Huge Ball Installment

Don’t know what this installment could advertise other than World Cup 2006, that is currently held in Germany. Maybe Ronaldo or Ronaldinho’s strength in shooting the ball? You tell me! Is the bulding made small, or is the ball made huge? I’m sure there are more pictures of simmilar installments, just didn’t find them yet. If you find more simmilar images, be sure to submit them, so I can post them here! Previously I posted giant Oliver Kahn Billboard. Be sure to check it!

21 Replies to “Huge Ball Installment”

  1. i figured it out. Its a real building. you can see the bar in the bottom of the photo near the corner of the building. that, and the piece of shattered building above it are simply add-ons, just pieces of cement built to look like an extention of the building. the cracks on the original, real part of the building are probably just painted on. they could have easily constructed a huge ball and lifesize corner of a building and used a crane and some beams to attach it to a building.

  2. On Holiday Inn there is a huge clarinet leaning on it. In Alabama there is a museum with a big shark burting out of it and you walk through its mouth.On other places i dunno where there are huge baseball bat and boots.

  3. There’s something like this in legoland, windsor. It’s a mahoosive lego dragon coming out of… toilets, I think…

  4. jack thats grosee and phillionusus ur wierd and no thats not a poster buuttt other then that i think the pic is cool!((:

  5. imagine you in a car with the window closed..and put a prin image with the ball on the window and make the ather thing also on that image….and there is it

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