Jack Daniels on Cafe Floor

When we talk about 3d chalk drawings we usually talk about Julian Beever, Kurt Werner, Eduardo Relero or Edgar Müller. Well, just as I started to believe I exhausted all the available material on this topic – I heard about Gregor Wosik! Gregor is an academy-educated Polish lad who migrated to Germany back in 1984. Street-art, murals and oil paintings belong to his particular strengths. In Germany Wosik is primarily known as a street painter. This particular art form gives him the opportunity “to live out his passion”, and maintain direct contact with his audience. His works are characterized as high-quality and detailed. The motives of the images range from classical to current issues.

In today’s edition I bring you a small chunk of his opus. As of lately, huge brands recognized this form of advertising to be particularly effective. Still, it looks like mega whiskey brands gave most attention to this form of marketing . Johny Walker and Ballantine’s did it first, but as we see now – Jack Daniels couldn’t resist jumping in this game too. Please comment which of these 3 brands got themselves the best deal, and why? I’ve included a small gallery beneath, where you may see the same picture seen from few different angles (Anamorphosis !!!)

Yes, it's another awesome 3d chalk drawing for another whiskey brand
Yes, it's another awesome 3d chalk drawing for another whiskey brand

Check out how this chalk drawing came to existence:

20 Replies to “Jack Daniels on Cafe Floor”

  1. There’s something odd in the picture thou… The left hand doesn’t appear in the how this chalk drawing came to existence section.

  2. It looks nice but unfortunately it is flawed. It might have to be posted under seemingly bent. Let me explain: if you cover the top of the bottle with your hand you will see that the bottle is facing towards you and you should (!!) be able to see the top of the bottle. If you cover the lower half of the bottle it seems to be pointing away from you as if it is lying on the ground (=seemingly bent). Probably an unintentional error but an error none the less.

  3. Personally I like the Johnny Walker one the best. It’s got more detail and is leaving a better message than the simple bottle busting out of the floor.

  4. I like this one the best…nothing really for me to do detective work on in this picture. Very obvious for those of us who know about chalk drawings…

  5. Some people have entirely way too much time on their hands.

    Good thing they’re doing awesome stuff with it, though. :D

  6. …guys, its a chalk drawing on the floor, the guy then stands there as if he was holding it, same thing as if your standing against the eiffel tower

  7. What makes this picture what it is….that no one has mentioned yet, is that the guys hand is BEHIND the bottle. You can’t just stand next to the Eiffel Tower and do that. This chalk drawing included the hand into the picture, therefore making this illusion that much more realistic. It’s very clever. And the colors are spot on.

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