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By on July 4, 2013, with 17 Comments

Check this modern version of “Black Spots” illusion, how many black spots can you spot? The spiral, which is consisted of famous illusory pattern known to produce things that actually aren’t there, wraps around a pole painted in more subtle illusion – one we also featured at some point in our history. Let’s see what you think of this one!

How Many Black Spots?


17 Responses
  1. Renn says:

    WOW, that’s amazing!!

  2. z2d4th says:

    woh! when i started to count it become white, how can i count that?

  3. z2d4th says:

    But try to look with one eye only, no black spot appear.

  4. Dave says:

    That is SUPER COOL!

  5. Carl says:

    Uh who cares? It doesn’t move, it doesn’t turn colors, it doesn’t do anything. Sorry, I don’t count blacks spots.

    Not an illusion.

    • C. Blue says:

      Carl, what do you mean, “not an illusion???” Are you unable to see the completely illusory black dots which appear in the intersections of the white lines–but only when you don’t look directly at them?

  6. Time for adventure says:


    i think

  7. b says:

    it dosent seem much better than the last “count the dots” illusion. am i missing something?

  8. nelgy says:

    what about the white n grey dots? thats discrimination!
    or the black diamonds quivering behind the stagnant sort of celtic crosses drawn after to many Guinness!

  9. itsdave says:

    Yes indeed I like this one, however, I like the pole more than the Spiral, very nice effect there! for any that don’t see it, look at the lower pole, its much easier to see the effect there than the upper.

  10. Man of few words says:

    I printed this out and showed it to my secretary. I could see the dots plainly, and she couldn’t see them at all! Curious.

  11. rabbit says:


  12. Anna Keppa says:

    I have a theory.

    Suggestible LIVerals aka Low Information Voters are mesmerised by an illusion, but

    Realists see only a cunning design.

    Kinda like people who voted/did not vote for King Putt.

  13. dougq says:

    must be something the matter with my eyes, you all are saying there are black spots and I don’t see any. Something about where the white lines intersect? Just white areas for me.

  14. Alan says:

    At first I just saw white dots then I noticed the black dots were jumping around. Tres cool.

  15. Fishaddict says:

    I have a brain tumour(glial astrocytoma) and since the debulking and radiation, have not been able to see 3d movies(I get dizzy and can’t focus seems to be an overlay of images) and cannot see any black dots…I think because of the location of the tumour and the way it effects my sight/perception, I may be on to something.

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