Jesus Vs. Satan Illusion

This funny optical illusion has been circulating the internet lately, and I thought it would suit our site greatly. I’m not interested in religious debates it may trigger, simply a funny image where Jesus and Satan are portrayed as yin-yang, complete opposites that complete each other. There is an old saying that good can not exist without evil, so perhaps this was the motivator to the unknown author who created this picture. We had Jesus showing all around our community, but Satan illusions were always there as well, only not so obvious. I bet I don’t need to explain how the word Jesus, doesn’t mean “Jews”, even if it resembles it, and that by rotating it, it becomes anagram (or ambigram, I forgot which one) and reads completely new meaning. Also the portraits themselves are double meaning illusions. Did you like this one? Hope you did! I just found out this one was created by Harpo Marx (Marx Brothers?) and you can find many more awesome works on this website!

Click Here for a RANDOM Optical Illusion

61 Replies to “Jesus Vs. Satan Illusion”

    1. Ey that´s something from the devil ! that´s a satanic picture… Errase it now!!!!! I hate this picture because you´re laughing of JESUS! Errase it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. It’s a very cool illusion! However, I think the Satan picture is a little weak. I can see the horns, but mostly I just see the Jesus image upside down!! The words flipping are very cool! :)

  2. Ha! It took a while, but I was finally able to make out the Satan face. Just had to picture Jesus’ eyebrows as Satan’s mustache!

    Very cool :D

  3. A pretty weak example of this kind of illusion unfortunately. Works reasonably at a first glance level, but a few seconds it begins to form holes. Still pretty cool, the words work well.

    I know who’s winning this battle ><>

    – Bob

  4. I see them both very clear, its cool. And chill out people with the jesud/god thing, its an optical illusion…thats all!

  5. “not funny one day you will bow down to jesus as your GOD”

    I agree… this is really serious guys, now excuse me while I go read the bible and masturbate …

  6. I feel exactly opposite of Colinb. I think you may have some trouble seeing the Satan picture properly. Jesus’s eyes are satan’s nostrils and vice versa. The text is weak in my opinion, the picture is great.

  7. hmmm, like someone said before, when you see the mustache you can see satan… But still when you look for more than 5 seconds you have to re-remind you the moustache to see satan :p not so great

  8. I’m pretty sure anagram means a word that can be rearranged to spell another word(s) so it should be an ambigram

  9. I did not appreciate the Jesus/Satan illusion at all. In fact it was in poor taste and makes me want to completely unsubscribe to the illusions even though I have enjoyed most of them. Do hope you are not compromising yourself or the illusions.

  10. Anonymous
    on 5:01 PM

    You Have to stand back far to see SATAN.

    ^^ about 2m (6.5ft)

    for those how did not see satans face yet: the eyes are the nostrils and the nostrils are the eyes. and the collar of satan is much bigger than jesus collar.

    cioa, alpha

  11. @ #3: Haha, dude! you’re f*cking blind! Wake up! Jesus = FAKE! It’s just a weak reason, so that you can live with your guilt. ‘Jesus you’ll forgive me, right?’ And then when you don’t get an awnser, you’ll think he forgave you, lol. Wake up dude..

    ps. The Satan ilusion can be seen when you look through your lashes.

  12. Do this with mohammed and you site will be down in the next hour… crushed or bombed by angry moslems.

    But anyway, I would say like Anonymous 3:
    not funny one day you will bow down to jesus as your GOD

  13. Haha. That’s funny. And it’s ambigram not anagram. An anagram is when you take a word and switch the letters to make a new one. Like: Election Results becomes Lies, Lets Recount : )

  14. I like how jesus and satan both have big honkin’ jew noses. I have one too… =] And the names thing is awesome. I agree that the satan picture is a little weak, but stil. Cool. “ to read the bible and masturbate…” Ha! Hilarious!

  15. I find it more amusing to see how the religious get pissy with anything about their beloved Jesus that is not in line with what they have been conditioned to think!

    As for the illusion I wasn’t impressed. Even as an Atheist I felt it was dull but the comments are amusing.

  16. Personally i am a christian and I hate all of you idiot christians who claim people are going to hell for even talking about Jesus and Satan in the same paragraph. Would god (By the way Jesus and god are not one in the same) get pissed off at these people for playing around with images? Your trying to act high and mighty which Im pretty damn well sure is a sin. Anyway. this is a pretty cool play on imagary images but its a bit hard to see Satan. As some people have said it does look a bit like mohamed or the like.

  17. (I did NOT make this illusion)
    Hello duh it is the same pic turned upside down. and btw. the horns coming out of Jesus’ neck is supposed to be the collar of the shirt. and btw. it is cool. if u look at it for a long time and concentrate and try not to hurt ur lil brains u might be able to appreciate the illusion a lil more.

  18. There is a book called ‘Angels and Demons’ by the guy who wrote the Da Vinci Code, and the whole story is about this idea.

    It has quite a few of these illusions- but using words, not images.

    Its really clever, and fun to try yourself. I made one with my name so it can be read the same upside-down.

  19. yah…munber 34 “christian” it’s hard to believe ur a “christian” in the things u said…that’s what makes athiests and the like who they are because most “christians” are hipocritic of everything they say and do…


    Can’t we all just agree to disagree here?

    Christians are easily offended, non-Christians can take a joke…Just leave it at that!

    Number 34 said it best, YES you can be Christians and whatnot! Christians are great, but don’t call other people sinners and stuff just because they can take a joke you can’t.

    No-one knows what Jesus looks like anyway, so it’s okay to mess around with images of him, because it’s not technically him.

    If you get me.

  21. Thats the coolest illusion ever…it took me a second to see Satans face…but that is by no means a weak picture of him…so awesome…

  22. ~~very cool~~very clever~~

    and yeah Christians pull your heads in
    i don’t believe any of you understand the conquest between Beelzebub and Arc Angel Michael
    and what exactly is the true God

    *if you could just remember his wise words “treat others as you would have them treat you”

    Relax we are here to enjoy ourselves and to grow our understandings and abilities to better our appreciation of life

    the message is valid ~ open your eyes people

    … ~ fire ~ ice ~ fire ~ ice ~ fire ~ ice ~ …

  23. This is some crazy shazit. It aint no joke either. How would you feel if someone mocked your God? Aint no reason to hate on Jesus… The person who came up with that pic will get his/her day. Then we will see who will have the last laugh.

  24. it’s an ambigram (which i’m practicing) of Jesus and Satan. and the face of satan is really “evil”, with white-only eyes, eyebrows connected to eyes, large-holed nose, pointed mustache, and a sleek smile.

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