Lego Escher Illusion

If you didn’t notice at first glance, knights in this lego castle appear to climb infinte stairs. Is it just an optical illusion or pure magic? I would really love to hear your opinnion and comments on how this lego reproduction of Escher’s “Ascending” was built? Don’t forget to jump inside this article to see original Escher’s picture and few more cool pictures. Also visit this link for more real-life impossible structures[via]!

The Illusion resambles the one where man keeps climbing the stairs:

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  1. IRT #2:

    I could be totally wrong, but I don’t think it’s the top right.

    Labelling the corners as follows:
    A: The ‘back’ corner, with the big blue roof with the little yellow tip.
    B: The corner with the thin tower on it.
    C: The ‘front’ corner, that overlooks the balcony with the blue railing.
    D: The corner right above a blue roof that looks like it has a chimney.

    Count the number of lego ‘bumps’ on the inside edge of each side.
    A-B: 20 (maybe 21)
    B-C: hard to tell… at least 13. In any case, way more than 7
    C-D: 12
    D-A: 7

    Starting at A, and following it around, it looks pretty clear that the disconnect is at A – assuming that these are all right angles, there’s no way the stairs can make it back around.

    If you look really closely, you can tell that the lego ‘bumps’ at the top of DA and bigger than the ones at the ‘landing’ of A.

    Maybe that’s what you meant by ‘top right’, but to me ‘top right’ looks like the corner with the thin tower.

  2. I don’t think it is impossible ive bent a small lego so they might be bent slightly like a zig-zag. I’m not entirely sure I could be wrong but I think I’m right.

  3. It is obvious that the stairs although acsending the whole flight is tilting downwards. this goes for all flights

    for instance the first stair is at ground level on flight 1

    the first stair is at one step above ground level on flight 2
    the last stair is one step below ground level on flight 2

    the first stair is at ground level on flight 3

    etc etc. I worked that out myself

  4. Gee, such a nice pic , but the flaw goes into the 3 step stair (all others are 6/7 steps)

    got how they buit it?

    well, its simple the secret is on the plce of less soldiers

  5. awwww… anonymous ruined it for me…

    There’s a flat bit!!!! On the short side!

    or maybe it tilts to make up for the stairs on the rest of the circuit…

    anyway, im now very disappointed. >:(

  6. Once again, it’s all about the angle it’s viewed at. Just like that triangle that we have seen numerous times here.

  7. as much as i truly hate to ruin peoples fun, i find it necessary for myself to point out how both the atr and building were created.
    the art: much simpler than the building, the artist used the angle of the closest wall to his advantage, and drew a white line slanted down from the tower (upper right corner) to the lower right corner, and then brought it back up from the lr corner to the ll. he also misrepresented the height of the back wall by drawing a line for windows to start lower than its actual position.
    the building: while looking at the lower left corner, we can see that a special Lego piece was used for the first three wall sections that are trapezoidal, and when looked at from the side actually slope upwards, from the clever angle at which the picture was taken, the slanted edge of these pieces appears to match perfectly with that of a flat piece. you can enlarge the picture and note the difference in how high those three wall pieces stand in comparison to the others, or, with the knowledge of their existence, these pieces may be more than obvious to you as well…. possibly easier to notice, you can not only determine the slope of the piece by its extra hieght, but it also covers more of the circles on the white pieces behind it towards the top of the piece. this piece is also used on the inner wall of left staircase as the piece closest to the “top” of that staircase.
    sorry guys.

  8. I think not everything is as it seems
    mind if everything WAS as it seems the world would be a freakin scary place *shiver*

  9. Once again, it’s all about the angle it’s viewed at. Just like that triangle that we have seen numerous times here,for some unknown reson it wont let me see them ????

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