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By on November 11, 2010, with 46 Comments

Once again I apologize for a delay in optical illusion stream. Was kind of busy moving stuff over to my new place. Anyhow, I’ve collected all your perspective submissions involving clouds, and posted them in this first volume. Needless to say there will be more coming to our submission box, at least this is what my experience tells me. Which one is your favorite? I see them more as an art, and less being very complicated illusions.

  • uncle sam


  • LoupdiLoup

    Something so simple. You just need to come up with the idea.

  • Isn’t the 1st one the “Mystery Missile”? -Yuck-Yuck!

    • I was going to make the exact same joke but you beat me to it :P

    • Andrew

      1st one looks like a cannon

    • haha, I don’t think it is, but that’s exactly what I thought of when I saw these illusions.

    • me


    • Andrew J. Coleman

      Hahahaha!! Right! My girlfriend will love these!

  • You had me questioning my sanity on the first one, but then after viewing the rest I realized what you were talking about. Very Nice! I’m totally impressed; “Again”…

  • Slammer

    Ha ha I like the second one best, and the third one is pretty cool too! Awesome pics.

  • Noe Juan

    My favorite is No. 4, the person with the cloud in the field of flowers.

  • orangeoz

    The 1st 2 Are Chemtrails

  • dragon fire 3000

    awesome! I wish i had thought of that!

  • Abraham

    I like the paint brush, that looks really neat.

  • sal

    that’s pretty awesome !

  • Heather

    I just love the 3rd one :)

  • Annishia

    u realise… in the paint one the brush is held by a sleeve, with no arms!!! no visible handd

    other than that, pretty cool!!!

  • i have made some pictures lyk that

  • Fred

    Very creative photography.

  • Bryce

    I like the one with the paint brush the best. It actually looks somewhat “plausible” to my eyes.

  • Richard Haviland

    I enjoyed the jet “exhaust” and clouds. My favorite is the person who appears to be holding up a cloud…….

  • gggfefqgr

    all of them are cool except the 4th one

  • gggfefqgr

    on second thoughts its cool if you read the name of the fourth one.

  • Braedon James Poole

    I realy like the paint brush one it just flows it is preaty cool

  • zwerty

    Lol i just love the paintbrush one

  • Claire

    I love them – something I’ve never thought of doing myself but now feel inspired to get out there with a camera!

    My favourite is the paintbrush. I feel a better cloud shape (more interesting) could have been chosen for the exploding bottle.

  • Jess

    very clever :D

  • In my opinion the third one is the best. Very original!

  • Honey

    very very nice :bb

  • Care Bear

    I had a beer that did that. Of course I made it myself. I think the bottle cap is still in orbit.

  • fossda

    im painting in the clouds…

  • JMAN12

    Awesome. I’ve done some of this myself!

    • Abbey Casey


  • DetectiveKitty

    I absolutely love the paintbrush one and the holding clo9ud one. Very simple, creative and unique.

  • Grace

    If you stay outside all day, you can have a couple of pictures of these.

  • boomer

    dumbos 1 and 2 are chem trails

  • Lecithin Benefits

    I like the first one with the bottle and the one with the brush.

  • Maycie


  • ljloves

    I really like the paint brush one

  • Karolina Bielowska

    THis is so stupid! You know what is fun? Making Abbey Casey look like a fool. I hate her so much I wish that she would die. I mean can’t she see that I like Gargee and Brittany so much better!

    • Abbey Casey

      That really hurt my feelings. You could have told me that at school… Not on the internet for everyone to see. I wish they people running the website would take this comment off.

  • Andrew J. Coleman

    Teehee! Amazing

  • General CATacus

    haha…. people are Sooooo clever…

  • I like the high quality photos above.Please check my two unexpected photos of early morning sky. Please give comments also.

  • Unbelieveble pics. Great ideas!