Incredible Family Guy Illusion

Hy guys! Just a quick update, I’m in a hurry for poker game back at my house, but also wanted to share this cool illusion with you, before I leave the office. But before we proceed, please reply if your Vista Gadget has been working normally today? I’m not sure if it’s only me getting some loading errors. In either case, get the new version (v7.0) just to make sure it works. In the picture below, watch how Peter from Family Guy as Incredible Hulk changes from black and white, to full-color. Here are the steps: Stare at the dot in the middle of the pic for 20 seconds or more. Continue to stare at the dot, without moving your eyes. The black and white image will seem to be in color now. Looks can be deceiving, right? More of these can be found inside the Afterimages category. Oh, I have received some complaints about “yourfilehost”, where we used to store our files, and have successfully fixed Audio illusions. If you find more outgoing links to “yourfilehost” on this site, please email me to remove them as well!

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  1. this is awesome! it works, though you have to focus on the dot the whole time through, and when it turns to black and white, your eyes can’t stray from the dot, else the “color” goes back to black/white.

    nice illusion!

  2. Cool………..Might be able to see it if it were not flashing back and forth between color & B&W!! Really illusion of animated GIF? I am addicted to this site. BTW my Vista gadget working fine today

  3. vista worked fine for me, I tried the illusion and the colours were weird :s dont get it its a .gif picture so switches every 30 secs wats the illusion??

  4. I don´t get it, i think its fake or somebody please explain to me why does this happen?.
    Besides it changes even if you don´t look at the point.

  5. hey, cool. I wonder if there’s a program that can do this to any pic? I’m sure it would just flop around the colors…

  6. My Gadget is working fine.

    I didn’t like the allusion. It doesn’t work. While I was reading the introduction and while I was typing it, the color switched back and forth without me paying any attention to it.
    It’s just clever coding. It needs more of a time lapse to be more believable.

  7. Hey number 3 post(who claimed to be first). You need to read directions. It ONVIOUSLY changes colors. That’s not the point. Do it again my friend.

    P.S. These are my absolute favorite illusions! My favorite is the Spanish Castle.

  8. You should’ve explained this illusion ALOT MORE CLEARLY, as there are plenty of people who just don’t get it/what its meant to be! i know you were ina hurry but :P as i read it, i could tell there were gunna be complaints/complainers.

    To everyone who thinks that this is FAKE or something because its a gif that changes colour anyway… the idea is that you stare at the dot in the middle while its pink (inverse) and wait and continue staring and peter will turn into incredible peter (green) and the other colours will / should look normal too – even though its actually black and white what your looking at after the inverse image – it appears normal :)

  9. Sorry for the double post but LOL! apparently there were alot of stupid people not realising what the illusion was on the black and white pyramid one either!:P haha –

    Silly people… take more time to think about it! the gifs shows two things – an inverse colours image, and a black and white image! – if you stare at the inverse image, then afterwards you see the black and white image in colour!

    – It would work if you had them as TWO SEPARATE images and stared at the inverse one for a while and then quickly looked at the black and white one in the same spot – it’s just a gif to make things alot easier for us to do :)/perform the illusion

  10. no, idiots, you have to STARE AT THE DOT WHILE IT CHANGES from black and white to colour, then back to black and white. When it changes colour the first time, the hulk (peter griffin) is magenta. If you continue to stare at the dot when it changes back to black and white, he will appear green.
    It’s very cool, you just have to do what Vurdlak said and STARE AT THE DOT!

  11. Many of you are missing the whole effect. It isn't the pink & blue that is the illusion…it is when the hulk character turns green, the chair on the left turns brownish, boy's shirt turns bluish.

  12. So the reason this does work. Because the pic is pink or should we say a shade of red. When it changes back to teh black and white. The Grey color takes on the compliment of Red which is Green. The human eye gives the color Grey the aspect of the color that it saw before. This does work. Look at the dot in the mid of the screen and look at it when it is the odd coloring. When it switches to black and white the Peter will look green

  13. You idiots!
    it’s supposed to change color. wow…
    ok stare at the black and white. continue to stare once it changes colors. when it changes to black and white AGAIN, you will see peter green and chris his regular color.
    some people are idiots

  14. For the ones who don´t understand the illusion, please read the steps carefully,

    1.- First you must stare at the image when it is in the bizarre colors.

    2.- then when the image changes to the black and white,(YOU HAVE TO KEEP STARING AT IT). it seems that it has colors.




  15. OMG that is amazing, and to those people that down know how to do this, you stare at the dot when the colour of the hulk is purple, just keep staring at it, when the picture turns black and white you will see it in full colour.

  16. vurdluk , you should stop posting such stupid illusions. This is automatic and every few seconds it would change colours . when I first opened the post , it was already coloured . So it had nothing to do with illusions.

  17. Anyone who is complaining that this is not an illusion – is an idiot.

    You have to stare at the dot for at least 60 seconds. After the 3rd or 4th time it switches to B/W, it will actually look like Peter’s skin is green, and Chris’s shirt is blue.

    It only works if you are staring directly at the dot.

  18. To everyone that doesn’t get it: The gif is cycling through a negatively colored image and a gray scale image. You focus on the dot through the negative image (purple and blue can clearly be seen), and once it changes to gray scale you see it as a positive image. It is an illusion because you see the grays as colors that are not there.

  19. it just another illusion with negative colours,you fools,this site is full of them….and it’s pretty easy done,doesn’t need to be fake!

  20. It works by a very simple mechanism by which your eye retains images: similar to the way you don't notice the frames on your television change only in this example your brain is also inverting the colour. Do any of you remember back in secondary school when either in your art or your physics class you were shown a coloured square which you were to stare at for 20-30 seconds and then look at a white wall or a sheet of paper and you would be able to see a different coloured square in the centre of it? Your eye inverts the colour according to "complimentary colours” which a few of you may have heard of – its fairly simple stuff: Blue <> Orange, Green <> Red, Purple <> Yellow. So if you stare at a red square then look away you will see a green-coloured square on what you look at and so on.

    This happens all the time to you – you just don’t notice t.

    And finally – it is not cheating… it is changing from the inverted coloured version to the greyscale version so that YOUR EYE CAN COLOUR IT IN: it is not cheating… because cheating would involve inverting the colours… and fixing them because of you invert those colours you would get weird shades.

    A final note – that’s a cool illusion ;)

  21. Instead of explaining myself to the idiots who don’t read the description on every afterimage illusion, I’m going to point you to the comments section on this illusion:

    Read them! This is my contribution to those comments, btw:

    The image is supposed to change! It starts with a black and white image. Then you see the negative of the colour version of the black and white picture, and you are supposed to stare at it. Then, the black and white image is shown again. The illusion is that you see the black and white image in colour, because the negative has been “burnt” in your retina. When you look at the b+w image, you see the reverse of the negative!

    Now we’ve got all that out the way, nice illusion! I love Family Guy and The Simpsons, but let’s not start another debate as to which is better :P

  22. For the people who are saying it is fake you have to stare at it WHILE weird coloured and then the black and white picture will become coloured properly

  23. This is cool, don’t know how it happens, but it really is neat.

    My Microsoft Vista Optical Illusion of the Day Gadget works great!! I don’t know if it’s just your version (some how). Really like the it, I check everyday. Good Job on the site and gadget.

  24. Those of you saying it switches when your not looking – that’s the point!

    You have yo stare at it while it switches between black and white and the distorted colours

    Then when it goes back to black and white you will see it in proper colours

  25. it switches back and forth for a reason…to make the illusion work…

    stare at the dot when the image is purple. stare at it… and then when the image switches back to b&w it will appear in 'normal' colour. (the purple will appear green). blink and u will ruin the illusion.

  26. People who are saying it isn't an illusion because it's flipping from B&W to colour…the point is that if you stare at the dot on the coloured version of the pic, when it flips to B&W Peter turns green, and all the rest of the picture looks like the "normal" colours that they should be. It works because your eyes get used to the inverse colours and over-compensate when they suddenly go away.

    Personally, I really like these illusions, keep up the good work!

  27. I think many ppl thinks that the optical illusion is if you stare at the pic long enough the picture will change colour from “pink and blue to “”black and white” but its rong … u have to stare at the dot in the middle and wait til it changes colour … and u will see a different set of colours ! :) awesome illusion i must say ..

  28. I think most of you didn't get it…
    The colors turn from black/white to pink. If you stare at the dot, the family guy (forgot his name) gets green (–> looks like Hulk) when the colors turn to b/w again… That's it.

  29. Uhh to all the people complaining that it’s an animated gif and not an illusion… the gif is supposed to animate.

    You stare at the dot while it is the coloured version of the image (pink version of Peter Griffin) and then when the gif switches to the black and white image, it appears in colour to your eyes if you continue looking at the dot. Look away from the dot and your eyes see the image as black and white.

  30. ok.. guys you do wrong.

    Stare at the dot only when the image changes color to purple blue. The keep staring at the dot and the grey image will be colored.

    This illusion is so cool. I luv it

  31. It’s already in color, isn’t it? I don’t see any black and white. Peter’s chest and feet are pink. The floor is blue, etc. Is this what everyone sees after staring?

  32. come on guys… nothing fake about this. First you look at the dot when the weird collour pictures is on. And when it switches to the black and white image, you see normal collours ! it’s easy.

  33. Ok, for all people who say it is a fake: When you stare at the coloured picture (the pink hulk), you will see the hulk turn green when the pictures changes to b/w.

    Very cool, although I have to keep staring at the dot, otherwise the picture changes to b/w again.

  34. Listen, all the people who say it's a fake and always changing. The changing from the Black&White picture to the Pink&Blue picture is happening to be able to SEE the effect. If you stare at the dot (and really keep staring at it), while the picture is Pink&Blue, the picture will eventually change back to Black&White. But if you really stared at the dot you won't see a black and white picture, but you'll see a coloured image (with Peter in green for example).

  35. For those of you who believe it to be fake, you are incorrect and are daft to think so.
    The illusion works by staring at the “color” picture of the hulk — notice how he is purple. When the image flashes to black and white, your brain sees the inverse colors of those previously displayed, so we see color instead of black and white.

  36. For all those who said this illusion is fake, the purple and brown isn’t the “color” that their talking about. its when it goes back to black and white tha it seems like a regular family guy picture

  37. It's a great illusion.

    For those of you who think its's 'fake' it's not. The idea is that you stare at the hole when it's a flourescent pink/blue/yellow colour, and when it changes to b&w, it seems as if its in its original colours

    Great illusion though ;)

  38. Focus on the dot while the image is colourful (pink peter). Intensely. When the image goes back to B&N, your eye produces the opposite color (red<–>green, etc) and you "see" the real image (green peter, as the hulk).

  39. OK…so poster no. 6 has posted as follows:


    this is friggin fake anyone can see that, jesus christ stop posting this junk and get to real illusions

    oh first:D

    a) You’re not first
    b) It’s not ‘friggin fake’, for crying out loud. The illusion is that if you stare at the oddly-coloured dot for 20 seconds, when it changes to black and white it appears in full colour. Not a fake, at all

  40. It’s not fake, if you watch it and look at the black and white image immediately after it swaps back it is not in colour (Sorry, I know that was badly phrased)

  41. The point of this illusion (and it IS an illusion), is that when you focus on a black and white image, and it changes to the complete opposite colors of what it’s supposed to be, you’ll see the real colors when it switches back to black and white.
    It’s like your brain fills in the black and white with the opposite colors… It’s really weird why you see the right colors.

    Btw: it’s supposed to change from b/w to color, only when you focus you’ll see green/yellow and such instead of purple/blue…

  42. To those that don’t get the illusion, go back and read the directions and follow them. By the time your are done, you should see Peter as grey, pink, then green. Other colors will change also.
    As for the widget, mine works fine on the Vista desktop

  43. Ok, so it seems like a few people aren’t understanding this illusion. Yes we all know it changes color… it is supposed to!

    Stare at the dot in the center of the image DURING the colored phase. Stay focused on the dot for the 10 or 15 seconds, and when it changes the black and white image will appear properly colored.

    Very cool illusion.

  44. This illusion isn’t fake; wait for it to turn from the strange color to black and white, then stare at the dot (even after it changes to the strange color.) After the strange color goes away, you’ll see it in color, but you have to keep staring at the dot or else it goes away.

  45. ok for all you people saying this doesn’t work. just stare at the dot in the center the whole time and the time it changes to color isnt the magic one. it’s after the picture is in the neon colors that the actual illusion takes place. If you stare at the dot the whole time and don’t stray then after the neon pic, the b+w will seem like color. If you stray then it will change back to black and white.

  46. Hee, I like this kinda illusions, and I actually now how it works. When you don’t move your eyes while staring at colors, your eyes become ‘tired’ of that color at a certain spot in your eyes, on the retina. Eg, when you stare at the colour red, the detectors in your eyes of the colour red become tired. Now you can’t really see red on that spot in your eyes. The opposite colour of red is green, so when you then look at white (which has all colours in it) you’ll see green. In the illusion you see all the opposite colours of the right ones, and when you stare at them without moving your eyes, you’ll see all the right colours after that in the black and wite version.
    Hope you get it…

  47. wow about 2/3 of the posts are either
    1) this is stupid it is changing colors!!
    or 2) you people are stupid (and they explain it)

    any way, Tsaukpaetra, if you go to paint you can highlight a pic and invert the colors, then you can go to attributes under the invert, and go black and white to make the second required part to make this illusion!

    and over all nice illusion


  49. hahah great illusion i completely get it after reading the many posts explaining.

    does anyone find it strange that the first poster didn’t say “first! yay!” but then ppl up to like post #20 thought they were first? thought id just throw that out there.

  50. Is there anyway that you could filter out retards that post the following crap.


    first comment? yea!!!

    oh first:D
    These tards have nothing to add.

    Nice illusion though.

  51. wow obviously fake it changes colors when you r reading the post and i stared at the dot and it changed colors then i looked away and looked back and it was still in color. wow soooo animated

    1. No, if you stare at the colorful one and not move your eyes, the picture will change the the “black and white” one, but to you, it will be in color, but it is actually originally black and white. It is kind of like the “stare at _______ for 30 seconds then look at a wall” because your eyes get used to the color or something (idk, it’s hard to explain) and when it changes, it shows the opposite color… I forgot the word, but you know what i mean…

  52. OMG!!! lawl… green is sooo sexy for the hulk lol… and why is it blue for the family guy kid lol… i understand why its green for the hulk lol… cuz pink mixed with black and white plus brown = green but why does it make blue for the kid lol

  53. This is the best illusion I have seen on this site!!! Stare at the dot in the middle when the image is pink and purple, then when it changes to black and white, the colors should be normal! like the monster looks green, etc. AWESOME

  54. Very cool illusion!!!! Wasn’t sure where it was going when I was staring at the pink pic, but was blown away when the b&w pic came back! Or was it a full colour pic? lol

    Impressive!! Keep it up!

  55. Oh my gosh, that was awesome! Yeah, I was just thinking that it just changed from the pink to the black and white and that was it. But the black and white really does have color if you stare at the dot! Sweet! Heehee. That was so cool!

  56. Okay, you’ve all said over and over how to do this. You don’t need to keep saying it.
    Second, all I got was sore eyes and no effect. Maybe my eyes suck, which would be why I can’t watch 3D movies.

  57. guy who posted says to watch from black and white to color thats actually wrong nothing will happen at all you watch from color to black and white then itll work only stare at dot

  58. A neat trick to try…while the image is in the purple/blue color mode, cover up part of the Family Guy with your hand so you only see part of the image. Then, when the image flips to black and white (which you see as normal color), uncover the rest of the image. The part you had covered will appear as black and white, but the rest will still appear in normal color.

  59. haha i wonder how it would work if it was a picture of somthing someone hasnt seen b4, cus their brain wouldnt kno the colors… like almost every1 knows hulk, and peter is reconized by brain as hulk, but if it wasnt somthing the brain saw, at would happen?

  60. Why the hell are there 30 posts in a row explaining the illusion?

    To the morons explaining the illusion to the bigger morons: It’s been explained. You can stop now.

    1. there is an illusion if usays ans it tells u the picture doesnt go black and white it fools ur eyes to thinking its normaly colored.. a udrrhurr sam.

    2. um its an afterimage illusion. the colors BURN INTO YOUR CORNEA then when the picture changes your brain thinks it is in color and you see the afterimage work. DUH only an idiot would think there is no illusion.

  61. Haha that is cool!! U keep staring at it and after the color one keep looking at it and when it turns back to black and white it will look like it’s in acual color!!

    1. Sorry, i kno. he left a step out. You see…
      1: Stare at b&w
      2: stare at colour
      3: when it changes back to b&w, the picture will be in full oclour for a few seconds

  62. If the person who submitted this had described it more correctly I think more people would get it. Because the color changed while I was still reading the description I thought that was all it was and almost didn’t do it correctly.

  63. yes there are two gif files that alternate. one is in color, one is black and white. if you stare at the dot, when the black and white picture cycles back it will appear colored that is the illusion

  64. This is absolute genious. Is this how Technicolor works? They take the oppisite color and mix it with the black and white color? Very interesting. It blew my mind.

  65. What surprised me was that when I got teh ‘colour’ image and looked away from teh dot the image turned to black and white yet when i looked back at teh dot it turned back to colour.

    Not only image retention but also a bit of an image processing illusion

    1. What you’re doing is overstimulating your eyes, they will try to counter the sharp colors with their complete opposites, in this case the normal color seen in the black and white picture, when the picture change to black and white your eyes won’t immediately return to normal so if you keep focusing on the dot the colors will still be there.

  66. Sean and Ashleylynn there is no green in either image in the gif but if you follow the instructions you see green.
    That is the illusion, seeing green when there is no green.

    And nods to Phil


  68. Oh shidd…..i see it
    that was nice how it changed color wen ur not focusing on it but wen u do it goes back to normal
    how is that?

    1. Hey, thas a litle offensive to us disabled people
      btw, if you stare at the dot, for a while, peter looks green. Amazing.

  69. It’s real, people.
    I find it funny that people think they are smart because they thing the have cracked it; but really haven’t.
    The coloured image is NOT full colour, how stupid are you?

    If people actually follow the instructions, it works for just a flash of a second.

  70. 1: Stare at b&w
    2: stare at colour
    3: when it changes back to b&w, the picture will be in full oclour for a few seconds


    It’s pretty cool =)

  71. You guys are fucking retards. Scroll down so the dot is out of your vision, and watch as the color changes… Idiots.

  72. The illusion is actually Peter Griffin being in pain when hes purple, the hole thing is a bullet hole but the black and white is him being strong. You might now notice it.

  73. Oh My God. Thats actually awesome, the illusion is above the picture. You stare at the dot for 20 seconds then the colours are actually there and he turns green

  74. It doesn’t work with me. I’ve stared at the black and white picture for upwards of 5 minutes and it just stays black and white – no colour at all

  75. how stupid . it goes from black and white, color, then normal color really fast because in that time you blink, which makes you believe its an illusion. -___-

  76. hey so i was curious if it was a video that changed colors or if it was legit and WAS an illusion, so i copied the picture, put it on paint. nothing happened.
    to make sure i did it right and was looking for the correct amount of time, i went back to this page, it changed. therefore its fake, and a a video, because the image didn’t do it on paint.

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