It’s Those Cogs Again!

I see a real debate going on, regarding our previous illusion. Even though “Mail Box” was the proper answer, I take full responsibility for the illusion appearing as “Mail Boy”. As it seems, I’ve added so many 3d effects to the original illusion (to make the design fit our standards), it was my fault the X shape ended looking like Y. But when you see how the original looked like (here), you’ll completely understand why Photoshop actions were necessary. This remind me of an old “Go F* Yourself” illusion, I changed to “Go On Yourself”, hoping no one will notice :) Today, however we have something oldschool-ish. Can you believe those two central cogs are of exact same size? By now you probably do…

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  1. its the same size. if you don’t believe me. get off the computer, get a ruler, come back and measure it.

    i saw ‘MAIL BOX’ did anyone see anything else?

  2. Yep. I know too many illusions. I know this one a bit too well. I like the design, though! Where can I find this sequin-designed shirt at? Or is it a skirt, or what!? Oh well, I want it in black with “obsidian crystals” (black sequins) on it. Hence my “username” on here, you can tell I’m Techno Goth. lolz

  3. Although I saw the words ‘Mail Box’ on the previous illusion (despite those not existing in England!), I actually think the original graphic was more effective and wouldn’t have had a problem seeing it displayed on the site at the quality it is.

  4. I followed your link about “MAIL BOX” and found the non-photoshopped version far clearer than your edited version.

  5. For those of you who don’t understand what this illusion’s about:

    The two cogs that are lying at the centre of the small and large cog circles are, in fact, the exact same size!

    @Annishia: A cog is a part of a gear system. Technically, this image doesn’t really show gearwheels, but I don’t know what else to call them. :P

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