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By on May 1, 2006, with 240 Comments

The title says it all! Try to spot as many pandas you can looking at the image below. This type of illusion is the same as “Dolphins”, “Many Faces”, “Virgin’s 75 Bands”, “Face in a Coffe”

How Many Pandas Can You Spot?


240 Responses
  1. Farted says:

    I found nine.

  2. billy says:

    i found 8 yay

  3. Shea says:

    Y’all f’got the one on/in the ‘rocks’

  4. Shea says:

    There’s TEN!

  5. Pantha says:

    There’s ten

  6. Suburban Caesar says:

    Only eight!!!!?

  7. Leion says:

    where are the extra 2?
    I can only find 8

  8. Phil says:

    I found 8 for sure and two that are spotty…

  9. rikki says:

    i can onlt find 9

  10. liz says:

    theres 10

  11. Ayumi & Fabio says:

    We found 9!!

  12. Chris Moore says:

    I found 11!

  13. jj says:

    i see 10

  14. Vladimir says:

    I found 32, mhmmmmmm…

    I saw only two, :(

  15. nicolle says:

    i c 8! my eyes r reali sore now owwww lol xxxxx

  16. Женя says:

    гы-гы-гы :)))))) only 2!!!

  17. Angeline says:


  18. erin says:

    I found ten

  19. bloo:) says:

    nine. hey hey!

  20. Stan says:

    8 ne bolshe.

  21. biscuit says:

    i found ten

  22. Ashley says:

    I found 20 hahah losers!

  23. Silv says:

    i found 11

  24. Pummy says:

    the answer is very subjective, it all depends on your imagination.
    i could even find a couple of koalas and a racoon.

  25. Scared White says:

    I saw a mountain lion and got 7 pandas o.o

  26. TicTac says:

    i saw 6 and a duck

  27. !!!!!???? says:

    i found 18!!!
    mayb im wrong???!!!???=(

  28. sarah says:

    i found 11 panda bears

  29. han says:

    i got 14 pandas and… a chicken??

  30. hindi says:

    I fond only vun banda

  31. hannah hannah says:

    I FOUND 12 or 14 !! WOOOT!!!

  32. flaca says:

    i counted 13..i dunno if u guys can find em…

  33. stella says:

    i found 5 bleah!i did not wear my spects!

  34. tgdrtygf says:

    have you tried the ones on or in the leaves?

  35. just a girl says:

    I found 10! :D

  36. hannah says:

    i have 10!!!!i guess 1 is very spotty hahaz….

  37. Ron says:

    I also found Nine cause thats all there is!

  38. The Nameless Boy says:

    I found 7 pandas but i also found a human’s head looking up and smiling at the 2 real pandas

  39. Keziah says:

    i found 10…=)

  40. Lessa says:

    I FOUND 10……. I THINK…

  41. Mark says:

    I can see 12… you can see better if you open the image

  42. kk says:

    10!!!!!!!!! YAY ME!!!

  43. nopper says:

    I found 8

  44. Lauren says:

    im a nice person, and i dont like bragging, but I found 11, and my daughter even found 16, but i didnt see them


  45. blind man says:

    i found one…

  46. Laura says:

    i only found 6! urg!!!

  47. Farah says:

    I only found 8. The two that are obvoius, the four in the bottom rocks, and the two on the far left and right sides of the painting…Where are the other two?

  48. Farah says:

    I found twelve

  49. blubby says:

    I found 12

  50. JIN says:

    I got 21 so up yours ashley

  51. brooklynz finest says:

    i c 8

  52. Excite the exciting excite says:

    I found 11

  53. momo says:

    there are 9 (5 in the rocks)*^_^*

  54. jack says:

    i found 13

  55. dude says:

    only 6.BOO HOO!!! where are the others?????????

  56. christel says:

    >> 10 < < yea only >> 10 <<

  57. niki says:

    I’m positive that there are (at least) eight. All of you that saw 12 or 18 or 21 and a chicken have over active imaginations. The other two that some of you spotted are kind of skechy, they could be panda or they could just be part of the rocks.

  58. STATIC says:

    I see eight ;-d

  59. vanila says:

    i found 9

    2 main 1s
    4 in the roocks
    2 on either side of the main pandas (on the leaves)
    1 in the fur of the biggest main panda(its kinda shadowy,look close in the white fur on the pandas side)

    i duno if i missd n e please point owt ne tht i hav misd

  60. four-bees@sbcglobal.net says:

    I found 18, too! Some may have been iffy, but they got counted anyway!

  61. this is really hard says:

    i found 12 and i found a horsey camel thingy in the bottom of the rock and no for the person who said whoever see other images has a over active imagination i could show uy where i see it

  62. sexii_babii2k6 says:

    i found 11, i think!! lol

  63. Blondez roc says:

    saw 12…
    i think…
    those who found 1…. what da hell?? theres at least 8 that u can see!!! unless ur blind…

  64. xy!!! says:

    i cant find 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30…(and more)

  65. i saw 11 says:


  66. meg says:


  67. TYNKERBELLE says:

    i saw nine pandas but in the rock behind the pandas I saw a polar bear face!

  68. that guy says:

    i found 12 but some probably arent pandas
    5 in the bottom rock
    1 in the top rock
    2 real pandas
    1 in the pandas fur
    2 in the plant
    1 in the rock behind them

  69. Pandora says:

    I found ten!!! But after a while I was seeing deformed pandas too… so how can you tell?!?!

  70. _DeViLcHiLd says:

    I found 9

  71. shannon says:

    i think i found 11?

  72. Dunkin Bizkit says:

    <>< 10 ><>

  73. munchi monsta says:


  74. munchi monsta says:

    11 it’s 11

  75. ***Zeina*** says:

    only 12.

  76. Anonymous says:

    10/10 *o* amazing and im 11/12

  77. Anonymous says:

    i only see 9 i don’t see how people are gettin like 14 and whatnot

  78. dani says:

    i only see 9 <3

  79. Anonymous says:

    IIIIIII found a snake at the bottom rite corner look caurfuly

  80. Anonymous says:

    can u see the snake look ……… bootom rite corner

  81. Blonde,Not Dumb says:

    I Saw 8 And A Parrot,And A Snake….

  82. da thing says:

    i found 13 lol theres one on the first panda’s stomach

  83. Anonymous says:

    I found nine in 20 seconds

  84. Anonymous says:

    i found 10 pandas, a baby alligator, a rabbit with an arm, a walrus, a doe, and…..sumthing i dont recognize but it kinda looks like a dog with squinted eyes, a lions nose and an ape womans face(she ugly too)!

  85. Anonymous says:

    i found 11

  86. Anonymous says:

    i am only 13 and i found 10.. ah hels yah

  87. LaDiablo says:

    I found 13. LaDiablo is good.

  88. taylor says:

    i found 33! oh yeah! i also found a chicken, a penguin, and a dinosaur.

  89. stephenmccstudent says:

    I found 12:
    2 main ones
    3 along the very bottom of the picture
    3 directly abve the bottom ones
    1 in the leaves to the left of the pandas
    1 on the biggest panda
    1 in the leaves to the right of the pandas
    1 in the background (this one’s nose is in the top right of the picture, you can make out the rest of the face after you see the nose.)

  90. Anonymous says:

    i found 8

  91. Anonymous says:

    i see 14 pandas

    2 obvious ones
    2 in the leaves
    7 in the rocks beneath; and
    3 in the background

  92. Anonymous says:

    i fink i can see 16 but me not sure

  93. Casey says:

    I found 11^^

  94. Anonymous says:

    I found 19
    2 obvious ones
    9 on the rocks beneath
    2 in the bamboo
    3 in the white fur
    3 in the rocks behind

  95. Anonymous says:

    I only foung 9!!!!!

  96. Anonymous says:

    I found 11 and a chicken

  97. Anonymous says:

    Did you get the one that can be vaguely seen on the bigger panada’s body (white bit)? I got 9 altogether!

  98. Anonymous says:

    I found 14 I think

  99. Anonymous says:

    I FOUND TEN!!! totaly easy!!!

  100. AmandaVibes says:

    I found 11… wooo

  101. Anonymous says:

    4 in the rocks,2 in the plants, 2 obvious, 1 in the obvious, done!

  102. shaun says:

    i found 10! look in the leaves…

  103. Anonymous says:

    We found 11!!

  104. Lolli says:

    Geh, I see 12

  105. Laci says:

    I found 14! w00t!!!

  106. Shru says:

    I found a grand total of *drumroll* 11!

  107. Anonymous says:

    wooooooow!!!! i actually c a 115 pandas,200 frogs,45 snakes,355 sardines plus a japanese tourist riding a hayabusa. yeah!!! congratulations too me i win,i win

  108. Anonymous says:

    Where’s the tentht :(

  109. Anonymous says:

    I SAW 9

  110. Anonymous says:

    I found 11 YEAH!!!!!

  111. Anonymous says:

    i found 8

  112. Emily says:

    i found 8

  113. Anonymous says:

    I found 11 you guys suck except the person who found 15 ur just a nerd

  114. Anonymous says:

    u guys suk i found 11 except the guy who found 15 ur just a nerd

  115. Shannon says:

    I see ten.

  116. Shania says:

    I FOUND 12!!

  117. Anonymous says:


  118. Anonymous says:

    I Found 11 (:

  119. Anonymous says:

    the ones that found 8, you forgot the ones in the plants!

  120. Anonymous says:

    i found 10. u hve 2 lk reli hrd 4 su of thm

  121. Anonymous says:

    GAH! they just jump out when you least expect them. So many pandas!

  122. Anonymous says:

    yea theres 10

  123. Anonymous says:


  124. Tinkerscrap says:

    I found all ten!

  125. Anonymous says:

    I found 13

  126. u says:

    you stinkin liars there is only ten

  127. Anonymous says:

    I SEE 12345676543234567654567895t7856457685943758967583

  128. Zac says:

    there were 1 chicken 2 mountian lions and 18 pandas

  129. JK says:

    It’s a little hard because the tenth one’s not really fully shown. FOund them all pretty quickly though^_^

  130. Anonymous says:

    ha ha ha i found 14 yeeeeeeooooooo

  131. brittany says:

    I found 12!

  132. zorthax says:

    im better then all of use i found 26 pandas
    1 mountain lion
    2 pigs
    and 1 snake

  133. Anonymous says:

    I found 9 Pandas one with bubble gum on his foot. An Iguanna, a walking stick, and my mamma dinking a beer.No, I actually only saw 9 pandas and the gum I stuck on my computer. LOL

  134. Anonymous says:

    I found 21 :s I think I mis-counted

  135. Anonymous says:

    I found 8 in the rocks, some in thegrass and the ones in the middle, where are the other 2?

  136. Anonymous says:

    Sorry i found nine not 8 int he rocks, grass, big ones and in background

  137. Anonymous says:

    Everyone can tell there’s NINE!!!

  138. Randomist says:

    I found 15…

  139. Jazmin says:

    i only found 9

  140. cubanboriqua523 says:

    nvm.. just found more… 11 in total

  141. Chaos says:

    I see 10… one is question though but it looks like a panda.

  142. christian says:

    There is 9 not including the iffy one i saw, it just looks like leaves, by the 2nd panda’s head

  143. Anonymous says:

    “How Many Pandas Can You Spot?”

    There are two pandas visible in the image.
    The leaves may look like pandas faces but are still leaves.
    Trick question.

  144. Tay says:

    i found 11!!!!!!!YAY=)!!!!!!!!!!

  145. Anonymous says:

    Youre all idiots its really a trick… there arent any….they’re painted polar bears!!!

  146. Anonymous says:

    There’s 11.

  147. CjKun says:

    Hahaha…. there seems to be 13 that you can tell.. even though one looks more like a teddy bear, there is one that looks like a lioness and one thing that looks like a… little duck?????
    What the….

  148. Anonymous says:

    i found 11

  149. Anonymous says:

    Found 12. Maybe it was 11, the last is a bit iffy.

  150. Panda says:

    i found 13 pandas!!!!

  151. Anonymous says:

    i found only nine?! how the (insert swear word here) did some of u guys find 13??!! >:O

  152. Anonymous says:

    i found 13
    6 in the rocks below
    2 obvios ones
    2 in the leaves
    3 in the backround

  153. Jenn says:

    I may have found 12. But i for sure found 10!!!!

  154. Anonymous says:

    lol i see the 2 obbvious ones then the one on the big panda and 6 on the rocks then the 2 on the leaves thats it

  155. wtfMAEGZftw says:

    9 pandas and half a wolf.

  156. Anonymous says:

    i KNOW i found 10, but i think i found another one….
    that’s 11! yay!

  157. Anonymous says:

    i found 21 now whos the loser? just kidding…..

  158. freeladaputa says:

    You didn’t see the big one….

  159. aku says:

    i found seven…^^

  160. hot chick says:

    i so fouond 10 me so smart and u all know it

  161. mljj444 says:

    Holy @#^%#!! I found 12!? (Unless I’m Crazy!!! XD)

  162. Anonymous says:

    i found 13

  163. Samantha says:

    only 7. I stink at this game.

  164. T says:

    Did you find the one in the belly of the real panda….

  165. Anonymous says:

    their arent any. theyre all black bears in disguise. :P

  166. anon says:

    2 pandas, then one on the left panda’s side, i found 4 in the rocks possibly 5 and then 2 in the leaves.

  167. Brooke says:

    Found 9 counting the two pandas that are not hidden.

  168. Erica says:

    I found 12. and if you look really close next to the 2nd panda’s head, if u look to the right of it, it sorta looks like a lion head.?

  169. Franklin says:

    I found 13 resembling pandas, a wolf, a duck, and some other weird stuff.

  170. Franklin says:

    13 are pandas, just to clarify.

  171. Habby says:

    there are only 10 i looked up the answer YOU CANT BEAT THE FACTS

  172. Po says:

    Habby is right. There’s only 10. If you think you see a panda but arn’t quite sure, you are not seeing a panda. They are in plain sight when you spot them.

    I’m not trying to be a downer but you have to stop kidding yourselves.

  173. unknown says:

    i only found 9
    those of u who found 13 must have serious paranoia

  174. ghjkil; says:

    i see 4 i think im right and ur all idiots lol

  175. Kidsrock12347 says:

    i see 11

  176. dennis says:

    “Anonymous says:
    October 1, 2008 at 7:13 am

    “How Many Pandas Can You Spot?”

    There are two pandas visible in the image.
    The leaves may look like pandas faces but are still leaves.
    Trick question.”

    actually if you want to get that technical, then theres none, its just lcd pixels on your screen

  177. Richard says:

    i found 100 pandas

  178. sami says:

    I found thirteen. Tho most of u are rite… some of these are a little iffy and they rnt *for certain* panda bears. idk where the duck came from tho… lol

  179. patricia says:

    I only found 11 …

  180. Yzzy says:

    WTF I found six and is that a lioness and a toothbrush WTF

  181. 1&2 the real panda
    3&4 left and right in the bamboo
    5 in the first real pandas back white patch of fur
    6 7 8 9& 10 are in the rocks under the real pandas

  182. Mimi says:

    I found 14
    6 in the rocks below
    2 obvious ones
    1 in the belly of one panda
    2 in the leaves
    3 in the backround

  183. Rhiannon says:


  184. brittany says:

    I spot 7 not including the two visible ones. There we go.

  185. cera says:

    i found 8.

  186. Jaspar says:

    I found 9 and a lion XD

  187. Thundersong says:

    I only found 8

  188. Thundersong says:

    now 10 and a duck

  189. ru4real says:


  190. olivia says:

    i see 9 pandas hbu?

  191. seth zane says:

    12 pandas coz panda da best ok

  192. Lil' Smily says:

    um um i c 13 or 14 ima not shure coz 1 kinda look lyk a panda

  193. Terra says:

    I see nine. At first I only saw six, then saw eight, but I see nine after a minute of looking.

  194. ramiro says:

    i see 23

  195. kira Summerhill says:

    i see 14

  196. Ryanna says:

    i see 8 pandas?

  197. paris says:

    i found 8

  198. Jace says:

    i see 12

  199. ZL123 says:

    Like around 10 !

  200. pokemon boy1 says:

    6 i see

  201. blopas says:

    i see 13 pandas. 23? you´re kiddin´….

  202. TJ says:

    i see only 11

  203. Jessie says:

    I see 9!!

  204. Brittany says:

    I see two pandas and a bunch of things that look like pandas

  205. this is your bestfriend says:


  206. Robert says:

    lol how can you see 23????

  207. GODdamn says:

    i see only 1 panda
    oh wait! there is 2nd panda right behind 1st panda!

  208. Rose says:

    I saw 10 . But on another note: I LOVE PANDAS <3 thats all :3

  209. mani says:

    Is it ten ?

  210. Abrc11 says:

    I see 11!

  211. claudiac-09 says:

    I see 9. Anyone else?

  212. paul says:

    found 9, 2 main ones, three frontal view and one side view in the rocks, two on the bamboo leaves facing on opposite directions (side view) and one fairly visible on the stomach of the main panda (whitish). These are fairly obvious ones i noticed. The others are really hard to make out but its a possible panda figure :D

  213. Nikki8 says:

    I found 9 pandas,a lion and a shrew o.o

  214. louise says:

    there are 13 :)

  215. shonny says:

    I see a picture of 2 pandas plus 7 things made to look like panda 4 in the rocks 2 in the leaves and 1 in the fur of the left 1

  216. Andy says:

    I don’t see any

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