Journey To a World of Illusion Video Clip

Did some research and found this magnificent video illusion created by graphic artist Eugen Erhan. This video clip below is originally named “A journey in a world of paradox and illusion”, and shows you a story of a little paper-boy and his trip to optical illusion book. I liked it a lot, and am sure you will enjoy it as much as I did. It’s somehow sad – shows you, that you cannot always get what you want, and there is something that is always holding you back, which makes you go back to start… Makes you take a look at life more, doesn’t it? I feel sad for the little guy, probably even more affected by the background music (Tiamat – “Do You Dream of Me”). If you like this, feel free to link back, or embed it on your site, just don’t forget to mention Eugen and give him credit he deserves. More optical illusion videos can be found inside our videos category.

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  1. that was kinda just an animated little video with a lot of illusions that we’ve all already seen before but i guess it was ok.

  2. For a second there, I thought it was going to be some artsy crap and wondered why it was even on this sight, but as it progressed it turned out really good.

    I especially like how it showed to make an impossible triangle.

  3. Wow, that was insanly cool, my favorite part is when he is on the stairs and the bal bounces next to him but is falling in a different direction. It made me realize that optical illusions are all about perspective…

  4. Wow.. this was very creative.

    I love how the artist put meaning behind the illusions.

    Good graphics too.

    Keep up the good work!

  5. Hmm… interresting… I’m realy sure what I think of it. The animation and music are realy nice. I sort of get the story, but I’m not sure.

  6. The song fit the animation perfectly. I was also saddened by the little paper guy. Overall, I liked the illusion, and it felt like seeing some common optical illusions in “real” world settings.

  7. it was cool but all of them were illusions weve seen before. but complements to the creator of this!very good animation!

  8. That’s awesome. At first I didn’t understand what it had to do with optical illusions, but I get it now. I can’t even imagine how someone created that video. Brilliant.

  9. omg!! i really liked that. i can appreciate the animation, and i liked the music a lot. plus it shows a bunch of great illusions

  10. looks like the video is real long and good, tough to create, definitely appreciate it, but the music isn’t that good and its kinda boring to watch, i mean it is good but ………its just my personal opinion, i liked it for some things and for some i found it boring, but definitely a different and unique post, good job !!

  11. poor little guy :(

    The graphics were actually pretty cool!
    …and the way that the illusions were integrated into the storyline was cool too, but i thought there would be more of them…

    great website by the way! keep up the good work.

  12. Where are all the comments?
    Why is no one yelling “FIRST POST!”
    It’s too quiet here…
    Oh, and I very much like the video…
    Clever demonstrations of these illusions…
    And a very good piece of animation work too…

  13. musta taken ages to do. i like how it covers quite a lot of impossible objects in a short period of time. Fitting music too.

  14. Nice Video. It’s is kindof sad yeah. But very nice. Good Music too.
    I really like this site, there’s allwyas something very cool.

    First comment!!!!

  15. Wow. I think in the end the guy should’ve found a way to make it a possible optical illusion. like making a mobius strip. Oh well. AMAZING VID. I’d like to see more by this graphic artist.

  16. I was wondering at first “Where’s the optical illusion? It just looks like computer animation to me.” Then it comes toward the middle of the video. Very cool. Obviously, this graphic artist is a fan of M.C. Escher.

  17. This is an awesome video! I could not see here so I you tubed the title and found it. I love how when the paper boy closes his eyes a new illusion pops up. Really great!

  18. How did they manage to do this?? Its reallly cool! You can turn this into a kid’s movie or something! I love it!

  19. This movie was very cool.. really gives you a perspective on some illusions. I would have hated to be the little paper guy!

  20. Aww Poor Little Thing :( But when he first saw her he looked like he was gunna do you know what to a piece of paper o.O
    Hannah xXx

  21. I like the last one that looks like triangle illusion come out to be a 3d object and its looks like do able. Just need some connections between boxes to make it stand up like that. Curious if any one has done it.

  22. kinda creapy, but an interesting video. is the a sequel? i felt bad for the little dude, being the victem of all the illusions.

  23. First of all, i thank you for creating this site cause i go on it evryday. About the video, i first thought it was going to be like that art thing but it was really good! i liked it! keep up the good work

  24. To see the whole video, you have to go to the website it says at the end of the video.

    Also, now that I have seen the whole thing, I realize how good it is. This is a true piece of art. Good Job!

    PS: Keep up the good work Vurdlak!

  25. Thanks guys, I really appreciate your comments.

    I made this film in 2003, as my graduation project. Glad to see it still turns heads :)

    Cheers to all of you!

    Eugen Erhan,
    author of “Iluzii Optice”

  26. its actually not a sad ending, if you think about it. they’re finally in the same dimension after the impossible triangle breaks, all the girl has to do now is jump (and I don’t think paper figures can break bones)

  27. that is mad. The music suits it. It makes it all mysterious. GO EUGEN ARHAN.

    Oh. I mean GO EUGEN ERHAN!

  28. I give a standing ovation for Eugen Erhan, its marvelous one. How nicely put the thoughts in to these illusions… its mapping the brain. I enjoyed & love it

  29. Oh… that’s so sad!

    Although I like the comment made by I’ve Always Liked Paradoxes; they are at last in the same dimension and if she jumps down to him, they will be together.

    Still, it’s kind of spooky.

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