Lego Optical Illusion Collection

Few more LEGO impossible structures for you! I have yet again included all the Lego illusions I could find on my computer. Some are better, some are mediocrity, and some of them hardly deserve to be included. It’s up to you to decide which one of these photos wins over the competition. Why I like Lego so much, is because their bricks give you endless possibilities – It’s all about individuality and imagination. That is why I post this stuff regularly. Just remember Andrew Lipson’s “Lego Relativity“, and even better “Lego Ascending“. If you keep clicking the “Next Random Illusion” button below, you may end up with dozen more similar illusions. While most of them were inspired by M.C. Escher’s work, few of them are original Impossible Objects I never saw before. Enjoy…

32 Replies to “Lego Optical Illusion Collection”

  1. I think that lego is sooooo cool,
    and i like it better now coz you can make illusions with it!!!!
    My fav was the waterfall one!:P

  2. LOVE the Escher house one, but the ones with shadows are really cute because they inspire imagination, even if they’re not really illusions.

  3. I don’t think number 2,3,4,5 are illusions, as long as i remember i saw them always while playin’ with my LEGO’s.
    Good work anyway!!!

  4. oooohhh… my head aches… ow? these illusions are pretty cool but i’m sure the shadows were modified. my favourites were the two men carrying the box and the waterfall. i heard of a lego kit on how to make that lego waterfall in a similiar post on this website, i would love to buy it!

  5. That’s nothing compared to what little kids can come up with using LEGOs–or the box they came in. Probably why it was declared the Toy of the Century.

  6. They’re not optical illusions – they’re print ads for Lego. The objective was to illustrate how those simple lego constructions probably appeared to a child. Sure some of you must have played with Lego and created similar shapes??

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