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By on June 2, 2010, with 20 Comments

Update – I’ve uploaded few more illusions to our Facebook fan page. Be sure to send your submissions over there, as we are (luckily) overfilled with mail submissions! Oh, and one more thing… Yahoo! Games gave us an recognition! Check here.

If you haven’t noticed, we’ve pretty much ignored ture billboard illusions for some time now. My bad. There were just so many original and witty ones, it was hard for me to distinguish those that can pass as optical illusions. Luckily, Emma Chuck-Jackson pointed me to a nice collection, where I handpicked three of them and decided to share with you. You can see the rest over here. In the first one, you may see an ad for Calcutta-base Berger Paints, one they used for their Natural Finish Colours range, using cut out roller strokes so the sky appears to be painted on by the dangling decorator. Other one is for Law and Order, and the third one advertises a museum I think… Liked them?

Illusion Billboards Again
Illusion Billboards Again
Illusion Billboards Again


20 Responses
  1. Akari Ichinose says:

    is the first billboard is cutted on the upper corner side to make the paint color look like sky?
    very creative!

    • happydoodle says:

      yeah its not really painted the “same color” as the sky, its just cut up so it looks like he’s painting with the same exact color of the sky. cool

  2. popesantaxiv says:

    I’ve seen the sky-paint billboard before, but I just now realized that that the “paint” is actually just cut out. Clever. =)

    • spelling corrector says:

      and the man is painted on to did everyone think that a real mans job was just to hang there and look like he is painting a board! i mean come on!

  3. Robin says:

    HAHA I definitely saw the last near my parents place in Alberta… Great illusions!

  4. mennoillusion says:

    ive got the same problem, it says its not safe but i dont care cuz i know it is =D

  5. Chris says:

    i trust Moillusions with my computer
    like James smith, i’ve been visiting it since it started.
    what would make this happen?

  6. JMAN12 says:

    These Illusion billboards are GREAT!!! My wii number is 3764-8628-8367-8883

  7. Aestolia says:

    very awesome, though as an odd fact I’d like to note…

    Alberta is a land-locked province. Hell if I know why or how they have a naval museum.

  8. John says:

    Anybody but me see an irony in a naval museum in Alberta? I’m just sayin’…..

  9. Ms.Observant says:


    DUde, u r too random on this site

  10. Rhelyc says:

    The periscope in Alberta has me laughing so hard tears are coming to my eyes. Do you suppose the Mollocks (spelling?) installed it.

    Mumbling to myself: “maybe I do read/watch too much scifi”

  11. I was warned not to use this site as it could damage my computer. I am not very computer literate, but I do know this is my favorite site and I will take my chances and continue to use it. As for the billboards, I like 2 and 3. I think they are neat. Yes indeed!

  12. josephine says:

    Not sure, but the first billboard could be somewhat achieved by making mirror strokes as well.

  13. Pascale Fortin says:

    Love those! As for the “safety” of the site, the fact (just assuming here) there is something in the encoding that makes the site reload (to get more hits?) might trigger some internet safety problem. And seriously, it’s very annoying that every time you start to look at a new illusion, it reloads.

  14. Danni says:

    These billboards are so cool they are fantasic



  15. Valerie says:

    Love the illusions, especially the second! Like lots of other fans of the site, having problems. Microsoft warning coming up.

  16. Vizard says:

    best ad campaign. loved it. the first one esp what an idea.

  17. Clockwork says:

    I like the first one the best. The second one is funny and the last one, I see the illusion, and it’s still funny. :D

  18. Zeb says:

    So the Egg was strapped into the electrict chair, and ther giving him the juice, and the egg says
    you cant fry me coppers I’m hard boiled.

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