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By on June 23, 2006, with 47 Comments

Hehe, am not sure if you recognised the funny part in the title above, but this image is quite interesting. Unless these are feet of Jesus Christ, our saviour, how the heck can they walk above water? This illusion isn’t probably very hard to guess, but still entertaining! If you want something more complicated, try to solve this video, where Criss Angel “seems” to walk on water.

Jesus, This Guy Walks on Water!

Video of the moment: Criss Angel Walks On Water


47 Responses
  1. Gabriel says:

    I think you put the wrong link, but it’s an interesting video nonetheless.

  2. John says:

    the picture is a guy standing on sand with water reflecting unto it

  3. Gueibor says:

    He’s standing on the edge of a very low pier, over shallow water with a sandy bottom. Or maybe he just walks on water, I dunno…

  4. Ryan says:

    He’s standing on glass, with water underneath. I think.

  5. faeder says:

    hes not standing on anything but a plank of wood. We don’t see hi heels, so he puts all is weigh on the, on the plank of wood placed on the shore. Since the photo is taken from pretty high, we cannot see a half inch height difference.

    thats what i believe.

    its an interesting ilusion tho…

  6. pennnnny says:

    maybe he’s just standing on a painting/picture of water.

  7. A blatant scam! says:

    Did you really think you could fool us.

    Everyone knows jesus wore sandals not trainers,

    This is a blatant fraudster, sorry to have to break this to you.

    From Keen eyed Kevin.
    (continually saving the world from internet crime)

  8. michelle says:

    the guy is standing on glass. not water. =)

  9. Anonymous says:

    well, i’m pretty sure nike shoes were not available in Jesus’ time. besides, this picture title does not claim that it is jesus walking on water. anywho, one CAN actually walk on water! yep. if you ever go near the downtown chicago area, visit millenial park! it is amazing with many optical illusins and modern art! it will be a feast to the eyes of those who enjoy sites like this one! there, a guy made it possible for others to walk on water! it actually looks like a lake, but it is simply a huge shallow puddle of water! late, people!

  10. mati101 says:

    he could be standing on a photo of water above sand, or on a plank.

  11. Rawler says:

    Ehm, I think you’re all making this waay to difficult.

    Why not just assume he’s sitting on some bridge or jetty, dangling his feet towards the surface, shooting it from just the right angle?

  12. Anonymous says:

    If you look closely enough between his feet, you can see a change from lighter to darker color. A plank of wood maybe?

  13. Anonymous says:

    Look closely at his lef ankle. there’ something suspiciously woodlike sticking out there.
    Could just be the sole of his shoe but looks to me a bit too woody :)

  14. Anonymous says:

    I think it’s a floor tile painted looking like water :)

  15. Tony GOUBAULT says:

    hey guys!!!! This man is simply using Nike AIR* shoes…. That is so simple that nobody saw this detail before…lol

  16. r says:

    He’s sitting on the side of a boat or a pier, and just took the picture of his legs

  17. Girlie1 says:

    He’s standing on a rock obviosly…
    When you look to the right of his shoe, look down and you can see the edge of a rock…his feet cover the rest so it looks as if he is standing on the water…

  18. Anonymous says:

    Don’t think he stands at all… He/She is sitting and the feet are hanging just above the water.

  19. shazam says:

    Keen Eyed Kevin, I like what your doing (if anything) and I want to join forces with you. But I must say, Jesus DID need a new look. it might be him, don’t be a party pooper!

  20. †Cable† says:

    Lol. Guys, its light refracting through something nearby with water in it, not him standing on water. Look at the shadow of his shoes, the water seems to disapear, this is because there isn’t any of the refracted light there.

  21. Bryan says:

    I guess not to many said this,

    My God! It’s Jesus!!!

    • the man says:

      u think he is jeusus?! this is criss angel the mind freak just look uder the picture

  22. Alexandra says:

    oo the chris angle thing I watched on TV he is just walking on pieces of glass that are floating on the water maybe plastic but some clear thing

  23. Scarlett Marcia Simmons says:

    It’s obviously not really water. It’s only floor tile painted like water. Notice how he has a shadow instead of a reflection. Even if it were glass, he would still have a reflection. If not him, you would see the sky/trees/etc in it.

  24. Zerro says:

    Have you ever considered that this is maybe a carpet?

  25. amber says:

    the ‘suspicious’ mark by his foot is his belt…

  26. Ellie says:

    I think he is standing on water which has been frozen.

  27. his legs are down in the water. The shoes are at about knee level making it look like he is standing on water. His legs are going on through down to the bottom where he’s standing.

  28. Robert Moore says:

    from the way the pic looks it is almost as if the guy is rather in the desert than than walking on water.

  29. :) says:

    water ? i can’t see any water .. !!

  30. zaqwsx says:

    zoom in then look at the bottom right you will see a rock in the shade

  31. Lianne says:

    well if you think about it, if he really was on glass there would be a glare from the sunlight, if he was on sand, you could see that his shoe was at least sinking or somewhat like that on the sand, so i’m totally confused on this one

  32. jorjeea says:

    i know why ya named this Jesus, this guy can walk on water!

  33. Kaiser Aldobai says:

    this really really great

  34. awesomenessinacan says:

    It’s easy! The man is standing on a bit of wavy glass, on the sand. I’m pretty sure there is no water under the glass-that would ruin the effect! Cool illusion, though!

  35. Vincenti says:

    Maybe someone is holding shoes right above water, with their hands going through a jean jacket. & someone is taking the picture


  37. J Kess says:

    If you look at the left foot right where the jeans meet the shoe you can see a sliver of the board he is standing on.

  38. Ray says:

    That isn’t water :)

  39. Anonymous says:

    Try looking at it after watching this video…the water seems to really move then!! pinwheel.gif

  40. the man says:

    criss angel i knwo that buddy he can walk on the air to

  41. Nati says:

    DONT BE STUPID it is a kind of floor. My grams has that floor in her house it looks like water but its not. I have te proof cause i’ve seen it.

  42. awesome kid says:

    maybe he is standing on water that is reflecting some water, or, he is standing on very very shallow water at the shore so there is hardly any water overlapping his shoes making the effect!

  43. jesus says:

    he is not like me, infact as you can see if your observant yo can spot inbetween his feet the plank of wood he standing on godbye<— pardon the pun

  44. someone says:

    its a reflection of water on a surface

  45. smartguy484 says:

    The textre

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