Leophant Hybrid Illusion

Hybrid image optical illusions were first invented by some guys over at MIT, I think. These images are able to change interpretation as a function of viewing distance. In this example below, you might think that what you are seeing is absolute. If you are standing somewhere near to your monitor, you should be seeing blurry pictured leopard. But wait! When you move away few meters you probably won’t see anything (hehe). Still, if your eyes are healthy, you will see some other animal. No need to explain further, since we had many similar examples in the past. Sorry if the illusion isn’t what you expected, but I promise next one will be more decent. I was in a hurry today.

39 Replies to “Leophant Hybrid Illusion”

  1. Still illusions are illusions, and when they trick you into seeing something different, it’s still fun. Good work and keep them coming, you always have interesting images!

  2. i think its lame.
    its like they simply transposed the shadow of an elephant right over that of a leopard.
    i find it no entertaining than drawing a circle over a square.

    sry, but sometimes the truth hurts…

  3. lol this was by far the easyist illusion ever! I didnt even have to load the page to get it! I saw could see it with my windows sidebar widget lol..

  4. Was it supposed to be a pig? ‘Cause thats kind of what the outline looks like, but going farther away it looks the same…

  5. To me it looked like a bear with a fish squirming outside it’s mouth. Well then I also could see a elephant. Pretty cool illusion!

  6. This is not hard at all. I have this site on my iGoogle and even there (When the picture is much smaller then on the site) i could see it was an elephant.
    Next to that, the title of this pic tells you what it is. “Leophant”.

    Maybe ppl would see something different when the title is changed to something like leopork. Ppl see the things to what they expect. If you expect an elephant because of the title you will prob see the elephant imidiately. When you expect a pig out of the title it will be much harder to see the elephant.

  7. Hippo? Hippo??? hippo’s don’t hav trunks u idiot!
    anywauz, that’s a really cool illusion, even though u can c what it is before u move…

  8. i saw both right when i forst looked at it i was like: oh cool a leopard and an elephant and my face is approximately 1 1/2 feet from my monit…

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