Impossible Doors

Another Impossible Object for you! Do you notice anything strange with these doors? I would like to meet a guy or a gal that is capable of constructing these doors! If you’re an expert, then let me give you a harder assignment: after solving impossible safe doors, try constructing artifact from hell! If this is too was little too hard, maybe you should start with impossible flow meter. After seeing them all, If you still think it can’t be done, just look how this guy created some! Another architect made some similar stuff. Hundreds of examples can be found inside Impossible objects category, in my sidebar. Check it!

22 Replies to “Impossible Doors”

  1. Don’t berate other peoples’ spelling if you yourself can’t spell.

    There is no such word as alot. It’s two words.

  2. the side of the door’s color fades from light tan to whit to make u think if its its opening from the outside or the inside… cool.

  3. I love it! but its annoying >.< i look at it and its like this: at top – this door its outside! look at bot – this door is inside! then sliding from top to bottom… AHHH! its annoying and funny lol

  4. LOL thats easy the top of the door is black and tne bottem of the door is white to make it look like the cross THROW SOME MORE IMAGES AT ME

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