Lego Checkers Illusion

There is this guy on Flickr… he recreates strange things using nothing but Lego. Remember the little mushroom-fellow from Super Mario Bros? He seems to be his favorite! But one of his works fully captured my attention. Check out the checkerboard below! In the beginning of this site we’ve introduced Seemingly Bent category (one that holds all those vertical lines that seem bent, but aren’t), and there were bunch of illusions posted under the wing category. The only problem with those is that they start repeating themselves very quickly, so imagine my joy when I visited andy_0306uk’s gallery! For those of you lacking experience, all of the lines and checkers below are perfectly parallel. It’s those darn cogs that make the imaginary bulge! If you don’t trust me, just check this vid!

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    1. its not an old favorite… it is sooooooooooo boring… seen it sooooooo many times………………………………….

  1. It’s also nice to see what a small error does:
    in the center of the lower left corner, there is a white space, missing 1 black keg.
    It makes the white square looks straight in that corner, as it actually is ofcourse.

    Also, I thought to see in the widget that it was build as a heap for a small moment!

    1. Which square is it that is missing a black dot? Can you tell us how many over and how many down? All appear to be accounted for in the lower left, unless I managed to miss one.

    2. actually, the missing blocks are on the right hand side, counting from black centre square;

      3 right, 2 down
      6 right , 1 down

  2. It’s not an illusion, they’re NOT straight. Scroll your screen so that one of the lines is just at the very top of your window…. it’s a curved line.

  3. I like it.

    I think that what adds to the illusion is that
    the pegs are not centered in all the pegs.

    ie at the top the inner circle is closer to each pegs perimeter. and the bottom, the inner circle seems to be at the bottom.

    This is what you would expect if a fisheye or there was actually all the pegs on a sphere. etc.

    subtle.. but it really adds to it.

  4. i just found a way to see it unbent but hmm looks like nt the whole its the only group u are looking try looking at one of the columns from up to down(or vice versa)TADAH!!!!
    u can do it diagagonally too

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