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By on August 20, 2011, with 41 Comments

If you follow internet photo trends, then you’ve probably already seen planking and owling in action. While those memes have no real place here, the newest photo trend, horsemanning, is a perfect match for an illusions blog.

Horsemanning is actually an example of everything old becoming new again. While the trend has been exploding across the net, it actually was a big fad in 1920′s photography. The process is pretty basic: arrange two people so one person’s head can’t be seen and the other person’s head is the only part of their body that can be seen. In the twenties, this was a popular way to imitate the headless horseman from The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

The modern incarnation of the trend started when someone found the image below at a flea market and then uploaded it on to the net.

Horsemanning: The Illusion Meme

Being as how planking and owling both peaked in popularity shortly before this image came out, it’s not too surprising that the trend became huge immediately. It even has its own Facebook fanpage and homepage. What do you guys think of the fad, is it fun? Funny? Or just plain stupid?

Also, have you ever taken goofy illusion photos like this at home?

Horsemanning: The Illusion Meme

Horsemanning: The Illusion Meme

Horsemanning: The Illusion Meme

Horsemanning: The Illusion Meme

Horsemanning: The Illusion Meme

Horsemanning: The Illusion Meme

Horsemanning: The Illusion Meme

Horsemanning: The Illusion Meme

Horsemanning: The Illusion Meme


41 Responses
  1. Steve says:

    Agree! These are much more creative than planking, gargoyling or owling.

  2. merrick says:

    Now I really like the last one. At least it looks more realistic.

  3. Jacky Yang says:

    I like the last one!

  4. max says:

    yyyyyy… ok? it is pathetic and NOT funny

  5. eee efff geee says:

    awesome its really cool how those people can bend there necks that far, and i think the last one is the best

  6. Riv says:

    The last one is good.

  7. ramiro says:


  8. Peter says:

    Interesting and fun. Had not heard of the 1920′s fad before.

    I like the 1920′s photo and the meat cutter best.

  9. leperchaun says:

    Thats so Funny!

  10. Ribber says:

    haha! Looks like plenty of fun could be had :)

  11. jasper says:

    love the last one

  12. Stanley says:

    Pretty funny

  13. a says:

    4 one and last are the best

  14. Artemis Fowl says:

    The copier is HILARIOUS!

  15. Artemis Fowl says:

    That is a copier, right?

  16. Artemis Fowl says:

    NOT A COPIER oops!

  17. Jessica says:

    Most visitors to Pisa take similar photos- the old “holding up the leaning tower all by myself” shot

  18. Sky says:

    I love your …portraits!

  19. slkf says:

    kinda sick, but I like them!

  20. Ms No Name says:

    wow it is pretty obvious that there is a second person there but they still look pretty awesome

  21. Pygormus says:

    Yes, stupid but still funny!

  22. Aianna says:

    i think the last one’s the best

  23. Care Bear says:

    People now a days lose their heads over the silliest things.

  24. caity says:

    Hahahahahaha!! i love this illusion its sooo funny!!!

  25. Willem says:

    I think those heads don’t belong to the bodies I see…

  26. Thelma Huss says:

    I think the idea is cute if you use it for your own family and friends…why not.

  27. Ambrily says:

    The last one is fantastic! :D

  28. Rick says:

    COME ON NOW !! thats almost like the “removing ur middle finger” trick.

  29. Yo Girl 123 says:

    how do they bend their necks that far? pretty good.

  30. liontiger says:

    That is cool but I want MOOORRREEEEE

  31. Meith says:

    Its the NEW PLANKING!!!!

  32. saad says:

    check horsemanning photography here and like the page too

  33. Jason says:

    Nice. Check out the Official page http://www.horsemanning.com

  34. Zak says:

    Is this were someone moves their head so the camera cant see it and the other person just pops up their head?

  35. JAY-EM d' DEATHGOD says:

    is the 2nd picture from the top taken from FEU-Philippines ??

  36. Nina Garica says:

    this is really cool and all but what i really wanna see is that Physco illusion ive heard of it but i cant find it.

  37. violet says:

    creepy sort of.

  38. CAT says:

    Talk about flexible…

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