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By on June 28, 2006, with 24 Comments

Alex Kirkbridge took this beautiful photo for July’s 2006 edition of National Geographic Magazine. It’s orignally called “Visions Of Earth” and shows Bubba, a big fox terrier, while he is cooling his feet during a game of swimming-pool fetch in Crystal River, Florida. Light shining into the pool creates a mirror on the underside of the water’s surface, giving the dog his four-legs look. Friend of mine sent me this picture, you should check more of them here.

ImPAWsible   Visions Of Earth


24 Responses
  1. t-dog says:

    really cool but scary at the same time

  2. Naved says:

    ITS SCARING MAn!!!!!!!!!1

  3. meeow =^_^= says:

    that’s neat but i don’t really find it scary

  4. Nikolle says:

    its a pool and the pic is taken underwater and on upper part of the pic is the reflection of the water.

    Duh but i do like this illusion! :)

  5. awesome says:

    i wrote up a comment a long time ago why isn’t it up?????

  6. Anonymous says:

    wow that is weird, but all they had to do was use an “iMac” To Do that.. i’ve done it before.

  7. tomato says:

    Its funny…Oh no! its grab my head! and now my neck! :)

  8. Anonymous says:

    that is obvioously a mirror

  9. Anonymous says:

    i get it! It is possible, I can do that! I did it like 10 times with my cousins’ dogs.

  10. Anonymous says:

    hah, how would that be a mirror…unless you cut up a dog…
    It’s clearly just taken underwater.
    Nonetheless, it’s pretty cool.

  11. Anonymous says:

    its cool but come on you can do somthing more creative than that

  12. Anonymous says:

    This looks like a drawing, not a photo.

  13. David says:

    For the non scientifically minded, look up “total internal reflection”.

    Cool pic though

  14. Anonymous says:

    stupid illusion,rdc

  15. silver says:

    It’s cool, but don’t dogs already have four legs??

    I’m confused! And also, you’re right, if it was a mirror, you would have to cut the poor dog’s legs off!

    Oh well!

  16. Jo M. says:

    wow i never thought of taking a pic under water. But that is cool you have to admitt.♥

  17. hollie sexy kid says:

    i fink dat dis is a gr8 illusion bcoz itz soooooo simple, but at da same time itz pretti cool, coz it lookz like itz photoshopped coz itz such a cool illusion!! lol

  18. Rosie says:

    That would make a scary/slightly cool coffee table! =P

  19. Peter says:

    I don’t get why this would be scary.
    And I’ve got to admit that I won’t believe that this is a real photo… Maybe it is, but I’ver never seen the surface mirror something that clearly even though I dived wuite a lot in my life. And the dog must stand absolutely still for at least 10 seconds, otherwise you’d see small wave-circles around his legs…
    Well, I can’t prove that it’s not real, but I#m not convinced…

  20. Anonymous says:

    u no peoplz. if u wanna comment on these things, u should read what the guy says at the top.
    he says what it is
    a dog

  21. Stick says:

    I think he’s going to give catdog a run for his money. cool pic

  22. Stephanie says:

    Cool illusion! I’ve never seen that before and I can keep my eyes open underwater. :-D

  23. CareBear says:

    Now that’s bordering on bizarre.

  24. LemonE says:

    Wow u people r so dumb (no offense). its called refraction! light refracts! I am a fifth grader 4 gods sake and i know that!!!