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By on March 11, 2010, with 18 Comments

Since I’m in a hurry right now, I’ll just post a quick relative sizes picture today. Nothing we haven’t already seen. Well, there was a slight modification, though. Normally, we’re used seeing this type of illusions, where further object seemed bigger than the closer one. In reality they were both the same size. I modified the original photo, where both robots were identical in size, and made the further one much smaller in height. This prevents us from seeing him bigger, as we normally would, but I dare to say no-one can perceive him smaller than the victim he is chasing. In worst case scenario, they both appear the same. When you look at the second picture, you’ll realize how they are different indeed. This “advanced” type of relative sizes illusion, can already be seen in Xaver Nitsch’s Audi R8 example.

  • even with the second picture it dont look right cuz the black hole looks bigger than the move piece but i measured it on my screen and it is the same size

  • Mariabelana

    And it still seems bigger to me!!!

  • The smaller robot appears in a yellow frame in the bottom picture which makes it the same size as the other robot and the black doorway, why I wonder?

  • I like when they do the classic ones in a more modern way.

  • corholio

    common you can do it better

  • FrankandJoe3

    The one that was in the back looks a LOT smaller to me…

  • BK

    This is simply amazing. How our eyes can play trick on us. Even without your explanation, I thought the one further is the same size as the one closer. There was no way I could tell that it was shorter.

  • Care Bear

    Robots. You just can’t trust them. They make good servants but bad masters.

  • Shiza

    *thumbs up* this is so cool

  • Minh

    That’s what optical illusion all about. Try copying the whole picture and reedit them using paint or whatever tools you have. You will see the truth . Try to recolor the back ground into one color, you will see the trick

  • Markii

    thats pretty epic.
    i wonder if this effect will work in real life, somehow.

  • Katie

    In illusions like these you really have to focus on each object and compare, instead of viewing the picture as a whole. At first glance it seems like one object is bigger, but take away the background and you can clearly see that both beings are almost the same size.

  • Tripster

    Terrible attempt at the Relative Size Illusion. For starters, the gaps between the circles at the front are smaller than the gaps between the circles at back. Secondly, the back robot is about 10% smaller than the front robot. Terrible illusion Vurdlak, but a great discussion point.

  • the back 1 still appears larger

  • Detective Kitty

    the further one looked smaller to me from the beginning…i thought that was the illusion until i read that it actually was…i think it’s cause of the color and the length of the robot’s shirt that gave it away for me…

  • Someone

    in the first pic the robot seems bigger than the one in the front to me, but i do see that in fact the further robot is shorter in the 2nd pic

  • zwerty

    i have seen this illusion like a billions times! can’t you do better than that!

  • What?

    wft even when there together they dont look that different not much of an illusion