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By on March 21, 2012, with 92 Comments

There are 13 faces hidden somewhere inside in this optical illusion below. Can you find them all?

Illusion of Many Faces


92 Responses
  1. Brett Pinnix says:

    I found them!!!!!

  2. krusty says:

    thats so easy

  3. Farted says:

    Wow!!! That’s freaky!!!!!!!!!

  4. Giny says:

    cool….I found them….it’s not so easy….

  5. Mwah says:

    meh got to about 6 and gave up :D

  6. TTT says:

    i gave up at 3 bla its boring

  7. yaszdog says:

    way to easy haha i got about 14 maybe my brain got carried away..

  8. Pantha says:

    I found them all in 17 seconds

  9. RYAN says:

    THATS SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. ~*~Flaca~*~ says:

    shit i found that eazy as hell!!
    its cuz i saw somethin like it…

  11. matty says:

    i found 14 4 some reson it realy gay not realy an illusion is it?

  12. Lemonade says:

    I found 15, it rigged

  13. Hai says:

    man, i only found 11

  14. rachiii says:

    i found dem all YAY!!!

  15. lulu says:

    i found them all plus some!! once you spot, you can’t stop!!!

  16. Whateva says:

    I wounder if M 2 da H O found that as easy as me.

  17. Beesi says:

    Look up Bev Doolittle on an image search (Google is fantastic) and you can find several more like this (this painting is by her). She does amazing hidden images in her paintings.

  18. My Name says:

    I found them! They’re there, there, there, here, one there, another there, and there, there, another one there, ooo and here, there, yonder, back there, and… yeah that’s it.

  19. niki says:

    cool, found them all!

  20. jason says:

    I got 14 like yaszdog

  21. BurninRubber (almost 9 years old) says:

    I found 3 then ran away, kicking and screaming

  22. ashlin says:

    the ones i found were easy but i only found 8

  23. LilNoir says:

    I found 13

  24. Alex says:

    man..only found 12

  25. T says:

    i found 14 instantly, got bored and started re-counting dolphins….

  26. Eleanor says:

    I found 15…(without counting any twice)

  27. Julia says:

    I think I found 14….

  28. Olivier says:

    uhm… found 11 in 5 seconds, I needed 20 seconds voor the 12th one

  29. Anonymous says:

    ya already posted this one i think

  30. Anonymous says:

    found all 13 in like: 2 minutes! very creepy!!!!!!! ;)

  31. Anonymous says:

    i did this one in phychology!!!

    its sooooo easy!!!

  32. *Valeee..!! =D says:

    I find 6 :S

  33. Anonymous says:

    another Bev Dolittle painting

  34. Sissy says:

    Who is the author?

  35. Anonymous says:

    i see 8 faces :)

  36. lily-may says:

    its kinda borin cuz there is like loads of these illusions

  37. Detective Kitty says:

    i only got 11

  38. feather says:

    12!! maybe 11, i might have double counted

  39. im pretty sure she says:

    I found a duck face. And all of the faces. Within a minute :]

  40. someone u dont know says:

    aww i fell likw a dummy lol i only found six

  41. aj says:

    i found all!!!!

  42. Introvert says:

    I found 10 in like 3 secs. and then gave up..

  43. chocobear says:

    I found 15…
    there may be more O.o

  44. darwin says:

    i found 12 photos!!!

  45. terror says:

    everywhere i see faces yaar

  46. ~*amanda*~ says:

    found em in a few secs… waaaaaaaayyyy too easy.

  47. Greenz says:

    i actually found 18…

  48. chandana says:

    I found 14.

  49. prhrt33 says:

    found 19 (in less than a minute)…there’s probably a few more. I found that many by looking at the TV screen from all angles. Plus some are hidden in shadows, within other faces, and various sizes.

  50. Firoz says:

    found them all.
    easy ;)

  51. jorjeea says:

    weird…. i found 15

  52. jorjeea says:

    16 now :P

  53. Abob says:

    Actually, the artist painted 11 faces. Anyone who sees 12 or more is either paranoid, schizophrenic, crazy or just lying. All the people who think I’M lying check out brainden.com, go to Optical Illusions and check visual illusions. Thank u for confusin evry1 into thinkin they r dumb if u r lying. If u r anythin else, soz.

  54. Blair says:

    Amen, Abob.

    Found them all, btw. ;)

  55. maia says:

    Love it… found them all..

  56. Bunnasaur says:

    I’m stupid. I didn’t find any.. Haha :P

  57. Sabeans says:

    I can only find 4 were r they all

  58. Ghe says:

    i found 20.. but i doubt that…

  59. Elska says:

    i found more than 13 in seconds i bet there are at least 20

  60. Maths Rules! says:

    I can also only find 4!

    • inmyshoes says:

      I wont be able to explain the location of all of them.I’ll try to help a little.There are 3 in the trees behind the horses.There is 1 to the right of the brown horse.To the right of that the sticks make one.Below that is another one,you can see his eye next to the water.Kind of looks like Washington.Next to him is another.The eye is above the tree branch and the nose is below the tree branch.Another in the bottom center of pic.2 on the left side of the bank.One above the center of their two heads and a large one to the left.

  61. AmetuerAspirant says:

    I wondered when you would show this, one of our friends houses has this on their wall, I’ve spent so many hours counting them while trying to listen to boring conversation it didn’t take long to find them all. Nice job!

  62. Princess says:

    That was awesome! If you squint your eyes they are way more clear. Thanks Vurdlak.

  63. Hypersapien says:

    Found a bigger version


    I love Bev Doolittle’s work.

  64. Addy says:

    This same illusion was already posted back in October of 2006.


  65. anonimo says:

    my brother and i found 11

  66. anonimo says:

    I FOUND THE 13!!!

  67. Lucy Button says:

    I note others have spotted this as a Bev Doolittle painting. But, she should be credited as the artist. This is total copyright infringement. You should know better, especially since you have your own copyright on the bottom of the page. Shame on you.

  68. Gary says:

    Actually, there are sixteen faces when you count the two horses and the rider.

  69. Lola rose says:

    wow that is so cool i wish i could do that its abso amazing c yaz

  70. Lola rose says:



  71. Lola rose says:


  72. DES3CWT says:

    This is Bev Doolittle!

  73. spoiler says:


  74. Is da kid says:

    i found 11

  75. shell,n, james says:

    we found 16

  76. jackywacky says:

    found em

  77. suor de sapo says:

    11 Instantly, I believe there are more…

  78. james says:

    there are 14, look closer

  79. james says:

    who is this by? I now see 15, and would love to know.

  80. CrossEyed says:

    I saw this one about eight years ago… I stared at it for hours and found 21 faces in the image. I put a spot on the noses of each face and still have that answer key on my computer. Keep looking people, there are more than just 13, 14 or even 15.

  81. Mariko says:

    The faces r kinda scary….

  82. Oscar Madison, Richard Dawson, Felix Unger FAN says:

    AWESOME but weird

  83. revoldi siringoringo says:

    with extra time I found 22

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