Hidden Word Optical Illusion

So it seems I was the only one seeing our previous post puzzling? What can I tell you – I still see a turtle. Alrighty then. I had this one on my desktop for a while, but considered it too hard to share. Let’s see you smart-asses figure this one out! There is a hidden word in the picture below. What does it say? Can you read it without any help? Hope my “revenge” works, and no-one solves it! Grrrr… I won’t give you any hints because you pissed me of with the last one ;) but experts will know how to file them, erm… I meant, find them. Check this one for vague similarities.

Youthless Optical Illusion

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  1. When i keep my mouse over the picture it says “Youthless optical illusion”.. I figured the ..thless, just couldn’t figure the you.. part whitout this “glitch”.

  2. haha it says youthless xP i worked it out because i hoverd my cersor over the pic and it said “Youthless Optical Illusion” XD

  3. i know the solution of this word :)
    took me just 16 seconds :)

    it has something to do with age (i guess)

  4. Dude, you have to stop adding alt tags to these images, the totally spoil most illusions. I normally hover over the image with the mouse while looking at them, and I always get the answer that way.

    Other than that, great blog, keep up the great work.

  5. The name of your illusions pop up when you scroll over them. Useless clues are not necessary- or something that sounds like useless…

  6. I’m going to assume the word is youthless? Based on the fact that’s the word that popped up as the tag for the photo when I put my mouse over it…

    Sorry no revenge!! I had to search to see the turtle on the last post, but I thought that the illusion was that the horse nose looked like a turtle!! lol keep it up, love the posts :)

  7. thats so haaard!
    I see an E, a couple of SS, a B and an H; Does that mean something?

    hey, where shall I send My Illusion to?

  8. Please stop naming the illusion by the solution. It ruined it for me when I rolled my mouse over the picture.

  9. It looks to me like it says “Youthless.” From a Google search, it seems to be from an artist named Alexis McKen­zie.

  10. Are you being serious? This isn’t hard.. But I guess it’s because I’m in the process of getting a graphic design degree and currently have typography classes… So It’s pretty easy to spot letters now.

  11. Like this one – solved in about 3 minutes. Saw the last 4 letters immediately, just took a little time to get the beginning of the word.

  12. You still left an obvious hint in image file name. I spotted the hidden word before seeing file name, which confirmed my guess.

  13. Ok, I didn’t see the entire word (had found most of the letters). But then I “accidentally” found the answer without even having to spend more time trying to figure out the illusion…

  14. Well… the final “ss” is pretty easy. The whole word is a little harder…

    I can see it ;) … but I don’t want give a too early hint… ;)

    best regards

  15. Didn’t figure it out (maybe because I’m not a native speaker). But I’m a smartass and found the solution in the URL of the image immediately ;-)

  16. Well, let me give it a try! However, I still am able to see the turtle.

    I this in the iGoogle widget, and thought immediately it should be letters, but I couldn’t read it directly. So let me take a minute…

    Okay, this isn’t fair! It took me a couple of minutes, checked the dictionary, looked at it again, changed a J in a Y, sighed at my dyslexia, checked the dictionary again, got no definition, thought “WTF?” and while I was thinking “WTF?” the mouse-over helped me out!!

    It ain’t a word!

    And you should be more careful with the mouse-over, because that’s the first thing I’m gonna check next time!!

    Greetings, still love your site!

  17. I couldn’t see it, so I cheated … if anyone else can’t figure it out, Right-click on the image, click “Save Image As …”, and you’ll have the file name

  18. It’s YOUTHLESS you cocky bastard! I KNEW IT! HAHAHAHAHA!!!…..
    ~ZZ :]
    maybe you should check what you saved it as.
    ~Iva :)

  19. the answer is quite obvious while very sneaky, but ppl who visit often will now how to find the answer. good illusion by the way

  20. To me it looks like it spells “Youthless” but I am not sure how that word is related to the nature theme if at all.

  21. Took me awhile, but I found it. Good one.

    And it makes you feel any better, I saw the turtle too. Power of suggestion, perhaps.

  22. “Smart-asses”
    “you pissed me off”

    You had me at Smart-asses..:)

    In spite of the over-critical few, I really enjoy this site..

    Another good ILLUSION…

  23. I am not from US and my english sometimes is not good enough, but just to start saying something, i am seeing “buttless”, that word exist? or i am proyecting myself

  24. If you leave your cursor on the picture for a few second, the words “youthless optical illusion” appear. I won’t really be surprised if this comment doesn’t appear, thought because it give away the secret.

  25. It might have been harder to figure out, if it wasn’t for the fact that when I passed my mouse over it to trace what I thought was a W, it popped up and said “Youthless Optical Illusion” :)

    (You have a typo – “pissed me of” – should say “off”)

  26. I SAW THE TURTLE HEAD, albeit I had to stare for ever to see the nose was the head of the turtle and the mouth was the small mouth of the turtle however if the “jowles” of the horses mouth had been a tad bit pointer I think it would have been easier! But this one is definitely HARD!

  27. It’s youthless! You should be careful how you name your pictures. Had all but the first three letters within seconds, and solved the rest wheb I moved my mouse over the picture.

  28. youthless!! … the “-hless” was easy to find… but it took me a lot of time to see the “yout” ;)

  29. Haha very clever but i know what it says…..i hope it doesnt give it away to anyone but it says YOUTHLESS :)

  30. Its Youthless. How did i guess i hear you ask? It pops up when i hovered my mouse cursor over the image. :p

  31. no nvm it says youthless i was missing a whole word. this one is pretty difficult. but if you stare long enough youll eventually get it. ;)

  32. NO IDEA.
    Please, this is going to bother me.
    The last few letters I know are “less”.
    But other than that I have no clue.

  33. Ah, see! The word starts with the letter Y and ends in ss. I do not want to give it totally away. Ignore the owl. Flower and bee is a Y. Pink flower is o. The rest should be easy.

  34. Unfortunately while I was desperately trying to be a “smart-ass” my curser moved over the photo and revealed the word in its description….I’d like to think I would have got that one on my own, but I probably wouldn’t have :)

  35. Oops, I left my mouse on the picture and the tag told me what it was. I had already found the ‘less’ at the end but hadn’t worked out the first part – don’t think I would have either, it’s not a word I’ve ever heard! But it may be what I am.

  36. Hiya friend…you better remove the tag image cause it says all….’Youtless’…i mean, iam here trying to find the word and then my mouse just got above the pic and i just red ‘youthless optical illusion’…and you didnt want to give any clue??…iam like ‘RIGHTTTTTTTTTTTT’!!!

    The example you gave is not a good one cause that one uses the background and on this one the letters are made from the flowers….so when you see the first ‘sex’ flower illusion we tend to find some word on this white background illusion…which is wrong, we got look at the shape of them…

    Thanks for the illusion, nice draw!!

  37. hahaha i found out what it says from the name of the picture otherwise i couldnt

    its nice and its artistic and i like the lines :)

  38. If revenge is what you wish, I would recommend not uploading the file under “Youthless Optical Illusion” ^.^ Cool concept though.

    Oh, and if it makes you feel any better, my sister and I only saw the turtle…

  39. with the post from yesterday, you may have thought it was a turtle because you haven’t been around horses as much as most of the commenters. However, this isn’t a fair punishment because it is SUPER DIFFICULT. All I see is a J, H, and S, also an E that might be an R

  40. This had me puzzled allright, great illusion!
    But if you were pissed before, because of the turtle-illusion, you should be more pissed now. Because as a revenge this is not a good one – it is easy to see the words: Just look at the pictures filename…..!!!

  41. Saw it,”Youthless”, the flower on the bottom is an “O”,I saw the 2 “S”s on the right,right away….
    Took me like 5 mins…..Because the “Y” ‘U’ “T” ‘L’ and the “E” were hard to find…..

  42. I see it.. it starts with a ‘k’
    at least from what i saw.
    i had to blur my vision
    and i saw the turtle in the thing yesterday… if i wasnt looking directly at the picture.

  43. i am glad to see there is this modertaion thing going on. now hopefully you can rename if so others will not have such an easy time figuring out your revenge.

  44. Im guessing it is supposed to say something, but I can only spot the three last letters :S



  45. Tricky one, but you gave it away yourself. I dont think I would have found it, unless you had spelled it out like that…

    Please, please, stop doing that. Sometimes it gives the illusion away even before one have had the time to look at it!

    Thanks for a brilliant site, btw!

  46. Then you try to make it hard, and fill the actual word in in the the alt-text of the image. That is not a smart move :p

  47. only saw “less” at first reading your introduction, but the name of the picture totally gave it away

    click on the picture

  48. Well I have to admit, I’m not enough of a smart ass to get this one by myself. I got the …..less part of it almost at once but it took me and a friend a while to get the whole word… Youthless.

  49. I don’t really like this one, though I still can’t find the word.

    The picture doesn’t look natural enough, it looks like the artist has just used pictures to draw a word, there’s no camouflage about it.

  50. Youthless… even if I have no idea of what it could mean (sorry, i’m french!)… so if someone could explain?

  51. I see it…don’t know whether or not to post it for other people to try and figure it out or just scroll down when the post appearers.
    Ah what the hell it will be their own fault

  52. wow… this one was easy, if you right click and download the picture, it says “youthless” and I recognized that in there, nice try tho… mind changing the file name next time? :P

  53. nice one, but honestly didn’t take very long to see, even though it’s 3 a.m. and I’m dead tired :)

  54. Might have been harder to figure out if you hadn’t named the picture :P

    Just hovered my mouse over the pic and worked it out straight away :D

  55. I was fiddling with it in photoshop, thought I had the word, wasn’t sure if it was an actual word (thus whether I was right or not) when I noticed the filename gives it away…
    Beautiful picture though!

  56. i can see hiess i think, Ooh and i totally saw the turtle in the last one… i grew up around horses though so i saw the horse first sorry

  57. Well that’s not so hard either. It clearly says “bJThLESS” which according to my thesaurus also means “What the …. ?”.

  58. very nice!!
    I’ts not that hard to spot!
    just a hint: it start with ‘Y’ and the owl doesn’t count as a letter.
    good luck ;)

    i worked this out in 15 mins i made my mum pissed because i worked it out before her.

    by the way i am 11 years old.

  60. hmmmm that was realy hard at first i saw y thiess then i took a look at the file name and tried to look for something from that i must say the U looks more like a J or H and the O…………. nice one

  61. I see the word. As long as you see each individual plant as a letter, you’ll do fine. Also, I feel sorry for the mouse.

    Last illusion, I saw a horse/donkey’s mouth first. It was after I read the title did i see the turtle. Maybe if the “turtle’s head” wasn’t so high off the ground it would have been more convincing? *Shrugs*

  62. Well it’s not “hard” just, bad… But hey, it’s written in the name of the file.. youthless

  63. There is an ‘N’ or a sideways ‘S’ above the mouse that is being held by the upside down owl.i.e. in the negative space.

  64. I think i got it… but not really sure. Actually some times I also feel that way.. ;)
    BTW, I really struggled trying to see the turtle, but finally I did see it and I must say it is pretty good illussion.
    Keep good work!

  65. i need some help on this one, but i see a ‘b’ then something else, and then ‘thless’ i can’t figure it out!

  66. The Solution is too easy to see… move your mouse over the picture… It says Youthless. Strange “revenge” if you give us the answer anyway…

  67. The Word Is Youthless……..

    Your Revenge Was Not A Good One..

    You Should Have Renamed The Image Before Uploading :D

  68. This was pretty easy. The trick is to roll over the image with your mouse, the name of the file comes up and it’s a pretty good hint.

  69. Very difficult, partly because the word does not mean anything to me (is it a real word? and I am English!) partly because I struggled with the 3rd letter thinking it was a “J”

  70. Well, I started to puzzle it out, but then my mouse accidentally moved over the picture and there the answer was! Not very tough when the answer’s right there…

  71. pretty bad when the hidden word is not even a word, check the dictionary, there is no word “youthless”.

  72. It says YOUTHLESS! If you don’t want us to figure it out, don’t put the solution in the description of the photo, like you have done so many times before! (i.e When you mouse over it, it tells you what it says)

  73. It says YOUTHLESS! If you don’t want us to figure it out, don’t put the solution in the description of the photo, like you have done so many times before! (i.e When you mouse over it, it tells you what it says)

  74. Teee hee hee hee hee that was funn got it in a minit then read comments ^^ by the turtle one are you talking about the one with the lady? I got that one straight away and then thought it was a horse

    tee hee hee hee hee

  75. It says YOUTHLESS! If you don’t want us to figure it out, don’t put the solution in the description of the photo, like you have done so many times before! (i.e When you mouse over it, it tells you what it says)

  76. I do apologise for making what I hope is not a bad error. I’ve added my avatar to my mail as you suggested, and have used one of your optical illusions without permission. Please may I ask for that permission now, albeit belatedly, and I will remove it if I need to.
    Yours sincerely
    Barbara Barron

  77. lol it says “youthless” and it wouldn’t matter if you gave us a clue or not…if you put your mouse over it the answer is revealed…should think of that next time

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