Hurray! You made it!

If you are seeing this post, it means you’ve been properly redirect to our new server, and our new WordPress blog! I have done it all by myself, and boy – was it a hell ride. After two weeks of 20 hour work days, 100 packs of Marlboro (you shouldn’t smoke), and 1 gallon of coffee, the results are finally here. Offcourse, there are still some minor things I need to do manually, like inserting Youtube videos, updating flash animations and assigning categories to each individual post, but this should all be done before the following week ends!

I still need a little help from your guys. What I need from you, is following – please report :

  • all the broken links you encounter
  • all the broken pages
  • missing pictures (X images)
  • if your widgets are working properly
  • have the widgets properly brought you here?
  • are you still seeing the old website?
  • anything you think might be important, errors, problems, etc…

To keep you entertained, here are some goodies I have implemented to this new site:

  • you can now rate all the posts (inside each post), so go on – rate all your favorite illusions! later we will add top illusions page, where all the best stuff will be shown, based on top ratings
  • you can now comment with your Facebook login, your new comments can optionally (if you approve) be seen to your friends in Facebok feed – try it, and please report if it worked for you
  • check the archives, and search! you will see how good the results appear ;)

And now for today’s illusion. Just to test if the image appeared in your widgets, gadgets and stuff…

chess tournament illusion

68 Replies to “Hurray! You made it!”

  1. hi, don’t worry just yet. I’ve made the switch few minutes ago, so it takes few hours for feed to catch the new domain settings :)

    by monday afternoon, all should be smooth (I hope!)

  2. Things seem to be working for me here, I am looking forward to more of your illusions. they are really great. Patti

  3. I don’t like the new thing with putting in your name and email to comment. Can you change it back to the one that you put in a name and typed in the security code? will my email be displayed? I guess I’ll find out…

  4. don’t worry kolness, the email field is there just to replace security code. your emial is nowhere shown, and protected ;)

    btw, please people test this facebook commenting. I’m doing one just now ;) hope it works!!

  5. Everything seems to be working great! The only thing I see for improvement would be at the top: there’s two “about” tabs, and they both pages say “This is an example of a WordPress page . . .” I don’t think you want this! But great transition overall!

  6. The igoogle page widget image is not working. I am also directed to the page everyone had reported, but the link at the top (with the title) does take you to the new page.

  7. Hi!! Two things,, I was reading the comments and the time and date appear to be like, june 1,2009, at 1.40 am at 2something am, at 3 freaking am!!! Is it because i’m in the us or what?? The reason takes me to point two, being 10.23 pm may 30, 2009 eastern time in america, the widget first took me to’s/ …..sooo that’s it…. and youu need to rest and exercise for all the sh&t you got into ur body….byeee =)

  8. There are two ‘about’ links in the toolbar at the top alongside ‘home and ‘random illusion’.

    I like the new layout, cool.


  9. Hi,

    In main page, with all the posts, u can see all of the images inside the posts, and the show/hide solution button doesn’t work. Great site btw! ive been following it since 2007!!!

  10. Hey! I’m glad you made it! I don’t use any widgets nor Facebook, but i just wanted to congratulate you for the successful move :)

    No need to say how big fan i am, since i visit the site every day (must say i get a little angry when you are late on posting new illusions :p)!!

    Keep improving Vurdlak!

  11. There are 10 non-MOIllusions posts in the RSS feed, I would imagine that’s what’s affecting the gadgets?

  12. Oh dear, earlier today my igoogle gadget successfully led me too the new MOI page, but now it has stopped working.

  13. Hey, Vurdlak! Congrats on the new site! My Vista widget is working perfectly, didn’t take me to any drive thru damn cool thing. Didn’t test the iGoogle one, though, will later. Once again, congrats!
    Auguri dall’Italia!!!

  14. nice work Vurdlak! using IE8 on XP x64, iGoogle widget brought me straight here, and the facebook login seems sweet as a nut. Maybe you’ll get some more traffic when people see this post in my FB feed?!

  15. I agree with pia, the times are all wrong from what I can see. I am posting this at 9:43 AM in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Same time zone as the state of New York.

  16. It shows on my computer that I posted at 3:43 pm instead of the time I posted. Why??

    I like how your comment is visible immediatly but says awaiting moderation.

  17. awesome love ur sight :)
    just went random illusion and it came up with the ‘duck or rabbit’ illusion which wasnt showing the picture. do u want to know about these?

  18. Works fine here. Vista gadget working too.

    If you miss entering a required field while posting, and you use the back button (as stated) to get back to the form, you lose what you typed.

  19. From the mysapce widget it worked fine. I saw the picture in the icon and everything… I’m a windows user and I browse using Opera… everything working fine here

  20. It’s working now,,, ur awesome!!….andd i’m not american,, i’m a mexican student living in the states..

  21. Wonderful website. I use the iGoogle gadget, and it brought me here directly. I see no flaws other than the ones prevoius post-ers have mentioned, but if I find any discrepancies, I’ll be sure to let you know.

    So, to the illusion…what exactly are we supposed to be looking for? I don’t get this illusion you posted. Explanation, anyone?

  22. OH! It took me some time…I just got it! The two brains…they look like boxing gloves. Hahaha this one just tickles my funny bone. =)

  23. wow this is awesome!!! I figured it out right away and then starting laughing my friend, on the other hand took a little longer…lol jk…

  24. the rss feed was working last night, and i got to this page just fine. but now its all screwed up (10 or 15 non-moillusions) the show/hide thing seems to work, though

  25. I made it! Great job Vurdlak, keep it up!

    Think the rating is a great idea!

    Will do all i can to help improve site.

  26. The Vista gadget works fine. I miss easy anonymous comments, though. And yes, I do miss the random illusion button. Also, is there a way to access the old page, if only for kicks?

  27. hey vurdlak great site the igoogle mac widget took me straight here
    i noticed that there are two abouts in the links beside home and random illusions

    100 packs?addict much? lol

    love the site

  28. Hi there toots! I was so worried the other day! I hadn’t checked in a while and when I did the link took me somewhere else….lol. Thankfully, I have found you again! I love your site and I give ya alot of credit for working so hard on it! Huggles to ya!

  29. i see the old page….OWW! i think i broke my 100000001st funny bone. MAN! this is gonna take a long time to heal.

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