Impossible Cube Illusion

Here is an “impossible” version pictured with a high degree of realism. The two points where the linear edges must overlap have been purposely confused. The resulting figure produces an even more jarring figure-ground dilemma, likely to be interpretted as humorous or upsetting.

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35 Replies to “Impossible Cube Illusion”

  1. the bar in back that seems to go through the front bar really doesn’t.

    the bar in front is cut just rihgt to make it look like that.

  2. th bar that seems to go bihind isn’t a bar at all! its two pieces, making it look s though it goes behind!
    BTW love da’ site vurdlak ur a genius

  3. god the bar in front is obvisly no connected!
    i saw this in a book and they show how it’s done!!!

  4. Wow, this is done in Photoshop. Look closely at the bar that should go in the back, but is in the front. If you look close enough, they are a different resolution, not by much, but a little. Obviously, the bar was created and placed overtop the front bar, but covers up the back bar.


  6. Look in mighty’s impossible objects section at (impossible object constructed 2)

    there is an example of how this can be done

  7. it can be drawn in Auto CAD then rendered. I just performed this drawing. once completed, the wood is cut. Yet geometrically your eyes will not accept this.

  8. um obviously they photoshopped and copied the from left post and pasted it in the back right corner on top. stupid as hella mofo

  9. this was not photoshopped and it is not a drawing. The bar was cut. The right side is cut slanted so the side of the right side is not seen.

  10. I’ve got an optical illusions book that has this in it. I agree with comments 3, 6, 8, 9, 11, 12, 18, and ESPECIALLY 15.

  11. i know this one,ive seen similar thing on ROBLOX(if ya nevar heard of it,search it up on internet explorer(or firefox)

  12. one part is cut,so it looks like it goes behind,when it actualy isnt there.NOT photoshop.u just have 2 get the right angle

  13. the top bar was connected behind… see the angle that it is going going behind the bar.. right angle of camera and…. thada….. illusion…

  14. this image is being used on Mrs. Thibodeau’s psychology class website. also this is called a paradox illusion a paradox illusion is something that looks convincing to us in 2D but yet is impossible in 3D

  15. I have seen it from a slight different angle. This has been around for some time. The top front bar is cut perfectly, so it appears it goes in back of the rear bar

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