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By on January 26, 2012, with 32 Comments

Imagine stepping into a room in the local art museum and suddenly not knowing where to step because the ground appears to be completely uneven. But that’s exactly what would happen if you  happen to visit Kunstraum München in Munich, Germany. At least, if you happened to visit after Heikie Weber finished putting her installations up at the gallery.

That’s because the artist’s surreal creations convert ordinary rooms into mind-melding creations that seem impossible to walk on…of course, with art this fantastic, it seems a shame to trod on it anyway! But the most impressive part is how Heike does it…

Heikie Webers Fantastic FlooringFrom gentle, sea-like blue waves to red wobbling carpets that look even stranger when reflected in the mirror, Miss Weber’s creations turn something as simple as walking through a museum into a mind-altering experience.

Heikie Webers Fantastic FlooringPerhaps just as impressive as the actual outcome though, is the way in which Weber actually creates her masterpieces -one line at a time. That’s right, each of these massive installations were created with nothing more than a colored permanent marker and the steady hand of the artist. Imagine how time consuming these projects are, as some of the rooms used in her installations have measured almost 2,000 square feet in size. That’s a whole lot of markers and even more hand cramps.

Heikie Webers Fantastic FlooringEven so, the results are no doubt worth the hard work, as the flowing flooring really makes us stop and think about the ground we are walking upon. And isn’t the entire point of art to get the viewer to think?

Heikie Webers Fantastic Flooring


32 Responses
  1. SnowBerey says:

    ive walked on that type of flooring before and i tripped thinking about tripping cause if was min fcking me

  2. Attle says:

    i so want my floor 2 look like this

  3. Sonebody says:


  4. Dustin says:

    Well I believe I just discovered something I want to do with my dream house :P

  5. Nicole says:

    This is cool, I would like to have this at the floor of my living room. I would buy a sand-colored couch and put some Palmtrees next to it. Then put a cd with ocean sounds into the player and you have your private island the whole year *dream*

    Cool installation!

  6. Eliza says:

    omg daisy my bftd would love this website

  7. breandan says:

    Cool, I could just see myself after a night of partying.LOL

  8. LnL ShOTzZ says:

    It isn’t that impressive when you think about it. CALM DowN Vurdlak.

  9. Chenoa Zephyra says:

    Very impressive!

  10. Christine says:

    Love these! Thanks for posting.
    (Now, it’s “…seems a shame to tread…” not “trod.” Trod is past tense of tread. We just don’t use the word tread very often any more.)

  11. David Blair says:

    I would have NEVER noticed the mirrors in these Optical Illusions if you had not talked about the mirrors in your commentary on this page! These really AWESOME Optical Illusions!!!!

  12. Jenny says:

    Purely from an artistic standpoint, Heike Weber’s work instills a very distinct emotion in you. Depending on how uniform/multi-directional or close-knit/far apart she arranges the lines, the waves can create both a sense of calm and chaos. The color she uses in accordance with her background also contributes to the emotion.

    Back on topic though, excellent skewing of people’s perspective of what we define as “flat” ground.

  13. erin8ball says:

    cool! it’s looks 3D technoloy has hit the real world!

  14. Eliza says:

    is this paint,chalk,marker or what?!

  15. Smartguy says:

    Amazing! Such unique work! I will look forward to more illusions! Wow!

  16. Grace says:

    yay im the first reply :) erm waw this is so confusing, is the carpit lumpy or somthing coz they look like real waves ong :o this is so fustrating…

  17. Yeah freaky says:

    Would be cool to have sheets like that, so a made bed would look, unmade!

  18. Ice says:

    I would try to do this to my room, except i would probably quit halfway because it will get boring… also my parents would kill me! lol

    • Ice says:

      Its been like a day and i keep thinking about this illusion(or illusions), I even started drawing such creations on paper…I have eight of my pictures in front of me right now (seriously!)… maybe I should do this to my room… but then again my parents would kill me. Hmmm… I think I should just tape my pictures to the wall and pray my parents don’t notice. XD

    • claudia carlsen says:

      I drew an optical illusion of waves much like the blue one here back in high school on a sheet of plywood. It’s been on a wall for over 32 years now. Optical illusions fascinate me :D Keep practising on paper and maybe you will find a design you will want to put on your floor. Your parents might not mind if you keep them in the loop during the process. Drawing this would be great for meditation … and for learning patience ;P

  19. Sid says:

    Too intense for my taste but great creativity. A small wall would be better than a whole floor

    • claudia carlsen says:

      This illusion having been made on the floor is even better than on a wall. The effect is much more interesting. Optical illusions aren’t supposed to be comfortable, but make your eyes go a bit wonky. That’s the point! I love it.

  20. chadlin sakizzie says:

    I think that all of these pictures are cool and amazing.

  21. 2 EYES I NOSE I MOUTH says:

    this is what i love about mighty optical illusions there illusions are so mysterius

  22. anon says:

    These are so cool. What would it be like to walk on them…?

  23. your mom says:

    I want these in my bedroom and my bathroom! it’ll be soo cool.

  24. o.i.e. says:

    hey the random button put me back to this one! (after you check this dont put it here)

  25. stretch says:


  26. coolio says:

    i want it sooo badly!!!

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