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By on March 20, 2011, with 63 Comments

Hidden Wolf Optical IllusionOne of the benefits from having such big audience is constant flow of optical illusion submissions we get on a daily basis. The only problem is when person who submitted the illusion isn’t aware of the original author, and apart from the picture attached the email lacks additional information for me to look up its origins on the interwebs. This is again where you come in handy.

Check out the painting on your right. The style somewhat resembles these previous hidden animal illusions, but am not exactly sure if this is the case. How do we link this awesome work to its origins? Any clues?

If we change the subject back to the site’s theme, what do you see in this painting that makes it qualified as an optical illusion? How many wolves are there? Is there something hidden inside it? Anything else? Let’s see what can you come up with!


63 Responses
  1. kirolusion says:

    so far I see 10 wolves chasing a linx, which is in bottom right corner

    • Bert de vrinkel says:

      So far I do not see sheeps. Too bad!

    • Pods Of Bob says:

      Stare at the bottom left Wolf and the to of the stream merges with the top wolves. DO NOT focus at the wolves just the one I said. If you do it right the little head just peaking out will form an eye and the wolf on the onther side of it will form the other.

  2. Apurva says:

    1 wolf face and a 9 wolves pack chasing a cat?

  3. Rickford says:

    I’m counting ten wolves. Besides being a great illusion, it is an attractive piece as well.

  4. Pod says:

    I can see 20 wolves and one wild cat.

  5. hitya says:

    Love this, it’s perfect <333

  6. Angel says:

    9 wolves including large one and one cheetah or some other cat type animal at the bottom

  7. Darla says:

    I see a total of 10 wolves chasing a bobcat. Love the painting.

  8. Audro says:

    Nine wolves (wich makes one big wolf) here are chasin’ some kind of a big cat.
    So, where’s my rock?

  9. Dany says:

    It’s Nice….., The wolfs at the top form the ears and then the other 3 in the center form the face and nose….you have to look at it but not look in the same time to see it, do not focus!!….you won’t see anything.

  10. My poor eyes count 9 small wolves to create 1 large wolf, this equals 10 wolves(?). ALSO one Bobcat and 1 rabbit. Great illusion……..:)

  11. William says:

    I see ten wolves and a dolhpin…

  12. Matt says:

    10 wolves plus another big one made out of all of them

  13. Engywuck says:

    You are right. Like many illusions posted here before this picture was painted by Donald Rust.
    Love this one in particular! Mostly the eyes of hidden Faces and animals are quite unnatural painted and give the illusion away almost immediately. This one plays with the shadows very clever.
    Did you all spot the Lynx in the front?

  14. I Carlos says:

    i see 8 wolves and 1 bobcat

  15. Linda Walter says:

    I see 11 wolves. One is covering several of the heads we see….in the middle of the picture. Did I miss some around the wolves in the background?

  16. Christine says:

    Looks like at least 8 wolves making up one huge middle of the picture wolf.

  17. Woaaah :3 I love it! You se wolves running around a stream, and if you look carefully you see a wolf head made out of all the wolves and rocks! ^^

  18. Riju says:

    You should try tineye.com – it’s a Reverse Image Search, you upload an image and tineye.com finds its original source.

  19. joseph ts. says:

    I like this one,I found 8 wolves.

  20. Brandie says:

    10 wolves and one lynx,
    easy to spot when a small icon on my dashboard…

  21. brooks masterton says:

    8 wolves
    a mountain lion and
    of course the large wolf face.

  22. Care Bear says:

    How many? Too many.

  23. Rosalie Wanderscheid says:

    I wish the attachment were a little larger. It’s hard to pick out the subtleties and I think there may be more than what I’m seeing. I count 10 wolves for certain, including the large illusory wolf, as well as a lynx. Very neat!

  24. SnowBerey says:

    i see 9 wolves and 1 hidden wolf so 10 wolves in all… and is that a lynx at the bottom right?

  25. Pinyot says:

    I see 10 wolves chasing what looks like a bobcat to me.

  26. Nixygirl says:

    Interesting. There seems to be 8 wolves (9 if you count the merged image wolf). And they seem to be chasing a wild cat of some description. Maybe it’s a cougar?

    As to the origins…no idea :)

  27. Natasha says:

    Ahh yes I see it :) You can see it better if you zoom out. If you still can’t see it click the image and it’ll redirect you, then look at the little thumbnail, you’ll see it :)

  28. some random guy you'l never meet says:

    my sis saw animals all joined together

  29. Jim says:

    i got 11

  30. ohmygosh says:

    i see 11

  31. Stephen Gregorio says:

    i think its just cool that out of one thing they can make so many. a friend of mine has a shirt that has a wolf with 7 other wolves hidden around it. but this is neat trying to see how many wolves there are. i found 12 by the way

  32. ZL123 says:

    I saw it almost instantly, it’s just that I had to look around a bit. Nice! And can I have your e-mail? I don’t use Outlook. When I click ‘Submit Illusion’ it opens up Outlook. Please reply! Love this site. Good day.

  33. Brandy Espy says:

    Poor bobcat =/

  34. peter says:

    10 Wolfes and 1 lynx

  35. Mark P says:


    Is this by Bev Doolittle? It seems like the kind of thing she’d make, but I don’t recognize it.

  36. skippy says:

    I see 10 wolves, a lynx, a killer wale and a rabbit.

  37. Dolphin says:

    I saw the wolf face instantly,and I counted 11 wolfs I’m sure should be there,and some that I think are just my imagination.

  38. what to write today...... says:

    i see 10 wolves and 1 linx…i think thats what it is

  39. illusionist says:

    tricky tricky… bobcat…

  40. Sean says:

    9 wolves chasing a lynx. also there is a wolf face formed by several wolves

  41. Consuela says:

    I counted 9 wolves which make up one bigger one, chasing a bobcat… and until I read someone else’s comment didn’t see much else. But now I can see a rabbit, a horse, a fish and a deer. I’ll just bet there are more there than the eye can detect. I’d love to have this as a painting on my wall at home because there is so much to see.

  42. Justin Martin says:

    Nine wolfs and a lynx. Plus one optical wolf.

  43. Moo says:

    I like the site, but the kodak add has to go.. really annoying to have the whole page scroll itself down constantly…. please get a different advertiser

  44. celticgirl says:

    20 wolves really? what might you be smokin’? I saw what someone said looked like a dolphin, but it’s not & I did not see arabbit at all.
    There are 9 wolves 1 composit wolf head chasing either a bobcat or Lynx.

    • Alicia says:

      Ha Ha, I agree with you. 20 wolves? dolphins? rabbits? killer whales?

      I see a total of 10 wolves (9 wolves make up one wolf head) chasing a cat.

  45. Eddie says:

    I see 12 animals up to yet still counting

  46. Kathleen says:

    The name of the Artist is Beverly Doolittle, look her up on the Internet she has hundreds of paintings.

  47. qwertyuiop says:

    i can see 10 wolves (including the big one) chasing a cat like creature

  48. Leftfiel15 says:

    Looks like a Bev Doolittle to me.

  49. Tiana says:

    Wow! I see this big wolf plus the small ones and thats 11! But on Yahoo, it shows us the answer and that is 10. So, i am very confused!

  50. Carrie says:

    I see 10 wolves and one lynx

  51. Holly Xiong says:

    I see 9 wolves and one lynx all together into a wolf

  52. wozza says:

    if u squint the top 2 wolves become ears and the middle 4 wolves make up a new wolves face

  53. hi says:

    10 foxes, one tiger.. :D

  54. Zeb says:

    this is not the best, the large wolf is not very clear, and the small wolves seem to be coming out of nowhere, and seeem to be sitting on nothing.

  55. zedd says:

    I see 10 wolves, one big one,a linx and something that looks like a half fishy thing

  56. Bikenstein says:

    I see 9 plus two hidden ones The large one and the one head facin right that is between the 2 bottom wolves in the creek

  57. lVlountainlVlan says:

    This one I figured out as I was scrolling through pictures,

    It’s easier to see the further away ya get.

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