Illusion of Many Hidden Cougars

Sun is shinning, birds are singing, our website is becoming more and more popular… what can be better!? Unfortunately, to reach the final Nirvana I still have to graduate and finish my university. It seems I’m spending more and more time messing with Mighty Optical Illusions each day. Very little is separating me from my final goal – obtaining a diploma (Faculty of Computing and Electrical Engineering), but somehow I can’t manage to force myself studying no more. Any advices? I heard about those medical pills based on some kind of fish oil, that are supposed to help you concentrate better and improve your memory, but somehow I’m a little skeptical about it. Anyone had success using them? Are they just placebo, which makes you think you will learn better, thus giving you more confidence, or are they a real deal? I’m really peculiar about this. But before you try and help me, give it a shot at spotting ten hidden cougars in the picture below. Yes, this one was created by Steve Gardner as well.

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  1. Not including the 4 obvious non-hidden cougers.. I found these hidden ones:

    1. Formost couger's ear has a couger head in it.
    2. Formost cougers cheek has a couger head on it.
    3. Formost cougers forhead has a full bodied couger.
    4. Center cougers eye and cheek has a couger head on it.
    5 & 6. The rocks below the cougers have 2 couger heads

    So including the obvious ones, there are 10 cougers total.

  2. found all 10, (2 in rocks) (2 in the face of the far left cougar and his ear is a third)and one on the cheek area of the middle cougar

  3. Wow, you’re doing the exact same course as me..
    Where are you from?
    I thought it was all Universities and Degrees outside of Australia? :S
    Here we have TAFE for diplomas, and University for Degrees..

  4. Hahaha. I found the 6 hidden cougars, but it took me a minute to realize I needed to add the 4 obvious ones to make the ten. I was looking for 10 hidden. ^_^

  5. I saw at least ten cougars, nice illusion vurdlak! keep up the good work (I love these kind of illusions!)!

    I also adore stereograms, maybe its wierd I find them very easy, almost everybody has difficulties with it…

  6. Hi Vurdlek!
    As far as the fish oil goes, I take it every day to improve memory but so far I don’t believe it has really helped (or else I’m worse off than I thought). It sure won’t make you want to go to class, nor finish your education; only you can make you do that. I’m a 65 year old woman. I finished high school with a 4.0 average but did not want to go to college so instead I took an Executive Secretarial course and got my degree. It served me well, but now I wish I had at least tried college. You have already proved you have what it takes to finish, so “JUST DO IT!” I promise you will not regret it when you’re 65.

    Oh yes,I love this one. At first I only found 10 but then found the one inside the ear. May God Bless You and Keep You In His Mighty Hand.

  7. I see ten, very different from the other illusions :p

    some say that eating salmon improves your memory, but i dont really know, but its worth a try huh

  8. I’m glad you could give us the total count – that should cut down on the people who claim to see images that are not present! (Or maybe it won’t). Nice image.

    I find that when I’m not spending time on things I need to do (messed up priorities), making a promise to myself often works. Like “I will not do any work on Mighty Optical Illusions until I have studied for 3 hours and finished chapter 12. At that point, I may spend 40 minutes and then I must go back to studying for 3 more hours.”

    It might help you to realize that your degree will probably be more important to your future career than spending 4 hours today on the internet. Your website (and all of us) will still be here tomorrow. Go study. Hard for 3 hours. Then reward yourself.


  9. found the 10 ones. Beside it’s a very beautiful picture :)

    Concerning you question: I don’t know this peticular Pills you’ve heard of.
    When I made my examen (physiotherapist), some of my classmates take Ginseng. It is supposed to help against tireness and weakness and is supposed to help you concentrate better.
    I don’t know if it realy works… but we all get the examen :)

    Good luck!!

  10. I belive I found 12
    4 obviouse
    3 in the face of the first cougar
    1 in the eye of center cougar
    2 below the cougar in the middle in the rocks
    1 behind the front cougar in the rocks close to the corner
    1 on the very far rock sticking out

  11. first off i see ten… second with the school thing. It’s called senioritis. I am currently suffering with it as well. It is when it the end of the semester, you have been through four or more years of school, and just don’t want to do anything anymore. My advice to you is that if you don’t do anything your mid term grades are going to slip and you are going to find your self with a lower GPA. So go study outside, or in a group, at least make it a little more fun. Or figure out a reward system. and if all else fails, then take those pills. They aren’t going to make you want to study anymore or less. Maybe you just need to relax :)

  12. Nice illusions.

    I’ve had a terrible memory and concentration for the last year. I started taking fish oil recently, and I’ve noticed an improvement. It’s totally natural, so I don’t see any harm. I’ve been doing research into piracetam (not so natural, but looks very safe) as well, and I think I’ll be trying it soon.

    There’s no substitute for good habits and motivation, but there’s no reason not to give yourself every advantage.

  13. This ismy first time on here… These are all amazing. I’ve noticed many have comments about how children look at and percieve things differently. But about the pills, I dont know about actual medicine pills from the doctor. But my daughter is two and she is very hyper. As of now too early to diagnose but our doc said to go to an organic foods store like whole foods and get DHA pills. They improve brain function and development and help her concentrate which in turn makes her more calm. she takes very little because of her age but I def see a HUGE improvement. And there organic so its not really “pills” its just fish oil in a “pill” form.

  14. ten yay here they are
    1:closest cougers ear
    2:standing on eye on closest cougers head
    3:below eye on closest cougers head
    4:on second closest cougers head
    5:on rock that third closest couger is standing on
    6:beside other couger on rock
    7:nearest couger
    8:2nd nearest couger
    9:3rd nearest couger
    10:couger in background

  15. I can see 10
    2 on the stones
    one on the ear of the first tiger
    2 near the eyes on each side
    one on the seconds one
    plus the four tigers you can see already
    hope this helps :)) xxx

  16. found 14 – 4 in the first cougar 4 in the second 2 in the third 1 in the background and 3 in the rocks

  17. I taught a lovely child who had learning difficulties. Mum got her some fish oil capsules from Boots. What a difference! No placebo effect there.

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