Ikemath’s Impossible Gallery vol.2

Based on the impact our last Impossible Objects Gallery by Ikemath received, it seems you just can’t get enough of these! Pardon me, if this doesn’t sound right – but it turned out our last gallery went viral in record time! Fortunately, there’s more where this came from. Check the following gallery filled with beautiful, previous unseen real-life impossible structures, once again accompanied by Ikemath’s signature wristwatch… Don’t forget to rate, pick your favourite/most illusive specimen and then comment!

11 Replies to “Ikemath’s Impossible Gallery vol.2”

  1. The last one: I think there’s a big gap between the yellow and the orange’s “cube” (yellow is bigger and further)

  2. Escher made 2D images like these. I think these are 3D objects where the impossibiltity appears when they are viewed from a particular point (anamorphic?). Very skillfully done! I would love to see these from a different angle too (the spoiler) if possible.

  3. don’t u get it guys its the angle duh its not connected its to parts that u put close together and from a cirtain angle it seems connected rly guys im ten I miles while make a swerchile radius

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