com, it’s free.

  106. Lol says:

    i dont get it D:

  107. anaminus says:

    I see the devil or uhh… a unhappy face?

  108. maceo says:

    is it a fist knocking?

  109. Pendragon says:

    …I…don’t…see it!~ And now my eyes hurt from squinting too hard. Haha, my mom said there’s a bunny in the first one though.

  110. Typeaux says:

    I’m usually pretty good at finding faces in the rocks, alligators hidden in a bit of foliage and the like, but this one escapes me, blurred vision or not. I’ve tried to imagine a couple dozen different possibilities, but nothing reveals itself to me. You would think that a movie poster wouldn’t make the occulted image so difficult to see. — Typeaux

  111. Shannon says:

    It’s a heart… like…. the organ. Kinda gross. But totally metal.

  112. kcannarozzi says:

    I don’t see an illusion. Help. What should I see.

  113. VampGirl says:

    I don’t get it, and I was hoping to read other people’s comments to figure it out. Either no one else has made a comment or I can’t find the on the new website…

    • ali says:

      They just hadn’t been approved yet. Sometimes there’s a delay before he gets around to giving the comments the okay.

  114. Tony says:

    After squinting hard, all I can see is a rabit humping a ball, though not sure if that what is intended?

  115. leeny says:

    I don’t get it….

  116. Sunny says:

    I think I see a face in the first, but the second picture confuses me. Is that one an illusion too? Or just in the set of promo pics?

  117. Jeff says:

    I don’t get this.

  118. BlackJester says:

    This one really took me a while and I started to doubt that there was anything there. I think the trick is not to squint, but to take a few steps back. Also, the illusion is only in the picture on the carpet, NOT the one with the blood.

    **Spoiler** {it’s a face looking left} **Spoiler**

  119. pacman says:

    I dont get it…

    a heart?
    a fetus?

  120. Alex says:

    FIrst pic looks like a dragon!

  121. Tamara says:

    I haven’t a clue. The top one sorta looks like a rabbit when I squint, but the bottom one doesn’t. It looks more like a weird “S.” I don’t see any other visual trick.

    Anyone care to enlighten us?

  122. walrus says:

    What exactly am I supposed to see? Please help. I’ve been trying for 10 minutes.

  123. Matt says:

    Don’t get it?

  124. Laura says:

    Wow, it is the profile of a persons face! The knee is the nose, the lace from her wrist and the other knee make the lips. The negative space (red area) just behind her ankle is the eye… wonderful! I like it! Thumbs Up!

  125. Shuai Ixion Wang says:

    Love the original Swedish one! Especially the very last bit, it changed the whole story!

    About the illusion, a head of a vampire maybe? her leg could be the nose?

  126. sharon says:

    i couldnt see it in the top one but i saw it in the bottom one excellent

  127. Collette says:

    This is a hard one. I been staring at it since you posted it and I still can’t find it. The only two things I see is (1) her dress is the same tone as her skin so squinting/blurring the image makes her look nude but I have a feeling that’s not it. (2) is in the first photo her knees kinda look like breasts… And I highly doubt it is the second one.

  128. parcol says:

    I need a hint….

  129. angel says:

    i would like to know what iam supposed to be seeing,apperently iam not good at this.

  130. forsaken.illusion says:

    In the first pic you can kinda make out a face, but it’s not very “vampire-ish”.
    That’s all I got.

  131. Kat Stuart says:

    don’t see it

  132. Seb Coco says:

    I don’t get it :(.

  133. Tracy Losche Harder says:

    It also looks like a leftward facing profile.

  134. Courtney Rafter says:

    Do I see a bunny in the first picture?

  135. kaDee says:

    hmm, I don’t get it.
    What should be the illusion?

    any ideas or hints?

  136. bduga says:

    cant see it HELP

  137. Heather says:

    I’m a little confused with this one, but after some intense staring, I think I get it. It looks like a baby in the womb. Anyone else??!?!

  138. Heoki says:

    Um… faces ?

  139. Alexander Ledezma says:

    I see a Heart, what do u guys see O.o?

  140. Julia says:

    Yehhhhh dont get it

  141. Is it the head of a devil? I’m finding this one hard to see.

  142. BiG*PoLaR*BeaR says:

    They’re like rabbits with different stances

  143. Reece says:

    I think its supposed to be a face…throw your eyes out of focus… (hint: her knee is a nose)

  144. Stuff says:

    I’m not seeing this. Anyone know what it is?

  145. Alex Gallardo ⎝⏠⏝⏠⎠ says:

    In the first one I can see a face looking to the left, but in the second one I can’t see nothing. Anyway, I don’t believe that face is the illusion.

  146. Russell says:

    I presume the top one is a face profile facing left with horns but I’ve no idea what the bottom one is supposed to be.
    Can you fuzz them for me cos I’m clearly no good at squinting (I’ve tried taking off my glasses but that didn’t help!).

  147. Andrew says:

    i dont c it

  148. Bruno says:

    Heel to buttocks makes the eye,upper knee is nose, lower knee is upper lip,gown’s sleeve is lower lip,wrist and hand is chin. Once seen, cannot be unseen…

  149. gaux says:

    It’s a human heart, i think.

  150. Ms GB says:

    I’m sitting here in the library squinting and slowly backin away from my computer, people are looking @ me like I’m crazy. And after all that, I still have no idea what’s suppose to be.

  151. Moonkid says:

    Its a face…left side is face profile…with horns…demon like. I just needed a hint to tell my brain what I was looking at, thanks Reece.

  152. rsfballer says:

    After reading Reece’s comment, I definitely see the face. Even when I don’t squint, I can see it. It reminds me of the Faust character/mask: Her upper knee is the nose, the bottom knees is the upper lip, her lower hand is the start of the chin rounding out to the bottom of her head. The space formed between her top thigh and calf/ankle is the eye, and her bottom foot is the horn.

  153. kevin says:

    is the top one a bat hanging upside down?
    These aren’t clear to me either.

  154. the point? says:

    I see the face on the top one. But on the bottom one, the background reddish blood areas appear to be the face of the devel

  155. Michael says:

    Top one is defeinately a face looking left.

    If you cannot see it, take the picture and convert to 2-colour and then negative. This de-emphasises the girl and allows you to focus on the shape of the face. It may help if you concentrate on the line that her body makes on the left side.

    The bottom one is less clear, but I don’t think it is another version of the top one. It may be my imagination but I think the background water is part of it – I think I see eyes on either side of her foot.

    • Sarah-Jane says:

      yes, that is also what I saw,
      for the second one i also see the eyes, her knee would be the nose but I can’t find a mouth :(
      ill just have to look harder…

  156. Trist'n says:

    looks like a heart to me!

  157. RR says:

    I think it resembles a human heart, under squint view…

  158. ebbhyen says:

    The first on was fairly easy to see, but the second one – FOREVER. In case you too had problems. The Devil is looking forward, slightly to the left and the view is downward. Between her hand and thigh, the cloth folds become teeth.

  159. RR says:

    Oh I guess it’s a tengu, after all! With horns. A tengu is a Japanese monster. The lower hand a its long nose.

  160. but if the first is a face, whats the second one…

  161. ZL123 says:

    No, I think this must be it.
    On the first one…

    It is a man.

    The face is the mouth of the man, the hair are those hair around the mouth, a funny mustache, or a mustache and a beard joined together;.

  162. Lee says:

    I see a human heart, yeah i dont see this face thing you guys are talking about at all

  163. A guy says:

    The first picture is a headless chicken.

  164. Tyson says:

    It’s a human heart.

  165. For those with glasses, take em off and then squint…
    The bottom one has a more obvious face…
    Knee – Nose
    2 Blood Ripples around foot – Eyes
    Between Right hand & Right leg – Mouth.

  166. rummy says:

    I think the top one is supposed to be a heart indeed, but the bottom i am lost on.

    I CAN sort of see the faces people are mentioning and stuff, but the heart is too complex to be conincidental, surely?

  167. arfdg says:

    if you look under her heel and squint really strong u see a devil face

  168. breandan says:

    maybe we’re over thinking it…down the rabbit hole?

  169. WSM says:

    Your shrinks must love having you folks do Rorschach tests! :)

  170. JMAN12 says:

    I can’t see it either. IWANTANWSERS!!!!119437426562

  171. Marie says:

    I see the lower knee as an eye her legs as horns.

    The gap between her hand and her head looks like a mouth, and the rest of her body looks like the head….

  172. Mainly cartoon type face of a witch like woman with a deformed chin and tumors at the angle of the mouth and red medium lenght hair are seen if you squint a lot.
    Also a diseased heart but face is more evident to me.

  173. KT says:

    Human heart…blood, yeah, that makes more sense. Face…ummm no….

  174. telle says:

    IT’S A RABBIT!!!
    her legs are the two ears and her whole body is the rabbits body, the head is the rabbits back leg and the hand is the rabbits front leg..the girls knees is like the face/nose…but u gotta really kill ur eyes for this..lol

  175. cranberry says:

    ok so the first one is a heart. (had to get help from the comments with that one) the second i got instantly, a man( pretty sure its the devil)

  176. Mandy says:

    Interesting. I did come to see the face, and now I can’t see anything BUT the face! It looks like the Satyr from Pan’s Labyrinth!



    After reading the comments, I also was able to see a human heart, very well. I’m curious what the creator actually intended. They are both very clear.

    I couldn’t figure out the bottom one. I see eyes and creases in a forehead in the water, but the girl doesn’t seem to fit into that image.

  177. fred says:

    Get some distance between yourself and the screan. Then you can see the faces !

  178. amandaa says:

    u can see rabbits

  179. Rach says:

    This is an interesting illusion, and while I agree twilight is utter crap, why add “girlish”? Gender has nothing to do with it, it’s all just crap. In fact why mention gender stereotypes at all when talking about something, it makes no sense.

    Anyway “let the right one in” was bad ass!

  180. judy says:


  181. Anonymous Man!! says:


  182. goblin says:

    at first i seen a face, a little bit after i can see a human heart too..it’s debatable

  183. Booyakka says:

    All of you are wrong.
    When you squint at the first picture her body turns into a monster/beast creature and is eating her. Her head is sticking out of the creatures mouth.
    The second picture is the same, only the creature looks like a Baboon. It is simple once you focus.
    The prople who said it is a face are right and wrong. It does look like a face, but that isn’t what they want you to see.
    Look at it, and if you see it too comment back.

    From Booyakka

  184. Frannie says:

    I agree with Booyakka. Sorry this is so late, but you need to squint and tilt your head to the right. The second one looks like a skull is eating her.

  185. Pedro says:

    As a publicist who follows the Entertainment Advertising business closely, I believe what Ignition Print (the agency that made the poster) was intenting to show was simply a girl lying in agony/guilt/concern. The upside down position choice was to symbolize a bat’s sleeping position (vampires-bats relation), and anything past it is mere Rorschach-like self-suggestion.

    That’s just my opinion…

    (plus, no art director at Ignition Print is THAT skillful… believe me).

  186. Anonymous says:


    if you can tell, I’ve outlined the face in the first poster to help :) Sorry for giving it away ;p

  187. JenAlfons says:

    the first time I saw this movie poster (by the way Im 11) I thought why is there a rabbit on Let me in then I saw the person its cute though

  188. Mills says:

    It kinda looks like a rabbit to me.. Is that it?

    Btw I loved the swedish version of this film, I’m gonna check this one out.

  189. Mills says:

    The first time I saw the poster I thought I saw a heart shape

  190. western9000 says:

    this picture doesnt really have anything in it

  191. Anon says:

    I can see the face, kind of, but the film is amazing (the swedish origional), not girlish at all.

  192. Huh? says:

    I don’t see a damned thing. SMH

    • BUTTONMASHER411 says:

      I can’t quite crack the second one, but the first one if you squint you can see a vampire face. her right knee being the nose, and the space between her foot and the bottom of her dress the eye.

  193. Nyx says:

    I see nothing

  194. Shriya says:

    can’t really see the illusion but looks like it’s going to be a good illusion:)

  195. Ha! says:

    it’s a bunny

    • Mike says:

      Yeah I see a demented white rabbit like for some creepy styled Alice in Wonderland

      or like that one old movie back in the 80′s with that kid who scared the hell out of his babysitter…what was that movie?

  196. jim g. says:

    there’s nothing there but a pic of the girl the way she was laying in her bathtub during the day in the movie. Anyone who says otherwise is making stuff up.

    • Abob says:

      Ur just jealous cuz u cant see them. the first one is OBVIOUSLY either a rabbit, a vampire or the devil. Im not sure about the 2nd one, but ur an idiot cuz u think everythins bout u and if u cant see it and ever1 else can, theyre lying. NOT TRUE.

  197. joe says:

    It’s a guys face. Her top knee is his nose. just under that her bottom knee is the top lip and then her dress folds make the bottom lip. The dark space between her foot/heal and her dress is his eye.

    Squint until your eyes are virtually closed and youll see it.

  198. Son Gohan says:

    Yes, it looks like a bunny @ first (when you squint your eyes), then it looks like the devil.

    Two legs/feet extending up were the horns, left leg is the nose, the gap between the left arm and the face is the mouth (opened) and the dark triangular shade on her dress near the right arm is the eye.

  199. laura says:

    I think the first one looks like a human heart!

    • Kalak says:

      ok, The first one requires squinting until your eyes are almost totally shut, but the second one is fairly apparent. In the first, it is a face where her knee forms a nose and the area between her feet and dress make an eye, also the lips are formed by her sleeve and other knee.The second one has a face formed by the reflection in the blood, the two bright spots by her feet and butt making the eyes.

  200. Elfeujun Sampaga says:

    Yes I see now, just squint your eyes until the red carpet turns black and you will see the illusion of a man’s left face.

  201. DEB ALTHOUSE says:

    It looks like a dragon with front claws over a crystal ball

  202. Johnson Gigantor says:


  203. LOL says:

    OH now i see it its a face

  204. A Snail says:

    first one a mans left side of his face second one a devil

  205. Kat Sims says:

    I still see nothing no matter how long or hard I look , i did see the bunny at one point but i can’t even see that anymore

  206. Leon says:

    The first one is a Hare (male rabbit) and the second one (if you rotate it right) is a duck… or some kinda creature like that?

  207. z says:

    “similar girlish crap”… I get a kick out of men “not getting” the vampire thing. Ever heard of the “maiden and death” paradigm?

    It’s an ancient erotic tension between a young woman and a supernatural male creature. Most of our folktales touch on it in some way. It’s in Beauty and the Beast, Little Red Riding Hood, etc. It describes the erotic attraction of death personified. The vampire trend is simply that ancient erotic duality repackaged in modern form.

    • Kyle says:

      “It’s an ancient erotic tension between a young woman and a supernatural male creature. Most of our folktales touch on it in some way. It’s in Beauty and the Beast, Little Red Riding Hood, etc. It describes the erotic attraction of death personified. The vampire trend is simply that ancient erotic duality repackaged in modern form.”

      That doesn’t excuse Twilight and The Vampire Diaries from being awful. Have you bothered to watch them? Beside the fact that they are awful, they are extremely superficial and hilariously shallow. They are made for young teenage girls that have no understanding of actual love. Let Me In(as well as the original Swedish version) is wonderfully made and does not exploit such petty forms of love like those others do.

    • Kevin says:

      “Girly” is the most accurate adverse and appropriate usage of the word in this context. It is aimed towards these sort of humans we call girls in our society. To make an adjective of it is to denote a vague conception of the things these people are interested in. To then make it adverse is an obvious exploitation of an immature fantasy that may not relate to adults or reality (duh, a fantasy). The film American Beauty however, tackles a real conception of teenagers in America and has room for midlife crisis, sexual identity, gay culture, vets…etc.

      So while said movies may be a permutation of a conceptual paradigm in storytelling, THEY ARE HORRIBLE ONES AT THAT. In fact, you should be offended at the justice it doesn’t do it.

    • Kyle says:

      “So while said movies may be a permutation of a conceptual paradigm in storytelling, THEY ARE HORRIBLE ONES AT THAT. In fact, you should be offended at the justice it doesn’t do it.”

      You shouldn’t think that way about these particular films though. “Let Me In”, as well as the original Swedish version are fantastic films that do not relish in the “fantasy” that the other Vampire movies/shows relate to. Let Me In uses the vampire situation in a convincing, and thematically relevant way in regards to the basic foundation of the story’s message.

  208. Phebes says:

    I think it looks a bit like a human heart. Like this one- http://www.fallingpixel.com/human-heart-3d-model/11334

  209. Mikraken23 says:

    The first one is a human heart.

  210. Mark says:

    There is nothing there except what is there.

    No Illusion at all,

    anyone who thinks there is, go see a shrink, you need help

    • Tahryn says:

      The first one is a face profile. Her top most leg is the nose. The gap behind her leg is the eye. The other knee is the upper lip joining with the cuff of her shirt on her right arm becoming the lower lip going down to the hand being the chin. The second poster is similar except the face is more forward facing. Again the nose is her leg with the 2 red spaces on either side of it having eyes you can see. The funny thing is at first I saw the rabbit, but after focusing better I saw the true image.

    • KY_LadyBugg says:

      ummm actually…after looking at it 4 several mins it is a face… no shrink needed… nothing weird about it… it just takes a creative mind to see… so if “all of you” dat say you cant see it… sorry your just either blind… dont want to see it… or dont have a creative mind… people on here gave all the hints in the world… the knee is the nose… figure it out from there… I did…lol

  211. Mandee says:

    I don’t see anything either. I squinted, turned my head, walked away… got closer.

    I see a girl. Laying there on the floor.

    That is all.

    • Miaaa says:

      I really want to see something. I’m usually good at seeing these I feel like something is wrong with me?!

  212. JMixx says:

    Paging Dr. Rorschach!

  213. Mike says:

    I see a rabbit on the first one and a duck (tilt head to left) on the second. You have to have you’re eyes only open a crack and ignore the girl’s head.

  214. Rachel Salai says:

    hmmm.. here’s a tip. just close your eyes completely, and just imagine all this stuff that other people say that they can see. (;

  215. Noodlesnog82 says:

    it’s a rabbit!

  216. Friensy Upessy says:

    yes,, i see it now

  217. tasha says:

    it could pass for a raw whole chicken with the head cut off. or a heart.

  218. Srsly, NoMorePot4U says:

    ….yeeaaah, seeing as the director of Cloverfield has something to do with this film, it’s not surprising that a SERIOUS stretch of the imagination is required to see the “illusion” in this poster. Sure, those knees bent the way they are form a pretty convincing eye and nose after several minutes of headache-inducing hyper squinting, but the rest is just nonsense.

    If there’s a mouth there, it appears to have a fully-grown woman’s entire upper body sticking out of it…

  219. Hailey :D says:

    I see president bush. o_o

  220. Hailey :D says:

    I see a bunny… and a duck. And if you squint your eys almost complatly closed and look at th girls fac, it seems like sh looks towards you. Creepy?

  221. james B says:

    I have reviewed the poster, and the studio who designed it and there is no mention of an illusion, so sorry folks there isn’t anything there except a wide imagination from many of you. Also from a design perspective, if they were trying to create a clever illusion the face that you see bares no resemblance to any of the characters in the movie. Not even at a sretch, a second factor also is that Abby lies in the same position on both posters, except one has parts of her covered in blood, covering the so-called face. Im sorry but you are wrong this time

    • Kyle says:

      “Also from a design perspective, if they were trying to create a clever illusion the face that you see bares no resemblance to any of the characters in the movie.”

      The thing is, they weren’t trying to make a “face”.

      “a second factor also is that Abby lies in the same position on both posters, except one has parts of her covered in blood, covering the so-called face. Im sorry but you are wrong this time.”

      The blood IS the clue, look closer!

    • Delicious Cake says:

      You don’t have to squint your eyes. The girl is curled in the shape of a human heart. Her legs being the aorta, and her head is the bottom of the heart.

  222. Astrud says:

    The face on the first one. the second has a face too but a longer chin and guyish looking.

  223. erica says:

    lol i see it!!! :D

  224. Glen says:

    There’s no illusion here. The human knees faintly resembles a nose. The human mind is programmed to see patterns (especially ones resembling faces) in random things. If the designer of this billboard poster intended an illusion, they wouldn’t have created one that requires passers-by to squint and use huge leaps of their imagination to see it.

    • Kev says:

      Which of course is ridiculous to ask that of a passive immediate gratification type of audience. I don’t think its a huge leap of imagination, and is an illusion. Just cause its not as obvious as a godamned Gestalt triangle..

    • Zazn says:

      I agree. Even if people do see something, it was probably unintentional. I can see how people can see the face with horns on the first picture and the devil in the second (the foot and white reflection in the water can be the eyes), but this was just a coincidence.

      Did you know if you look at Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night, you can see a skull? It’s there, but probably was not intended as well.

    • Mia Bostic says:

      I don’t see it either and I squinted very very hard.

  225. P viz says:

    THE REAL ILLUSION: Is that when you squint your eyes, the red around her disappears as if it was absorbed by her body. She then appears to be laying in pure darkness.

  226. Simon says:



  227. StingyWeedMan says:

    On the 1st one all I see is Chicken lEggs n on the second pic I turned on color inversion using the magnifier n see a guy in the background, where her but is one eye then by her feet the other…

  228. ludwig says:

    i can’t see it! i dunno how to squint O_o

  229. LOL says:

    Omg, I see the illusion, and it is freaking scary. It is a white face with a sort of horn in one side, her mouth is open…the face looks like it is a mask but very pale. I am talking about the top picture, the bottom one is a male, but not as good of a illusion as the firdt.

  230. Jamie says:

    It looks, when I squint like she’s been beheaded. The feet are hands and hands are feet and the heads fallen beside her

  231. blane says:

    the illusion in the poster is a humans heart..

  232. teja says:

    a face for the first one, and i kinda saw a skull in the second… well the second is definatly some freaking head shaped thingy??

  233. Axel says:

    I see a blond with big tits, I think is quite erotic

  234. AppaloosaGirl says:

    Agh… I see both of the illusions, but I read about the movie on Wikipedia and now I want to see it XD But I get super-queasy with gory stuff, so I don’t think that would be too good…

  235. laura says:

    I’m pretty sure its supposed to be that when you squint your eyes it looks like a white little vampire bat curled upside down.

  236. James says:

    The first one is a rabbit, and the second is a swan if you tilt your head to the left. (anti clockwise)

  237. Who ? says:

    I see a bearded devil o.O

  238. Phil says:

    2nd picture:

    when I squint very tightly, unti I can only make out the brighter colors, it looks like a man with his left arm raised above his shoulder. While his rigt hand is hanging low, down towards his legs, and he’s taking a step foward with his left leg. But as it seems, he’s missing his left hand, and his head.

  239. Mia Bostic says:

    I squinted so hard until I couldn’t squint anymore, I see nothing. Now my vision is all blurred!

  240. Angelo says:

    In the first without squinting my eyes I could see the heart, but squinting, i could see the rabbit or two people faces one getting closer to the other. The second one I can see a kind of devil mask…I don’t know…with a big nose and open mouth

  241. Jiung says:

    It’s a guy face from side view. If you watch the movie this vampire girl is living with an old man whom she befriend since she was little. The guy aged but she didn’t-vampire :p Interesting movie though, not girlish at all…. I liked it WAY better than Twilight -_-”

  242. anon says:

    to me it looks like the first one’s shrinking a bit, but on the second one if you tilt your head to the left and squint it looks like an old man… That’s a guess.

  243. Jake Lo says:

    The first one looks like a bunny to me when you squint and everything.

    • Lola says:

      I personally think the first one looks like an evil rabbit sitting on a head and the second one looks like well…….. i dont know, but the old man sounds reasonable. I still think its the rabbit though!

  244. xoKi3rS10ox says:

    the top one when i squint i kinda see the shape of a human heart.. i dont see the old man in either of them :?

  245. Kia says:

    If you squint in the first one you see an old man.

  246. Ellie says:

    The red fades away so on the bottom one it looks like shes been cut up

  247. Cammie says:

    i don’t want to sound homo but.. her knees look like tits.. as in boobies.. or boobs

  248. Dewey says:

    I think she ‘spells’ VAMPIRE with her body, starting with her legs. ‘V’ = leg and lap, ‘A’ = leg and lap, ‘M’ = both legs and lap and so on

  249. DragonsHollow says:

    If you stare at the top picture long enough it looks she’s a beating human heart. But the blood in the bottom one makes it stop.

  250. person says:

    its a heart

  251. Cecilia says:

    The background fades to black on the first one… I thiink maybe he was trying to get it to look like a bunch of blood when you do squint your eyes. Does that make sense?

  252. Don says:

    OMG I see the freakin old man in the first one…But i dont see nothin in the second one… Its a profile; her hair is his beard/goatee thing… where her top arm folds at the wrist is his eye.. her bottom knee i guess is his other eye, and i guess her feetare like his hair style (sorta)…

  253. Ryry says:

    The first i dont think is anything but the second one it looks like the old mans face in the both eyes on each side of the feet :)

  254. Brandon says:

    if you turn it upside down and squint your eyes you see her eyes blank and her teeth are all fangs, also if you dont put it upside down and squint your eyes you see her staring at you…creepy

  255. brooksb7 says:

    took a sheet of paper and covered the image. Could really see the illusion. Top picture is profile of innocent looking fellow. Bend in the knees is the nose. Go from there. Bottom picture is more gruesome looking with mouth open and bloody looking.

  256. A says:

    Not the best illusion ever. But it is kinda neat. I didnt really see anything no matter what i did though. XO

  257. kstormgemini says:

    … The first one looked like an embryo to. The second… [shrugs] Didn’t look like anything to me.

  258. Anonymous says:

    i keep seeing edward for some reason

  259. neo way de says:

    if you squint your eyes, you will see a face

  260. Rick says:

    I think when you squint the first seems to move slightly like a beating heart in the second it has stopped, hence all the spilt blood around it

  261. Briayne says:

    I personally think it looks like the girl looks more vampire-like. She looks more pale and at times I can see fangs. It’s kinda like when you squint your eyes, she turns into a vampire

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