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By on September 7, 2009, with 32 Comments

While its not possible to actually build an impossible structure with LEGOs, it might be possible to create a structure that (when viewed from the appropriate angle) would recreate the illusion. We already proved this many times, but if you are new to this site – be sure to check LEGO tag. You’ll quickly realize Henry Lim wasn’t the first individual with an idea to reproduce M.C. Escher’s works in LEGO, but can his results be among the best? This is where you come in to share your views. In September 2005, Henry was commissioned by the Hong Kong Science Museum to sculpturally recreate a series of Maurits Cornelis Escher lithographs. It was important that there should be no photographic manipulation involved – the impossible objects should be approximated via optical illusions. It took Henry about a month to build (and rebuild with glue) all four sculptures.

Henry Lims LEGO Escher

Henry Lim created this LEGO replica of Relativty by M.C. Escher

Check out more LEGO impossible structures here:


32 Responses
  1. Stephanie says:

    Okay, that’s bloody cool!!!!

  2. Suicidal 'Ling says:

    IMPOSSIBLE! if u could show me that in real life then… WOW

  3. someoneudontknow says:

    must have taken a lot of hard work….

  4. sum1udoknow says:

    its ok i suppose

  5. sum1udontnkow says:

    must have taken a lot of hard work…..0.0

  6. Peter says:

    Incredibly awesome

  7. just takes the right angle from which to take the picture from… but building it (and visualizing which angles to use) is a massive job, I’d imagine… gotta give props to the guy…

  8. Detective Kitty says:

    wow…must have taken a lot of work…plus you can see that it isn’t impossible to uild either with the right type of lego…

  9. gerolamo says:


  10. Burn On. ~Pyro~ says:

    Well, someone was bound to do it!

    (Next comes sheet metal, acrylic and LEDs) :P

  11. duncan says:

    It’s nice but again, this is NOT an illusion.

  12. Llamalord says:

    The waterfall isn’t as good… you can see the seams…
    the rest are awesome tho

  13. Richard says:

    wow! an illusion of an illusion…

  14. Is that structure really impossible?
    It doesn’t look impossible to me.
    But the original drawings does.

  15. Chris Anton says:

    It’s nice but again :D

  16. הוראות says:

    wow! this one is something special!

  17. Bad Angel says:

    This is the greatest form of Lego every seen!

  18. wowaname says:

    o o

    Kinda made me disoriented.

  19. jon says:

    Wonderfull!!! :d

  20. Clint Pee says:

    This is really cool I wish we where that talented when we were kids,

    The Padrino

  21. anonymous says:

    forget painting thats real talent

  22. this reminds me of sumthin else i seen b4 made of legos it was a church made from legos it was AWESOME!!!!!!! this iz kewl 2 but the church 1 was better

  23. keef says:

    this guy has no life

  24. Singer1047 says:

    that is really cool

  25. Alysha says:

    i saw it REAL

  26. Catherine says:

    Itnreminds me of harrynpotter.

  27. Catherine says:

    It reminds me of Harry Potter’s school.

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