How Many Dogs Are There?

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That being said, let’s see what Vurdlak has prepared for you today… Remember the Confused Elephant, one with so many legs he forgot how to use them? Now mix him with those Impossible Shelves, add an animation and present the results in man best friend way – and this is what you come up with: Impossible Dogs animation. How many dogs do you see in this picture? Is there something wrong with them? Can you spot the illusion immediately? Looking forward to hear your comments!

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  1. No, I was wrong!!!! There is no dogs.Save the image,then paste it on the program paint and you will notice something strange. The lines to make the dog aren’t connected!!!!!

  2. 3 dogs… xD Well, 3 heads and 3 tails… =B

    JM says: The lines to make the dog aren’t connected!!!!!

    Yes, that’s the illusion…

  3. there is never any one complete dog, however, there is enough parts to only make 3 whole dogs at a time, so take your pick: 3 dogs part of an illusion, or three dead dogs that keep dropping through a worm hole and coming out up top.

    I prefer the illusion one :)

  4. If you watch Closely, there are no Dogs at All… In each level of illustration there is half a dog. In the first pass the poopy end of the is drawn. Then, looping around, the bitey end of the dog is drawn, and then back to the Tail end on the loop around… Funny how your mind can trick you into thinking the levels align properly.

  5. The ilusion is that there is 3 compleet dogs. This ilusion is done buy the movement of the dogs. It is actualy one continuous line. When there is a head there is no but, and when there is a but there is no head. If you stop the movement you can see the ilusion.

  6. Hah, nice. I love these kinds of illusion. I showed it to a friend of mine who doesn’t view illusions regularly, she didn’t get it as fast as I (and I’m sure others who visit this site) did!

    Also, I’m not exactly sure how that gravatar works, but I set one up anyway. Will it just show up if I specify the right email address? I guess I’ll see when I hit ‘submit’.

  7. They Are All Connected . So Basically It’s Just One Line That Forms Into The Dog , So Technically There Are No Dogs At All .

  8. Am unable to see the dogs. Upon watching it very closely again and again, I cannot see the dog’s mouth, but am perceiving it to be the mouth of a baby crocodile or alligator.

  9. I see two complete dogs at any given time, plus 2 partial dogs. There are no lines connecting the dogs. The illusion is that sometimes the dog appears to be drawn from right to left, and other times it appears to be drawn from left to right!

  10. There is only 1 line that makes up all the dogs. This is a great illusion. Took me a little while to notice it. At first I thought there were 3 + a partial, until I realized how the image was being drawn.

  11. 0 dogs it is just an everlasting line that is traced at at the speed of illusion it seems that there is dogs going down the page but it really is just one continous line.age:10

  12. the illusion is that when you look at it you see dogs when infact it is a continuous line where the head and the tail arnt on the same level if it wasnt animated youd be able to see it more clearly


  13. i dont know how many, but i see that some dogs are just hind legs, while others are just front paws and head.

    very neat.

  14. wow, that is kind of hard to keep up with, but i notice a similarity between this illusion and an illusion called the impossible prongs.

  15. None dogs. It is an “illusion” (off course) caused by the movement. Our brain constructs 3 complete dogs, but there aren’t any!!!

    Nice one. I like it.

  16. I hate posting so late but there are no dogs.
    People need to understand the sheer brilliance presented here. I love the website. ERYDAY!

  17. Totally agree with General Tao! There are zero dogs present in the illusion. I had to stop it and look at it as a still, that’s when I noticed the lines. It was fun!!

  18. Well, If you count the heads – I see 3 complete at one time as well as the 3 hind quarters – pretty awesome what you can do with a line!

  19. Amazing, my eyes were fooling me on that one, I thought three dogs at first but then I traced over the lines…and found they spilt.

    So I would think there’s no dogs, even though it looks like three are there.

  20. Accually, there is no dog, I saved it and opened it on MS paint and there is a line which draws the head, then on bottom, another one that draws a tail, and when it moves, the illusion is that our mind thinks its a dog, but really it is a seperate drawing altogether!

  21. Nothing to do with the illusion: i can see where the animation loops :D If you watch closely at the foot of the semi-dogs, they will tilt backwards sometime before they end.

  22. This is so dumb.
    Everybody agrees there’s 3 heads, 3 tails, but no “perfectly draw” dogs (just parts of them).
    So what do you expect ? To see us say “there are 65 dogs” ?

    The only illusion here is the illusion of an illusion.

  23. … and now back to my old name… I could see someone having allot of fun with the no permanent name thing… also forgot to mention this:
    @Shubaa the thing you see as the crocs lower jaw is the weiner dog’s floppy ear, the upper jaw is its snout, and crock do not have a rounded cranial area to store their brains in… it’s one of these:

    but this toy fits the illusion better:

  24. I changed my mind. I took JM’s advice and pasted the image into Paint. It turns out there are NO complete dogs and there IS one continuous line! You have to see it to believe it. The back of one dog becomes the belly of the dog above it!

  25. i was more mesmerized at how a single line was able to draw the entire dog head in under a second than i was interested in understanding the illusion.

  26. people there is 6 dogs.. eventrow you agree there is 3 head 3 tales there is 6 body if you stop the animation you will crealy see what is happening. take a picture with ur PC by pressing PrtSCR/SysRq then open paint when you see the blank page press Ctrl+V you ready to

  27. There are no ‘dog’, They’re just an illusion…fi you don’t trust me, copy and paste it on Word or something……….. it’s one of those impossible illusions

  28. Hi, My brother suggested I might like this blog. They were entirely right. This blog, truly made my day. You can’t imagine just how much time I had spent looking for this kind of knowledge! Thank you, very much.

  29. OOOOO yeah I see it the drawing not compleated the whole way the last comment was correct it goes so fast that you “think” there is a whole drawing od a dog, but theres not, thats a good one :)

  30. There isn’t any dog. Two dog heads come together to make only one tail between two heads. If u can’t see it save the pic to ur photos out whatever.

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