iPad “Daily Illusion” App Has Arrived!

AT-Shadow-IllusionOk, remember the exciting announcement I mentioned earlier? Well, I couldn’t wait any longer to share this with you guys. So here it is – We have finally completed the “Daily Optical Illusion” app for iPad (and iPhone).

Those lucky bastardz who got their hands on Apple’s premium gadget already, can immediately get the app via iTunes (link here – don’t forget to click the little iPad icon to see the iPad specific screenshots, not iPhone ones!). Rest of us can enjoy the screenshots below.

Well, actually the revamped app is universal, so those of you using iPhone can download as well, but I believe most of the premium features work better on iPad. Anyway, I’ll create the separate page for the App soon, but just wanted to share the news first.

All of the app specs can be found inside the app store, but basically you get a new illusion each day (or two), package full of already published illusions, descriptions, comments, ratings, and much much more…

Oh, and not to skip the current “illusion of the day”, here’s another Tim Noble and Sue Webster shadow art installation. The illusion works in a way, that when light is cast on the seemingly random garbage formation, it produces a shadow resembling AT sign, the inter-connector we mostly use in email communication (or on Twitter ;)

iTunes: iPad App · iPhone App · Download

16 Replies to “iPad “Daily Illusion” App Has Arrived!”

  1. Whoa. You’ve lost me. I’m one of the first baby boomers and I’m peddling as fast as I can to keep up with twittering and iPods and MP3 and all the gadgetry. Good for you for leaping into the hi-tech world. Just keep the great illusions coming for us simple folks. I like the freaky shadow stuff. In the parlance of texting, U r gr8.

  2. really cool illusion! how is that even working?!?!

    can’t wait to get an ipad. used one at best buy today and they are amazing

  3. I usually love your illusions – this one is disappointing – wish it was depicted the same way the others appear (if you follow the Sue Webster link)

  4. Not sure I am buying this one. Great work if it is true. I think I would have to see video or expanded view to see it work. Looking at their work and what I found with a web search this is nothing like anything else I saw from them. Every other picture they have you can see the light against a darker background. And has anybody ever seen a brown shadow before?

  5. Since I am one of the lucky “people” who got their ipads on Saturday, I may have to get this app but it seems a little pricey!

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