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By on April 6, 2006, with 271 Comments

Left Brain, Right Brain Magic TrickAllright here’s what I want you to do - while sitting at your desk, lift your right foot off the floor and make clockwise circles. Now, while doing this, draw the number “6″ in the air with your right hand.
Your foot will change direction and there’s nothing you can do about it!


271 Responses
  1. justine says:

    lol. that’s screwed up.

  2. Jason says:

    Didn’t work. Granted, it took some concentration, but I could do both.

  3. Joe says:

    Yeah It didnt work on me either but i did have to focus.

  4. Fanny says:

    Hey, I think that’s my hoof.

    By the way, you’ve ruined my life with this lil’ trick.


  5. pussy says:

    it did not work 4 mua

  6. kuki says:

    what happens when a friend or a machine continues moving your foot in clockwise circles, cant you paint the 6 then?

  7. vos says:

    this is like the pat your head rub your stomach trick. it only works if you don’t realize what is going to happen. ask someone else to do it and after they have for a while ask them which direction their foot is going.

  8. george says:

    didn’t work at all. I didn’t even really think about it. lame.

  9. ben says:

    if you start at the top of the six it’s very hard to keep your foot going in clockwise circles. but if you start in the middle of the six (as many left-handed people do) it is very easy.

  10. Lori says:

    It worked on me and most people I told it to. Very weird.

  11. Michelle says:

    Ummm, this may sound freaky..but I did it..and I really didnt think about it…what now? And I thought I wasnt smart…lol..well bye

  12. Kumar says:

    I could do it too after a minute though the first time the foot did change direction. lol. Amusing!

  13. Cazze says:

    Ok I didn’t even know my foot changed direction ’till I looked down!Creepy man.

  14. Annie says:

    fisrt time ive done it… nuthin happened! :) i guess i have a deformed brain.. or im better than you guys or the person that made this up :D jk

  15. Farted says:

    I tried it on my family and no one could do it!! We all moved our foots the other way… we had a good laugh.. But Ben helped me out. It is easier if you do your sixes backwards… do the circle followed by the tail. Thanks BEN!!!! 6

  16. Joe Schmoe says:

    I think a cop made me do this once :)

  17. Nomad says:

    I can do rotate all four of my limbs independantly. Perhaps it has something to do with being a drummer, and being able to control all of my limbs independantly anyway. Still, neat stuff.

  18. georgina says:

    that was so easy then again when im bored i just automaticaly try doing allsorts of stuff like that

  19. Katie says:

    this was weird. i did wit ma right foot and it work and then i tried wit ma left and it worked. on right and left i did counter~clock~wise and it went clock~wise!!!!!!!! lol!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Reyn says:

    I did it and it worked….dunno if it has somthing to do with being 12 (younger than most people who tried) anyway thx for the laughs…this whole site Rocks!

  21. juan says:

    Its much much harder, if insted of making a circle with the right foot you try to make an 8!

  22. Farted says:

    Reyn, your 12? I’m one year younger than you, and you think it’s hard! :)

  23. Cindy says:

    piece of cake! multi-tasking is my middle name!lol!

  24. naty says:

    its cool and interesting it was hard for me but i got it after a few minutes of hard trying

  25. dan says:

    im 11 and i did first time…

  26. Josh says:

    At first i tried and could not do it. So I thought about how to trick myself into doing it for a second. If you start at the top of the circle vs the top point of the 6 both your hand and foot are going in the same direction.

  27. Zarrion Walker says:

    Damn! I got caught with this one, well done illusion website you have impressed me! ;)

  28. purple momo says:

    I DID IT I DID IT OMFG I DID IT!!!!!!!!!
    400 tries it took but i fkn did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. lulu says:

    fantastic – great site, thanks for the laughs!!!

  30. Bryner says:

    ok… if you draw the 6 backwards… you’ve totally defeated the purpose of this test… the point is – its difficult to rotate your right arm and right leg in opposite directions to each other… if you’re gonna try drawing the 6 backwards, then you should be turning your foot anti-clockwise.

    … btw after a couple of tries i still couldn’t do it… LOL!

  31. Rayne says:

    I did it easily and nothing changed it’s direction.

  32. pooped says:

    sorry farted

  33. camila says:

    my foot moved clockwise while I was doing the 6 in the air!!

  34. M 2 the H O says:

    i can do it on second go, but wobbly, try starting the 6 backwards not from the tip but from the end of the circle bit, u can do it then

  35. M 2 the H O says:

    ok don it 1s more and CANT DO IT AGAIN DAMMIT,
    ps. 4 those of u who inquire about my gender,
    im a girl

  36. crazy_daisy says:

    i’m 13 too and i didn’t make it! =P i know another one like this:lift your left foot and make clockwise circles,than try to draw the number “8″ with your right hand.try it =) if someone makes it:wooow man!you’re the best!no one i know has made it!

  37. Jaxx From NZ says:


  38. Elle says:

    My foot did change direction. Maybe it would have been different if you didn’t tell me it was going to happen…

  39. sqeaky says:

    i find these SO easy….but amy e thats cuz me and my friends practice this stuff for fun….I;m 13 too

  40. greendayfanatic! says:

    its easy!!! i did it like on a lot of other sites, never made a mistake or anything…

  41. Farted says:

    hi everyone!
    im a girl and i have no boyfriend but a girlfriend!! and im like soooo happy because we’re going to “see” each other later! i cant wait!

  42. darragh says:

    im right handed and i write my 6′s from the centre clockwise. it was easy

  43. EL Barto 13 says:

    Fun lol,
    Are there dutch people anyway?

  44. dramagirl says:

    that’s creepish!! i do it!! i can’t help my self!!!

  45. Jazam says:


    It really works

  46. Charles says:

    Very cool

  47. some guy says:

    i was able to rotate my foot clockwise and make 6′s. 1st try. not that terribly difficult. it takes a bit of concentration though.

  48. Kevin1 says:

    Disappointing for me :( …

    Did it 1st try, wasn’t even thinking about it lol. After thinking about it and trying again it was actually harder… hehehe

  49. Pandas says:

    I did that to my friend and she was still able to draw a six while turning her foot!!!!! WAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH

  50. Thomas says:

    Omg, it’s easy to do. But it requiers consentration

    This stupid test almost sprained my freking ankle.

  51. mc nugget says:

    so very nice

  52. Freaky! says:

    No Foot Turn Clokwise ( dumb foot!)!!!!!!!!!

  53. courtney says:

    what if you start your sixes in the middle? then it works just fine!

  54. me says:

    Weird… I can do both, but not without thinking about it.

  55. no likey name says:

    it no work, one i know is extend your 4fingers and try to spin in opposit directions

  56. moose says:

    i have done that before.

  57. pink says:

    omg thats wierd…

  58. AAAH!!! says:


  59. hisSnake says:

    any phisical illusion can be beaten with consentration

    this one is no diffrent

  60. 13 says:

    iv known how 2 do that since i was 3

  61. BurninRubber says:


  62. Choco-Holic says:

    My foot didn’t turn counter-clockwise. I made a backwards 6!

  63. katz says:

    it’s easy! i did it!

  64. wazup looser says:

    thats cheap magic i did it and i helped my self ( @$$3$)

  65. mariah says:

    I found that if I simply made a counter clockwise circle, I could maintain my foot in a clockwise motion. But if I was positive to make a 6 with my hand my foot would change.

  66. Anonymous says:

    that did not work

    maybe its because im a lefty and always use my left side of my brain

    i also am ambidextrious

  67. Anonymous says:

    To Anomynous

    i’m an lefty and it worked for me, so cool

  68. Tori says:

    Bad foot! It worked for me about 2 times out of 6. But then again, I knew what was coming.

  69. mikeTherob says:

    Um, I tried it and it didn’t really work on me…..

  70. Anonymous says:

    r u guys sure u did it???
    did u do it with ur left hand by mistake
    i used mi left hand nd thought i did it but *sigh* i didnt

  71. Anonymous says:

    i can do it because i draw my sixes the wrong way round

  72. Anonymous says:

    so easy!!!

  73. Anonymous says:

    Umm… I Can Do It. So Don’t Say i Can’t.

  74. Wildo says:

    Uh… That’s actually really easy for me… I did it right the first time… It’s a little harder when you stand up, but if your not retarded I can’t see how you would have a problem with it.. Sorry

  75. Anonymous says:

    Nobody can do it!! You guys just thought you did and don’t understand what time-sharing system is.

  76. Anonymous says:

    It didn’t work for me, instead, my right foot started to crack with each turn like i’ve got arthiritis or summat. is that suppose to happen as well

  77. Anonymous says:

    I had no problem doing that. What does that mean?

  78. Anonymous says:

    dis tric iz preti crap coz i cud do it nd so cud all me m8s


  79. mcr rox says:

    i can do bote at the same time i dont know if it makes any difference but im left handed?

  80. Evgon says:

    I draw my 6′s clockwise. startin on the inside and looping out. so this didnt affect me at all. lol.

  81. qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm says:

    yo u dnt hve 2 do a 6 just mke a crcl n it wrks fne

  82. Anonymous says:

    yeah, this was really easy

  83. Anonymous says:

    WTF, i can do that without concentrating

  84. Yankumi18 says:

    Nice! Very cool!!! Hahahaha!

  85. Anonymous says:

    It worked! Another trick is to rub your tummy in circles with one hand, the other tap your head. It’s sort of hard, but you’ll get used to it, depending about your health. (I think.)

  86. John says:

    I tried to not think about the foot and see if it would happen, but it kept going the right direction the entire time and I wasn’t thinking about it. But, then again, I’m a bit weird.

  87. Clayre says:

    it didn’t work at first…. then i realised that i was going the wrong way to begin with…. i’m gonna have hours of fun now…… :P

  88. Ryan says:

    Hey Reyn (comment 21)im only 9 and i excpect many more younger people on this site

  89. Anonymous says:

    too bad it didn’t work

  90. Emma- La says:

    wow! it worked for me! that’s crazy! It made my foot change directions even when I prepared my brain and hand to shape the 6!

  91. Anonymous says:

    dunno if someone already said this but all you have to do is draw the six backwards

  92. Anonymous says:

    yer i cando it proper boss XD am i messed up? lol

  93. Anonymous says:

    wow, I can do it without changing direction!

  94. Anonymous says:

    how is it suppose to work? never mind, didnt work

  95. Anonymous says:

    I’ve done something like this before, only instead we were supposed to make a sideways figure 8 (or infinity sign) rther than a 6.

  96. Aria says:

    this didn’t work for me.

  97. Anonymous says:

    it worked for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  98. Grant says:

    It worked for the first 2 times, and after that I was able to do it without focusing

  99. Grant says:

    It worked for the first 2 times, and after that I was able to do it without focusing

  100. Grant says:

    the first 2 times worked, after that I could do it without focusing.

  101. Anonymous says:

    I can do it! ok it took a bit of concentration but i did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  102. Anonymous says:

    I can do it! ok it took a bit of concentration but i did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  103. chez says:

    i teistd and turned, i trid and trid again………

    but i still couldn’t get my foot to change direction. that is the crappest optical illusion ive ever seen!!!

  104. Anonymous says:

    I dont get it, a kid in class was telling me about this, and i just did it, i dont get what is so hard… i can even do figure eights and go counter clockwise with my right hadn while my right foot is going clockwise… i was told that it was physically impossible… but i dont get it its so simple…

  105. Anonymous says:

    wowww that was fun.
    it didn’t work for me at first, at all, because i make my 6′s starting in the circle and going up, aka counterclockwise. but after i remembered that most people start at the top, i tried that and it TOTALLY worked. whoo. that was crazy!

  106. Zack says:

    haha yeah, I was able to break it, I did it,

  107. Anonymous says:

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh someone call a doctor!!!!!!

  108. Aaron says:

    Didn’t work. Just… didn’t. Got it on my first try.

  109. Naomi says:

    Whoa! That’s creepy! I tried as hard as I could to make my foot not turn but it made my head hurt…

  110. robstar says:

    you can cheat by simply starting from where you would normally end a 6….that way your strokes a rea clockwise and coincide with you foot movement

  111. Anonymous says:

    it should say draw an “8″ with your right finger.

  112. JK says:

    You can do it if you draw the six in a clockwise spiral-like way.
    @ Anonymous: the way you draw your 6′s, from the circle, that way I was able to do it easier. Is there something wrong with me?

    This exercize seems to be exactly like rubbing your stomach in circles and patting your head at the same time, except I can do that first try.

  113. Anonymous says:

    Ehh…it didn’t work. Before I read it I could still do it without cheating.

  114. black tiger says:

    I already new that. There is another one that if you stand in a door way, put your arms down at your side then press them against the door way with your palm side down as hard as you can. Then after 30 seconds take your arms down and they should rise without you doing anything!! Try it it is really weird.

  115. Aurora101 says:

    I can do it!! hahaha I beat the trick!! YAY

  116. raiki says:

    i can do it but i have to focus x-x

  117. Mucko says:

    Excellent, it worked with me! It is due to the activation of an ancient survival instinct, that was important for the jumping among the trees of our monkey predecessors.

  118. Mucko says:

    Excellent, it worked with me! It is due to an activation of an ancient survival instinct, that was important for the jumping among the trees of our monkey predecessors.

  119. Anonymous says:

    yes you can, all you have to do is draw the six backwards no matter what order the combo is ( right foot, left hand: left foot, right hand ) It works all ways.

  120. Anonymous says:

    i did it its not that hard you just have to think about it first and do the zero of the six first and do the six backwards

  121. Sam says:

    I forced my foot to continue turning clockwise, but my foot messed up and I twisted my hip trying!

  122. buhamie442 says:

    Seriously – how do you do that? I didn’t even concentrate – I as reading a book and a got a friend to look and she said that it didn’t work on me!

  123. beastly says:

    i can keep my leg going in circle with my hand drawing the 6.p.s still 11!

  124. Anonymous says:

    Just start in the center of the 6! (:D

  125. Anonymous says:

    i can do it if i draw the 6 backwords.

  126. Anonymous says:

    I agree, just concentrate

  127. Lia says:

    um… it didn’t change directions…
    I didn’t need to concentrate or anything, it just didn’t change…. guess my brain is messed up ^-^

  128. Erik says:

    Yeah, I’m able to do it easily… I don’t even have to concentrate.

  129. Dusa says:

    Oh dear, I cant both! My foot just starts swinging backwards and forwards before kicking my desk… tried it 4 times… What is wrong with me!?

  130. Anonymous says:

    At first it worked but then I concentrated and I could do both! But it’s a lot of fun to try!

  131. Anonymous says:


  132. Numerology says:

    for all those who said it doesnt work……probably cos they consider themselves VERY clever! They all talk sh1t. Fact: people who think with the right hand side of their brain ALWAYS think they are right!!!!

  133. the technogirl says:

    I am ambidexterous. I can rub my belly and pat my head at the same time. I can writr a 6 with my right hand, and turn clockwise circles. also with left side, counterclockwise! Does being amidexterous have to do with it?

  134. Anonymous says:

    actually drummers can do it i can coz this nurse told me to try it to stop my bordem sooo then after a lil while i could do it coz i drum a lil bit lol ^.^

  135. Anonymous says:

    Woah o.o

  136. shabondama says:

    hmm… seem i CAN do both~~ the first time!!!~~~ its not hard at all~~~ (i think it has something to do with playing the violin…)

  137. beyonce says:

    hahaha ;)) good1

  138. nonnie says:

    so cool

  139. Anonymous says:

    i did it… not so hard

  140. Anonymous says:

    that’s what my piano techer always tells me.now I can do it easily.

  141. Anonymous says:

    Mine didn’t switch

  142. Delenn says:

    What’s up with the hoof picture?

  143. Delenn says:

    Actually, I think that this is just to imbaris you in front of EVERYONE!!

  144. Delenn says:


  145. Mariam Iqbal says:

    I can do it. ITS EASY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  146. Elizabeth says:

    Didn’t work, foot was still going clockwise and hand was still making 6s

  147. Anonymous says:

    i could do it easily its not hard for me idk why though??

  148. Anonymous says:

    if you turn your foot for 20 mins. and then try then it doesn’t matter and you can do it.

  149. Me, Myself, and iPod says:

    thats really kewl!

  150. dylangibbs says:

    umm… no, i can control it!

  151. Richard says:

    That’s amazing. I’ve heard of a few other similar ones, but this one is excellent

  152. gogonutz says:

    it actually does work if you write the 6 by starting at the bottom circle and make the circle clockwise and then go up and end with the stem of the 6

  153. kelky says:

    I don’t understand. I’m not having any problems with it, no matter which direction I draw the six.

  154. Logan says:

    I am doing a project for my AP psychology class on right and left brain and i was just curious as to how this trick determines which brain is more dominate for you.

  155. llonkyram1 says:

    yeah… ur right….!

  156. nobody says:

    chuck norris can rotate his foot clockwise and draw a 6 in the air at the same time…..so can flaming ninja unicorns….

  157. Nick says:

    i tride it my foor tride to revers but didnt then i did it agean and kicked my tower.

  158. ChocoBunny says:

    Lol!!!!! It’s really hard, but I have this math teacher who can draw with his right hand a circle in the air and with the other a triangle in the opposite way… Hard!!!

  159. Shaygirly says:

    It didnt work…Never has either. XD

    • katie pie says:

      it does not work. i am 10 and i can keep my foot in the right direction, with a 6 in the air

  160. cheese says:

    this isn’t really an illusion but it is a cool trick

  161. Zeno says:

    It doesn’t work if you star from the bottom, but if you start from the tail its counter intuitive.

  162. Abby says:

    omg! that i so fun! you try and try but you can’t control it!!!

  163. Sparta says:

    That is impossible! I can’t do it!

  164. milie says:


  165. anon says:

    I’m not sure. I think this is the same difficulty as doing two different things with your two hands. They’ll try and mimic each other, you have to restrain yourself otherwise. The loop of the 6 is going in a CCW motion. Your foot goes CCW as well. It could be a brain trick, but I’m not positive.

  166. patty says:

    to tell you the truth, at first i thought it wouldn’t work but know i’m banging my head against the wall. Great Job?

    One question though, Why did you put a camel foot next to what you wrote?????????????????

  167. lily says:


  168. unknown says:

    when u relax that will happen, but if u will ur foot to stay in the same direction u can do something about it
    but for some ppl even if they use all their willpower their leg wud still turn to the opposite direction becuz they have a different kind of brain

  169. Derrick says:

    If I close my eyes I can do it no problem. It becomes a bigger excercise in mental control with the eyes open.

  170. Chrown says:

    Yeah I can control it. And that’s why left-handed people rule. :)

  171. amando96 says:

    I can, i’m ambidextrous! ha
    i think it all has to do with timing, and rhythm of your moving leg to be honest

  172. boredomdelux says:

    @patty that’s not a camel foot, it’s a horses hoof ;)

  173. Sean says:

    easy as pie

  174. Angela says:

    The first time I couldnt control it but the next times i did it i could

  175. josh says:

    it didit work but i play piano so that helped

  176. monckey4 says:

    for a moment my foot kept going clockwise, then it changed.

  177. Hi says:

    I did it A LOOOOOT of times in a row….only ONCE it did what u said it would do. the other time nothing happened…

  178. dulcemargaritanataliaramitezluna says:

    son alucinantes wow me encantan

  179. kassi says:

    If you move your foot slowly you can do it without switching anything. haha

  180. wp plugin says:

    LOL So, i made my boyfriend do it and he was freaking out cause he couldn’t keep his foot going clock-wise! lol He looked so silly doing this for like 20 min.! Jeza

  181. Jon says:

    Fail. I maintained clockwise motion on the first try.

  182. KAthy says:

    Yea i could do it at the same time..just dont ming your right hand drawing the number six on air focus on your right foot.

  183. KAthy says:

    Yea i could do it at the same time..just dont mind your right hand drawing the number six on air focus on your right foot.

  184. LaurenGod says:

    I could do it without any will-power whatsoever… What does it mean if you can do it?

  185. Phil says:

    Alright, here’s what I want you to do….learn how to correctly spell “alright.”

    • Mrs. Jensen says:

      “Alright” is not proper grammar. The correct spelling is “all right”. Get it straight before you criticize the spelling of others. To another commenter that is not a camel’s foot, it is a horse’s hoof.

  186. erik says:

    i can do this easily i don’t get why some people think it is hard

  187. Lad says:

    i had no trouble…fun trick, but the implications presented here are a bit misleading – believe it or not, there are people who use the two halves (of their brain) as a whole ;)

  188. Kevan says:

    Actually it only worked for me when I started drawing the 6 from the top and moving down [I normally write it starting from the circle]
    Very interesting.

  189. khaos says:

    didnt work for me

  190. IN YOUR FACE!!!!!!! says:

    if u start with the top, it will not be changed

  191. Saber_Elf says:

    I couldn’t get my foot to change directions at all. It just kept going clockwise.

  192. pugsy says:

    WOW that actually worked!!!!!!!!!!

  193. Fritz says:

    Doesn’t work for me

  194. The Speaker says:

    Aha!!! at about the like 15th time, i finally got it!!!

  195. Watanabe Ayu says:

    Wow… that’s awesome… even if my foot stays in the same motion, then my hand goes off course and makes waves. It’s the same for your left hand and foot…

  196. cheychey says:

    a little of topic here but what the HECK is that picture of? its been buggin me since i saw it! XD!

  197. skon says:

    Silly. It’s very easy to do and my foot does not change direction. Neither did it effect the other five people in my office that way. So… my question is why does it effect a very few that way? Birth defect? To much caffeine? Or are those of us who can do it defective and those that can’t not because they have better wiring between feet and hands that leaves there brain free to do more important things?

  198. skipp says:

    Concentrate on your foot more than your hand

  199. allylolcat says:

    that is sooooo cool

  200. Byron says:

    Well i draw my 6 clockwise so owned.

  201. Antimatter says:

    If you are able to do it easily, then it points to neurological problems. Office workers, most likely don’t get up and move around enough, allowing proper circulation which can promote the advancement of neurological disorders.

  202. Johan S says:

    Actually writing 7 with your hand while making a circle is even harder.

  203. Apo says:

    does anyone have an explanation as to why this is happening?
    what is the brain doing?
    why is the brain not able to give orders to foot and hand in opposing direction?

  204. Zach L says:

    it’s easy.
    and it’s not down to neurological problems.
    I walk about 7-8 miles a day.

  205. Hi says:

    is it normal for me to be able to keep my foot moving clockwise while i draw a six?
    i dont even feel myself trying to change direction
    it just doesnt move

  206. Left foot says:

    It was easy with my right foot and right hand
    yet difficult with my left foot and left hand (still clockwise though)

  207. frankie says:

    It’s easy for drummers, who can move both hands and feet independently-or anyone who practices intricate movements like dancers, circus performers, etc.

  208. Isaac Spencer says:

    i can move my right foot clockwise and my right hand draw a 6 without my foot changing direction and im 12 years old

  209. sansar says:

    yep its true… but performing with unlike limbs is a child`s play!

  210. mary says:

    I can do it, if i draw the six from the loop/bottom up, as it is a clockwise motion

  211. mee says:

    I can do it, without changing the direction. It’s only on your brain. Easy. Or I’m a freak. XD

  212. bm says:

    do you realize that you’re not suppose to be able to do this. it’s actually been proven through science. it uses a different part to concentrate with drawing the number,that’s why the leg will switch to match. those who are saying it didn’t happen, are probably not realizing. it’s not a distinct feeling. it’s very subtle.

  213. There are different types of intelligence.

    Those who have not learned muscle memory or physical skills will have a very difficult time with this.

    For the average person if they let their instincts do the movement they will have no self control of the body parts independently.

    For those of us with any kind of physical training where you learn to move parts of the body through your own choices rather than by letting the brain do so by instinct, this will be easy to do (or at least easy to do with practice)

    I can go either way with this. If I do not think about the process and I simply ask my body to do the test, I will fail as expected. If instead I take control of both appendages by choice and create the movements as separate thought processes, it is no problem to do the correct movements without disturbing each other.

    As has been stated, drummers, dancers, chopper pilots, martial artists, anyone with physical training who has learned independent control of muscles can do this.

    It’s even possible to retrain natural instincts (why do you think repetitive motions are used in physical training? You start out by choosing new movements, you practice them until they replace your instincts and no longer require active thought.

    This entire illusion depends on finding average people who have not learned the basics of muscle memory training.

  214. JABU says:

    The trick is to disconnect your hands from your hands. Most people have alot of trouble doing tasks that require precise movements with they’re feet while using their hands as well. It’s not something you practice everyday mind you! Drummers usually have this problem when they first pick up their sticks and hit the snare, while in turn trying to keep the bass in rythm. But, practice makes perfect. It is possible to disconnect your hands from your feet…

  215. matt says:

    With training, it can be done… that, or if you draw the 6 from inside to out.

  216. Adam H says:

    Thought this was a joke. I feel quite humbled that I can’t do this seemingly elementary motor skill.

  217. steve says:

    I’m a drummer and I can do these easily.

  218. lil rayzer says:

    thats ligete and difficult nigaroach

  219. pixiee dust says:


  220. cheychey says:

    ik why and im only 11. cause the way u draw a 6 is by starting right and moving left like a counterclockwise clock. your mostly concentrated on drawing the CCwise 6 so you foot goes CCwise 2 !
    smart me.

  221. Anbonymous says:

    Not that hard

  222. maddie says:

    nothing changed, is it because Im left handed?

  223. Dorky says:

    That was easy and I’m right handed, just draw the six slowly

  224. Anonymous Coward says:

    If you have to TRY real hard, or THINK real hard, it is no longer a “trick”! Jerks!

  225. Anonymous Coward says:

    Liars! I am an athletic, ambidextrous drummer who had to over think the trick and STILL have trouble keeping that foot on track when using my right hand (left hand, right foot is a breeze). Quit lying, you’re just like everyone else…

    Btw: I was only a few hours away from getting my helicopter pilots license….Timbo, I’m talking to YOU!

  226. don says:

    You are supposed to draw an ’8′ to make up for those who start their ’6′ in the middle.

  227. dman says:

    I can do this im left handed and play the piano

  228. nonya says:


  229. nonya says:

    ok this is to guy:WTF DUDE

  230. TheGlow says:

    I heard about this a few years ago and had no problem. It takes practice. I always wanted to be a drummer so I found that plays a part.
    I can do clockwise circles with right foot, counter clockwise with left, 6′s with right hand, backwards 6′s on left at the same time.
    I can barely talk at that point though.
    I have to prepare what I want to say before i start, and then I can let it out.

  231. Lindsey says:

    Ok it actually works but I have to wonder if someone made this up just for a chance that someone would walk in the room and see you doing this and think that you are a total idiot?! Becaus e thats what happened to me!!!

  232. alice says:

    is it just me, or does someone else draw six’s from the middle??? so this illusion doesn’t really work with me, am i strange???

  233. arizzel says:

    I find that I can keep them moving opposite each other when concentrating on other things but when I think about it they go in the same direction….

  234. bp says:

    my foot didnt change, i just had a messed up 6 haha

  235. Erica says:

    didn’t work for me for six or seven, I had total control over both hand and foot. Then I tried the number eight- my foot went wacko, I had absolutely no control over it at all.

  236. THE POTATO GUY says:

    Very fake does not work never has never will unless you are physically challenged and cannot control your body

  237. Ing the Ping says:

    I am thirteen years old. I tried it, sitting down on a stool and my right foot impulsively switched its motion direction when drawing a six with my right hand’s index finger in mid air! It worked the first two times, when I just let my body do what It would have instinctively done, but when I actually tried keeping the same direction and concentrated on doing so, I was able to. Neat trick though! ;)

  238. Kataleighna May says:

    I can’t get it!!!

  239. Gary says:

    That’s pretty weird, I never noticed that. Drawing a 6 in the air with the right hand is a counterclockwise motion. At best, your right foot will only move back and forth.

  240. jay says:

    a bit of concentraition makes it possible to do it without having the foot go the other way

  241. SmartGirl says:

    Its very easy if you write 6 in a different way. Start writing 6 clockwise from where the end and body of the number meet…….
    It’s really simple!

    • Princess says:

      But then that wouldn’t be right, while also ruining the enjoyment of this marvellous trick. Thanks Vurdlak.

  242. Ben says:

    If you are left handed this fails :)

  243. Wooden Woman says:

    hey would you please do the morally right thing and spread the truth about September 11th 2001 (NYC 9/11) and July 7th 2005 (LDN 7/7) far and wide…. George bush LIAR

  244. Shivangini says:

    try making 6 in a different way.. then its possible.. !

  245. Jon says:

    Eh, I’m young. Not to hard overcome it. All depends on the anatomy of your brain I guess. Dont mean I’m smarter just more corridinated.

  246. rabbit says:

    My foot didn’t change direction.

  247. Erin says:

    My foot didn’t change. Maybe you meant to say left hand?

  248. alice says:

    this is a fantastic illusion, unfortunately i learned to draw sixes the incorrect way so it doesn’t work for me unless i get totally confused about which way I’m drawing my six!

  249. Joseph says:

    I can do it…

  250. Ella says:

    This failed on me.. I’m not left-handed although I can write and do stuff on my left hand, but I use my right hand more.

    Oh wells :D

  251. kiana says:

    its beacause ur foot is going the other way that ur drawing the six

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