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By on June 10, 2010, with 47 Comments

I’ve found both of these optical illusions festering somewhere on my desktop computer. I always thought they were well produced, yet never felt they really deserve their very own post on this site. Luckily, a solution came to my mind – why not have them both at the same time?! Something similar was tested 2 weeks ago, and your response wasn’t bad at all! The first one depicts two booby-licous gentlemen, while the other was created by our well known illusion master – G. Sarcone. Can you be sure how many ladies are there present in the second picture below?

ladies and gentlemen optical illusion

  • in sarcones picture the hidden third women has freakishly musly arms,as for my post yesterday i do not understand why it wasn’t let through!

    • kameru

      I think the black outside the other ladies is the long ruffeling sleeves of the lady in black.

  • Ron


  • Vurdlak

    @ Patrick – your post must have been let through (just be sure to know, comments have pages as well – there should be “previous comments” below other ones, if there are more than 50 comments per post)

  • I love Sarcone’s ladies…The two in white could also be in black, as I see it, two ladies in white and three in black?

    • Artemis Speer

      @ Patricia
      At first what you said didn’t make ssense but your right the women at left and right can also be see wearing the black after looking more closly, you just have to let your mind trick you

    • notarealname

      i see one in black in the middle

    • Patchy~

      Quoteth: “Patricia Ann Ingram says:
      June 10, 2010 at 8:31 pm
      I love Sarcone’s ladies…The two in white could also be in black, as I see it, two ladies in white and three in black?”

      O_O THat’s what I thought, too
      what’s weirder, we share our first names: Patricia Ann. O_______O

    • MM

      ohhh clever

  • Care Bear

    What a blast from the past. First the beer drinker who hadn’t been properly weaned, now a couple of bald dudes. What next?

  • jojo

    @ Patricia Ann Ingram ????

    3 in black???…no i only see 2 in white stading in perfil and a third woman in black in the middle…the arms of the white girls make the arms of the balck one in the middle…thats what i see..=)

  • The second one is brilliant!

  • Vurdlak, you were right when you said “festering”. You should have left them to fester!!!

  • angeliqa8

    Wow, took me quite awhile to see the third womans head in the Sarcone. Even then it was hard to hold focus on it, probably because she has no eyes.
    First one, superfunny :)

  • funny

    i want more of this kinda stuff not the stuff thats not Real optical illusions!

  • I had seen the 3 ladies in the right hand picture, but today, when looking at the thumbnail in the sidebar gadget, i see a fat old man wearing a long black robe with a long white scarf hanging over his neck. He’s bald on top, but has long white hair that you can see hanging over his ears.. That’s pretty awsome. Thanks.

  • Amanda Brockway ✩

    I see three women in sarcone’s pic, maybe wrong!!!!

  • I says:

    wow, interesting

  • Michael Walker

    It seems like 3 woman on the 2nd picture, but it is really only 2 :]

  • uni anni

    I’ve seen 3 ladies…:)

  • What the two gentlemen are looking….?

  • SHYzone

    What the heck were those two guy’s doing there!!!

    • brian

      Hahaha… yeah, that’s also what I’m wondering about. :D
      Good illusion.

  • mike8991

    cool site i could spend hours on here

  • i see 3 women one in black and two in white

  • I love the illusion image… It works great… I’ll share it via FB.

  • noname

    the third is between the white ladies!

  • candace


  • candace


  • keira

    you know the one with one ladie in it, it is exstriemly rude to me because it looks like the men are sucking her tits.

  • Shinichi888


  • 3person

  • igcp503

    one ladies…

  • its madonna and lady gaga

  • Ye You Are right,the par Are Look Lik Madonna And Lady Gaga ,

  • hamid


  • Lady Gaga she’s on the top of the Game today

  • Shiva

    3 ladies!!!

  • killa


  • with the Hell is This face

  • I Have No Probleme with this

  • I see 3 women in the 2nd pic but I’m not sure maybe I’m missing something

  • yep look like it

  • well its 3 women Name Lady GaGa

  • it is 3 gagas

  • looking in side will give you the po

  • in this we all look like the same