Interactive Pavement Drawing Illusions

Last night I was browsing the web for some new illusions. Here and then I feel obligated to post few of my own, not only user submissions. There are still over hundred emails in my gmail box to be approved, so don’t worry if your’s hasn’t been posted yet. They come in rate where it gets hard for me to follow. Still, those that are the best, get higher priority, so please send only true and awesome ones ;)

For today I prepared a gallery of some new (and awesome) sidewalk chalk drawings. I am aware there are already hundreds in belonging category, but I felt there weren’t any new ones lately, so I uploaded these. Those of you that haven’t seen anything similar before, will have hard time believing me when I tell you that escalator below is nothing but a “mere drawing” on a concrete floor. The chicks just positioned themselves in the correct position and gave additional reality to the whole set. If you go inside the article (assuming you are viewing this from the homepage), you will see bunch more photos taken at different times of day from different angles. Amazing!

I have couple more new chalk drawings on my laptop, similar to Julian Beever’s art work, and will post them soon! If you noticed, I underlined keywords in this text (as usual) and connected them to the best of sidewalk art, so be sure to check all of them (links in this article) and decide which one’s your favorite!

26 Replies to “Interactive Pavement Drawing Illusions”

    1. another question… is the esclalator going up or down??? hmm….. these are the questions that haunt me….

  1. So detailed but on one of the pictures the person’s hand is in the wrong place so that is too obvious.

  2. yh i no wat u mean Anonymous no. 3 – in the 5th pic the wormans hand isnt on the escalator rail! kl thou.

  3. It sucks my school BLOCKED your comment section so you will no longer see “At School” you will only see “Not At School Anymore”

    But cool illusion i swear though ive seen them somewhere

  4. that is very cool. unfortunatly if you look close enough its only a picture =[ o well its still very cool :]

  5. they’re are good but I with the stairs to the elavator were more detailed, so that it looked more real. Still very good, the people who do these are very talented.

  6. lol i wonder if you can get custom tile that looks like that do you know how cool that would be to walk into your kitchen using a fake escalater sorry i dont know how to spell it

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