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By on January 11, 2011, with 112 Comments

One of our Italian friends, named Salvatore spotted an interesting optical illusion printed on the CD cover of the Italian band called Negramaro. It depicts a human heart along with some of its coronaries. The illusion is very simple, yet we have to admit (both me and Salvatore) that it took some time before we could see what it hides. On the other hand, Salvatore’s girlfriend spotted it almost immediately. How about you? How long did it take before you noticed the illusion? BTW, one user reported that when leaving a comment, all he got was a blank screen and wasn’t able to get his words posted. Has this happened to anyone else lately? Your feedback is much appreciated!

Human Heart Optical Illusion


112 Responses
  1. Very cool… I can see it instantly when blown up to a full screen… not sure how easy it would be to see in widget size…

  2. JOSH says:


    • Rahowa says:

      Almost 100 million . Back to elementary school .

    • patrick says:

      Look again, Josh… it’s almost 100 million. Still, pretty impressive. (if only each visitor donate 10 cents…)

    • glp says:

      i was gonna say, if MOI brought in 1 billion visitors (roughly one sixth of the world population, then the creator would likely be very rich. That kind of traffic warrants expensive advertisements. 100 million may seem close to 1 billion, but there is a very, very long way to go. It will be there some day.

      BTW saw the illusion instantly.

  3. Pete says:

    I THINK-ER that was a little too easy !

  4. Sami says:

    Very nice… First I thought it was a hill with trees and roots at the bottom.

    But then I noticed him.

  5. Nikolai says:

    I see the head, but I’m not too sure if that’s the rest of the body… Overall, I can’t really tell :\

    • Sarah-Jane says:

      Yeh, the first thing I saw was the head, then I realised that there is a body! :) he is sat down and the coronairies at the bottom are actually legs hanging down :) (I think :P)

  6. SteveRiese says:

    Saw it almost immediately, but now I wonder if that is only because you said something was hidden? Would I have recoignized it if I weren’t looking.

    • Sami says:

      @SteveRiese: I was thinking the same thing. It was rather quick to see when you know there’s something more, but if I would’ve seen this album cover at a record store, would I have noticed it, or even paid any attention to it?

      Have to say this is one of my favs. Simple, yet effective.

  7. qwertyuiop says:

    i got it in 5 seconds (spoiler! its a guys head)

    • glp says:

      qwertyuiop spoiler – you only partly right.

      Its actually the full body of a man. Complete with legs, feet, hands, and all.

      The feet are the arteries hanging toward the bottom. from their work your way up to his knees, thats where his elboys are resting. Then keep working your way up to the head, which is the top most part of the actual heart, not arteries. The top arteries are coming out of the head.

      The man is posed in a way that is not unlike that statue called “the thinker: (not sure if thats 100% correct title of the statue). But bascically, the entire body and head is the heart, and the feet and lower legs are the veins hanging down. He is posed hunched over like he is sitting on something, with knees bent, elbows resting on knees, face is resting in his hands

  8. Very creative I like this! Good illosion, noticed it very quickly, still, VERY creative!

  9. Bryce says:

    Saw it pretty quickly, but it’s still cool.

    No problems posting comments.

  10. Yoda says:

    Take a seat and you will see it

  11. Dave says:

    Very easy, Look at the whole picture.

    Ps Fisrt comment.

  12. Keith F says:

    Great site ~ my only thing is that for those of us that are not able to figure out what we should be seeing in any of the illusions don’t know what we are supposed to look for since I never see an answer as to what is hiding in the pictures. Now I know some are so obvious that even a toddler can get it but there are some that I know I haven’t been able to solve. I would suggest putting the answer for each on the page somewhere. Thanks and keep them coming.

    • josephine says:

      That’s a good point, that way you can spend as long as you want looking for the answer and have a place to look when you give up so you’re not left never knowing.

    • glp says:

      i agree with keith. Some illusions that you post include quite vague captions that sometimes leave us wondering what we are supposed to be seeing, while others are so obvious that i wish you didnt say anything. But really, it is all in our mind, and some of us happen to see it right away, and some of us dont. I agree that you should keep your captions as vague or as obvious as you like, but i hate having to sift through the comments to wonder if what im seeing is all in my head or if its supposed to be like that. Sometimes when its too vague i feel my head tries to force a hidden image that isnt really there, like an image in the clouds or something.

      Also, another problem is that the commentors arent always right, and to boot, you force our comments to be reviewed which means its usually a day before they appear.

      Instead of forcing your visitors to view comments that are old or inccrect, you should include an answer along with your illusions, or at least the ones that have a clear hidden image. Its not pleasing to wonder if my mind is hallucinating a hidden image that really isnt there.

      Also, regarding the policy of reviewing comments. Its truly displeasing. Comments are there for instant gratification, not to be reviewed and posted a day later. Its quite annoying to want to post something only to have readers read about it after the fact when your comment is useless and obsolete.

      Why not apply some language censoring software, along with requiring an account linked to an email. This will all but certainly take out the obnoxious, rude, inappropriate posts. I dont think one person will disagree with me. Your policy of reviewing then posting is old fashioned. Especially since it takes so long for you to post them. There isnt exactly a team of people reviewing them like most sites, which has your post in an hour or less. Your doing them by yourself, and it takes forever. Think about allowing instant comments. It would greatly improve the commrodery of the followers of this site.

      Thanks. Also, i wouldnt post this much junk if you had a way of emailing suggestions, or some sort of idea/suggestion forum. This site desperatley needs a makeover to suite the needs of users demanding instant gratification and response.

  13. James Talbot says:

    El libre pensador…quite good!

  14. presveva says:

    is a man body with his elbows on his knees and hands over his face. W la Puglia!

  15. Jordan Flores says:

    Looked like a heart from the widget look but after clicking I definitely could see it. Very well done.

  16. presveva says:

    it’s a full body. he has elbows on knees.

  17. SnowBerey says:

    is that supposed to be a mohak?!?!?!?!?!?! hahaha cool illusio

  18. Kahla says:

    Yeah i am following Steve Riese’s train of thought… Whenever i look at an illusion each day, i view the image before reading the text. Today i could not see the reason this pic being classified as an illusion. But as soon as i read the text and had another look the “hidden” pic was revealed instantly.

  19. Satyan Basavanahalli Ramamurthy says:

    I can see the crouching man because of your prompting to look closely. This is cool stuff.

  20. A Snail says:

    Nicely done. Spotted it straight away when the web page loaded. Didn’t spot it in the widget though.

  21. Barbara Barron says:

    The heart and brain are supposed to be connected, from when we were embryos, I think they derive from the same cellular material, so how apt to have the thinker taking lodgings in that lifelike heart, it’s very pretty as well. I like the negative space of the blood vessels within the heart also.

  22. Digit says:

    …. the kiss of life ……

  23. sharon says:

    brilliant didnt read before hand so had no clues but saw it straight away excellent

  24. Jess says:

    very clever, I could see it, but possibly couldnt if i hadnt known to look for it

  25. lynda says:

    of course it’s a bird you can see it if u back up far enough

  26. Palmino says:

    Nice illusion, Negramaro sux…

  27. Mary says:

    Was just about to leave as I couldn’t see anything and then my eyes lost focus and there it was. Great.

  28. Alex Gallardo ⎝⏠⏝⏠⎠ says:

    Instantly, easy to see and a good illusion.
    BTW, MOI needs some google ads to get some money.. one billion visitors?

  29. Ruthie Iorio says:

    i see the thinker…

  30. Florin says:

    It’s beautiflul!

  31. Rickford says:

    Interesting. I could only see the top half of it as my homepage opened and I saw the person first. As soon as I scrolled down a bit I realized what had been done. One of the best ever.

  32. SDER says:

    Very nice, though, like others I didn’t think there was an illusion at all before reading the text.

  33. Barbarella says:

    Didn’t see it as a thumbnail but when I clicked and it went to the screen size I saw it right away.

  34. PixelsGarden1 says:

    we see Jesus on the way to Gethsemane. Nice art.

  35. Joan W says:

    I thought it was the head of a T. Rex, but now I see the crouching man. :-D

  36. Izumi says:

    I could see it even in the widget before opening the full window.

  37. jem says:

    Cool, I saw the man first in the widget and then the heart when i read the caption.

  38. Jess says:

    i dont see it!!!!

  39. Care Bear says:

    Looks like a cross between a reindeer and a speed skater.

  40. fossda says:

    i dont get the blank screen problem, obviously!

  41. Becki says:

    Wow! Very simple design and yet you can actually see a lot the more you look. I initially saw the heart in the mini version I get on iGoogle but larger I saw roses then after reading the comments I could see the man (similar to The Thinker). I love these sort of images :-)

  42. ali says:

    I didn’t see it at first glance, read the description, and then looked again and saw it right away.

  43. Angelgirl says:

    Cool…. I saw it first thing before full-screen, but they could put more difficult suff

  44. giggle says:

    I think, therefore it am.

  45. kane says:

    i thought it was a tree at first but when i looked at it more i saw it.

  46. warren says:

    wow when i look at it close i didnt see it, i fuillscreened it and walked away and came back i saw it

  47. First of all, there have been times my comments have not been posted. Great illusion, the give-away was the head. Spotted it right away. Keep up the good work………

  48. Rick says:

    Yeah.. at first I thought it was T-Rex, but after staring at it …. it S L O W L Y .. came into focus, then after reading a few captions which confirmed my (burning) eyes..which made me “think” about the other possibilities.

  49. Read says:

    Didn’t see anything until I read I was supposed to see something. Then about 5 seconds. I was focusing first on the gray/white areas that dissected the heart. Nicely done.

  50. Brooks says:

    While I can see the figure of a human ( man with head where the four stylized vains come into the left ventrical) I at first saw it as the head of a Moose or perhaps a T-Rex. I do like the 3-D aspecat of the art.

    • Ty says:

      is it spposed to be man from the sculpture “the thinker”? i can the the head and body and abs and i sort of see tthe arm coming toward the chin

  51. Slammer says:

    dang tons of posts already. I havent had any problems with posting, except for the one time I tried to post a picture. You should put detailed info on how to do that somewhere cuz it took me three attempts :) as for the illusion, cool. kinda hard to tell much more than the head, but still neat.

  52. Hael says:

    I saw him before i saw the heart! I was thinking maybe he was supposed to be an antlered man or he had the opposite of a halo. I saw the heart after i scrolled down enough to get the whole image, but i would never have guessed that it was a 2d design, I thought it was a photo of a 3d object. I really like the red they use. Please keep on posting these wonderful illusions!

  53. cathlabnurse72 says:

    Thanks so much for the “spoiler” posts. I needed it on that one. Occupational hazard (cardiac cath lab) I could NOT see anything but the heart

  54. Robert says:

    i couldn’t tell on mini screen, but then i saw it full size, and it took my like, 30 sec.

  55. a person says:

    now i see it!!!!!!
    (phew…..took me like…….3 mins.)

  56. onyxfairy says:

    i saw it as soon as i saw the picture. i like to look for the illusion before i read the description. so i was rather surprised to see that it had taken others so long. it could possibly be one of those right brain left brain things. im not really sure.


  57. eri by ERIN says:

    i noticed it when it was widget sized

  58. Valerie says:

    I seen it instantly as soon as I clicked on the full blow up version. After that I seen it widget size. But only till after. Great piece.

  59. TM says:

    qwertyuiop, it is in fact a whole body in a crouching position

  60. Dolphin says:

    Nice!A truly good illusion.Hint:Thinker

  61. Ian says:

    I saw a DO-DO, Beak, eye, neck then my girlfriend pointed out a man`s body.

  62. Shriya says:

    wow!!! Impressive!! But I wouldn’t have been able to have seen it if I had not known that there was something hidden in the illusion!! Maybe it’s a girl thing;) coz like you said Salvatores girlfriend spotted it almost immediatly???

  63. Melanie Hutchinson says:


  64. G-Man says:

    Very cool, got it as soon as I zoomed. Looks like some serious brain activity.

  65. ketzali says:

    i saw the man (the thinker) immediately =)

  66. tony says:

    Really like that one, good piece of art above anything else IMO

  67. Valerie Bartlett says:

    I seen the man both times. And as for Nikolai. Yes that is his whole body. His elbows are resting on his knees. and his feet are dangling. This was an excellent illusion. Keep them coming.

  68. Pauline says:


  69. Andreas says:

    it took me two days to find the thinker, before that I found:
    A turtle sad,
    Two monsters kissing,
    A bird,
    A bunny,

  70. Jill says:

    I can NOT see anything but a heart!

    p.s. I’m female, too, so it’s not that! ;)

  71. I saw it as soon as I clicked on the screen to see what it said about the picture. I bald man sitting with his fist agenst his head with his elbow on his knees with his legs hanging. But I will admit I didn’t see his legs until I read someones post. LOL Great picture.

  72. the lines in and out of the heart form a tree (the things sticking out below the heart are roots the center of the heart is the trunk and branches and the things sticking out of the top are the upper branches)

  73. SoundWav. says:

    I see it!! It took me like 4 days, but I finally see, that the smallish lump of white lines in the top left corner makes a face outline!!!

  74. Rachel says:

    I see a man carrying a cross.

  75. ZL123 says:

    I saw the heart a milli-second after the human!

  76. thebrainster says:

    i see a giraffe or a long neck moose…

  77. Hakubi says:



    He’s facing left.

  78. DetectiveKitty says:

    i saw it instantly…but than i noticed it also looks like a dinosaur head…or something….

  79. like most other i instanly saw a mans body curled up

  80. Tree Cat says:

    Its a human in the from of the thinker… Duh….

  81. AJ says:

    it’s a “human” heart. nice. took me about 2 seconds.

  82. Mindy says:

    looks like t-rex saw it instantly

  83. cheychey says:

    0MG !! I couldn’t find it and then i just glanced at it 1 last time and bam ! It just prosscesed in my mind and I saw it and now whenever i look at it its like i never see the heart again

  84. cassie says:

    At first i saw the heart but almost immediately after i saw the body. Pretty cool.

  85. Haley says:

    the things hangin fron the bottom of the heart are legs BTW I SAW IT RIGHT AWAY
    p.s. same with cassie, and if u press the space botton in front of a word or letter it dispears well at least it does when i write a comment

  86. Amber says:

    it took me only a couple of seconds i see a t rex and also see a person in the fetal position

  87. luvsya says:

    The thinker took me about 11 seconds and I can’t load the scary optical illusion its jst a white screen

  88. USMC says:

    Image of the thinker. It took just a couple of seconds and I was able to see the image.

  89. Annie says:

    Brooks, my brother thought it was a Tyrannosaurous Rex. I thought it was a sitting person. LOL

  90. CiCi says:

    yo i saw the dude b4 i saw the heart

  91. Nicky says:

    I saw a rose!!!! if you let your vision blur just a little you can see it!!!!!!!

  92. Jack Mintu says:


  93. mikaa says:

    its a human heart and an adult man crying. nice

  94. Jade says:

    I cant get it at all. Can you help me?

  95. yaya says:


  96. vicky says:


  97. gggg says:

    I tink its the Mother and Child

  98. Person says:

    It’s a flexed arm

  99. Garcia says:

    I can see like muscle guy something like a roots.

  100. doc says:

    saw the heart right off then the human body, not sure about the horns?

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