Heidi Klum Swimsuit Bodypaint Illusion

To spice up this website a little, I bring you some hot pictures of Heidi Klum from Sports Illustrated. Heidi is wearing nothing but her painted swimsuit. Never though bodypainting can give you so real illusion of actual clothes! I woudn’t mind if they painted transparent swimsuit on her ;) Another picture of Heidi Klum is inside this post, but don’t forget to check my previous “Body Paint Illusion” along with “Animal Hand Paintings” for more body paintings.

144 Replies to “Heidi Klum Swimsuit Bodypaint Illusion”

  1. As a girl, that’s just nasty!!! You can tell she’s not wearing a bra!! And guys, if you think that’s amusing, you need to get a life!!!!!!

  2. Yes, we all know the human body is a disgusting disgusting thing. More ankle length skirts, and long sleeve high necked blouses for everyone.

  3. Thank you George, you are very amusing… NOT!!!! (He He!) And my name is Farted not because I fart a lot, but because I am a fart! You make me laugh and i don’t even know you! All I’m saying is I think it’s just not right to show off your body like that… and guys should like girls for what they act like, not look like…. How old are u anyway? ;)

  4. Heh Heh! Errrmmmm…. I know that means your a guy, or are you?! ;) I know of at least five people, guys and girls, who thinks she’s ugly!!!!!

  5. That is cool though! But…. unfortunatly, I like CLOTHES on my body….. But I do have a body!!!! And when I’m that age, it’ll look that good. No, probably not, but I do think it’ll look nice…. and you guys that are dissin’ me, you’ll be sorry! ;) LOL MAJOR!!

  6. I agree NIQUE. I am a woman too (also not gay) and can appriciate the art. The other body paintings on this site are much better though I think.

    Tantra- when a society chooses to objectify the naked body and turn it into a dirty thing- such as christians have done it is a sad day that clothing becomes not optional. Many, many cultures live in peace with their bodies and have no need to hide behind oppressive “rules” and clothing is purely a necessity for protection from the elements of nature.

    Farted- You will hopefully grow up and see the error in your thoughts. I was there once. Not everyone is attracted to the same type of body. This is by design. Just because you and your friends think she is ugly does not mean she is not beautiful in her own right. No matter what, the art is the issue not the woman or what you think her morals should be.

  7. im a gurl too and i think that this form of art is very cool. and i am straight. you know what farted instead of asking everybody else how old they are y dont u tell us how old u r cause u seem fairly immature from the way that you r writing. and smilynn i totally agree with u.ur awesome!!!


  9. yeah i agree with the other girls on here who commented.
    i’m a girl, too. (NOT A LESBIAN OR BI)
    and i agree its art.
    think, what’s the point of this site? ILLUSIONS.
    the paint is making an ILLUSION of her wearing a bathing suit.
    i think she’s pretty, and has a nice body.
    so i definately know where all these guys are coming from by saying that,
    and honestly i think Farted/Hai are just jealous of her.
    and Farted said they would rather wear clothes,
    good, we wouldn’t want to see you naked anyway.

    the artist is amazing i think, by the way.

  10. its ART!!!! were you born with clothes on??? NO, so if a woman (or man) wants to do art, then let them. If your offended or think its nasty, then what the hell are you doing here looking at it?

  11. I agree that it is an illusion, but body paint is not that great an artform. I think Heidi is gorgeous, but everyone doesn’t want to see her naked. People are entitled to their own opinions. Just because a woman says it’s gross to see another woman naked, it doesn’t mean she’s FAT or JEALOUS. I’m straight, and I know beauty when I see it, but I wouldn’t want to see another woman naked either. The point is to comment on the illusion, so if everyone could stop insulting people’s opinions, that would be great. Farted is NOT wrong and she is NOT fat. She just doesn’t like looking at females nude. What’s so wrong with that?

  12. You definately need more of that on this sight, see if you can find more, i love it, but I want it to be more reveiling

  13. God, the way america thinks of sex/nudity these days is “Sex is a dirty, horrible, grotesque thing, and you shouldonly save it for your loved ones!” Oh, BTW the “shading” around the armpit on the second photo is AMAZING!

  14. Oh, Libby, you know you said “i know beuty when I see it” You’re pathetic. There’s more to beauty than image. Farted can have an opinion, but I prefer illegible comments that say stuff like “omg lyk dat is nastyy” to be kept to their creators. BTW, Farted seems more like a two-year old, as I’m 13 myslef, and at least I can spell.

  15. smilynn,
    you got it right! I would just like to add that “people need to relax”! The conservative right may be in charge of the country now but societys rise and fall, governments crumble, but art is free expression and always survives the test of time!

    Don’t be ashamed people if God wanted you to be clothed at all times he would have built little Baby Gap stores into all your moms so you’d be dressed at birth!

    You only live once, or if your to our Hindu friends, you reincarnate as much as you want..like a buffet of life…always naked though…but I digress!

  16. Scrolling back up through the comments i must say this.. Farted… for someone with a name like yours.. you sure are a priss.. I’m a woman too.. and i think it’s cool.. I’d never wear that.. i don’t have the body.. but sheesh.. get a grip already

  17. I’m pretty sure none of us have never done anything wrong or that we regret. So we should all judge each other. Even the lady in the picture…For the record i’m being a smart a**.

  18. to farted:
    you said that you can tell that she is not wearing a bra… well yes she is naked, how else would they have painted that on her? also, she is painted to look liks she is wearing a bathing suit! you dont wear bra’s with bathing suits. or at least normal people dont.
    (PS: i am a girl and i am straight!)

  19. some girl bathing suits have a bra built in with the top so you dont have nipple pokeage… (if you know what i mean girls)

    OK, i think thats really really cool…. becuz when you make tide dye shirts .. you do somethig speical and when you do it on your skin.. it so cool cuz it has to TKE ALOT ALOT OF PAITENCE!

    But the only rweason you could tell its painting.. beuc her boobs are just sagging there.

  20. meh. I think the paint job is awesome. model’s pretty. if we had lives, do you think we’d be looking at illusions? or even online for that matter?

  21. It is just art! Art is too critized and this is just another form of it. There is nothing wrong with this. It doesn’t show anything. There is also nothing wrong with nudity either. Oh and if you think is disgusting then why are you even looking at this?!

  22. to THE MAN and JUST A GIRL
    to who ever gives a rats ass
    i aggree with (=ITS JUST A GIRL=) its art and noting more
    ya shes hot and u girls r jelious! so go to the gym^-^

  23. Erm, yeah. Durr, she naked…it’s art. “Farted” who wears a bra with a bathing suit, honestly? Art is beautiful, all forms are. in France, nudity is considered art. I say, why not?

  24. lol wow i got as much a kick from reading the comments as i did from the actual art… that amuses me. im just not gonna join in.

  25. U go tantra evens + Farted. God said not to do this………or i’m not sure specificly……but i willl check the bible!

  26. to smilynn u r sooo rong! if god says to do sumthin in the bible u do it!
    god made u and me. the reason y he didn’t want everyone to follow him is because he gave us the choice to do what we want cause he didn’t want us to be like puppets and he steer us; he gave us the CHOICE to go to hell or heaven. and no affense but u guys need spiritual help. i hope 4 u 2 b a christian when u grow up and to believe that god died not because he just did, but cause he loved us and he took alll the sin in the world and put it on jesus who had not done anything rong, so that we(as in everyone)don’t have to get to heaven by sacrafices and good works, but all u have t do is believe that he did die to go 2 heaven. So i will pray 4 u guys and hope u cum 2 see HIM.

  27. the reason i got to this is because i came to this beacause i thought it ment hands legs and face cause that is what the picture was. and i thought after i got here 2 try to help u bafoons

  28. to luvin’ angel
    “if god says to do sumthin in the bible u do it!”
    WTF!? religion is THE most contraversal subject of ALL TIME. what the hell, your assuming that most of these peolpe are religous. and your also JUST ASSUMMING that there is a god. to say there is a god is to assume too much, and to assume that there isn’t is also assuming too much. you’ll all find out when you die. as for me, i think that if there is an afterlife, everyone will go to an afterlife that they’re expecting. and if “god” would send you to hell for being doubtful, then “he’s” (notice the lack of capitolization)a jackass, a really big jackass. so i maintain my postion as an agnostic. AND DAMN, SHE’S REALLY HOT!

  29. I don’t see why people would even comment on the picture if u don’t like it. It’s just a flippin opinion so wtf does any one else care wat you think?

  30. To: Those Immature Dweebs out there

    If ya don’t like the picture, or don’t agree with the concept of the pic, then don’t comment. They’re called coments, not citisizements, got it? I. personaly, think it’s a nice picuture and it would take a lot of pactcience for both the model and the artist. I mena who wants to stand around and paint tye dye on soemone’s skin all day, and who wants to have tye dye painted on their skin all day? I’m giving props to all my peeps who agree, KEEP UP THE COMPLIMENTS!

  31. I am a female
    I totally disagree with Luvin’ Angel
    I think that it is a form of art and that everyone should respect that. If you think it is gross, don’t look at it. I’m non religious and i dont think everyone is as extremist as Luvin’ Angel. Seriously, get a grip. By the way, i got a body like that :) and i dont wear bras with bathing suits. Who does??? whoever does has a … problem…

  32. Just to tell you, Luvin’ Angel, God did not die for our sins, that would be Jesus, if you dont know that youre not very religious so just stfu!

    The picture is cool. I am a man who has a boyfriend (lieb dich, Wesselsky!), but I still think that the picture is very cool and is pure art. She is beautifull, sexually attractive or not.


    Oh and Vurdlak, are you Croatian? Because some of your mistakes (not criticizing) are very German, (being a German myself). Not an insult.
    Love the site.

  33. I totally agree with Detlef, it is art regardless of her being sexy or not, hey Det love you too man, i think that heidi klum is very ugly but i think the art is nice, i am gay too, a man, for all y’all who didnt notice

    ps ill kill myself if detlef’s message appears after mine or not at all, lol

  34. Farted, why would you wear a bra under a swimsuit??

    And Im a girl and straight as can be, and I say she looks pretty good. I want her bod.. not like that. =)

  35. Oh yeah, luvin angel, there are other religions out there besides Christianity. Maybe we all dont believe in God. Personally, I believe in parts of many relgions, such as Taoism “You cannot name the unnameable” As in, we call it “god”, but if there is something up there, it is unnameable, and genderless. And I believe in Hinduism/Buddhism’s theory of Karma. Also, Islam’s belief in destiny. I think you are destined to find the souls of those you were meant to be with (soulmates) but it is up to you for the road you take. I have an open mind to many religions but I dont agree with people trying to force their religion on me.
    Im starting to get into the beliefs of Spiritualism, where I believe that spirits are on this earth. Not just holy ones either, spirits of the desceased. Sure some of those “ghost” claims are fake, but some of them just have no explaination. Besides, some spirits help us with spiritual guidence.

    Please dont pray for me, it wont force me to become Christian. I grew up going to church, but recently I decided I do not agree with the beliefs of Christianity. That was my personal descision and it will not be changed by prayer or elsewise. Just stay strong with your own beliefs and dont try to force other people into them =)

  36. I think this is a great PICTURE.thats all it is. She’s not walking around the street in body paint. It looks good and its great art.

    p.s “luvin angel” there is a W in the beginning of Wrong. just thought you should know. thanks

  37. I do think it’s art, and I think it’s cool. But, boys, you need to like a girl by who she is on the inside… not by her bra size. (I’m a christian. I f you want to go to Heaven then start worshiping your one true and only real God.)

  38. i fink dat she iz soooooo buff i wanna take her 2 bed nd f*** her hardcore style. i dont care wot u fink, coz i am jst bein maself

  39. ok…WAY to many uptight freaks with to much free time on this picture, the woman is beautiful because she is a woman, painted or not the body is a work of art, if your not able to apriciate it perhaps the shame you feel for your own body is a much deeper issue you should be working on, but your ashamed of yours, I’m not ashamed of this lovely lady’s picture or the paint and by the way, if your going to call yourself “Farted” then you have absolutely no place to say anything to anyone about anything regarding taste, class, art, dignity, or any other trait I would associate with a person i’d care to speak with ;)

  40. i wood like to c her jst after swimmin in da c so she’d b stark naked.
    how cum u cant c her hair? is she shaved it?


  41. Hello,

    Just a couple of comments. Primarily, it is important that young people (the majority of commenters on this site i presume) need to stop the disillusion they have learnt that the human body is something to be ashamed of, it is a beautiful creation and this piece of art is an individuals interpretation of this beauty. It is not pornographic or blasphemous it is a celebration of the female form. Secondly, and this is just a passing comment to luvin’ angel, Jesus died for our sins, not God. Also luvin’ angel it is inappropriate to attempt to enforce your religious views upon people. Thirdly, would it be too much to ask that people use the English language properly, it seems you don’t so much speak it as chew it up and spit it out. English is a beautiful language and you’re destroying it. And lastly (sorry for moaning) it is irrelevent as to whether one is gay, lesbian, bisexual or hetrosexual that is their private choice and I really do not see what relevance it has to discussing a piece of art work, it is unneccesary and immature. And ‘Farted’ please remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, can you imagine if someone told you that five of their friends thought you were ugly? Thi is cruel and unprovoked. Learn some respect for your self and for other people.

  42. All of you guys need to relax. This is an amazing paint job. Look past all of your own insecurites and try to see it for what it is. beautiful.

  43. That goes out to Farted and her kind:
    Would it be nasty, annoying, improper, immoral and so on, if Brad Pitt was nude and body painted? I believe you lack of honesty and seriousness..

  44. I feel a lot of people viewing this picture are wrong. This is art, it is not something to be perved on, neither is the human form something to be ashamed of as it it one of the most beautiful things there is.
    I am an atheist and so I’m not part of the “God Squad”, but I know that Adam and Eve put on clothes because they had become self-conscious after eating the apple, breaking Gods will? Therefore, doesn’t that mean God wanted people naked?
    One final thing, anyone that likes to add comments such as “nice tits”, is suggest you find other websites.

    15yr old girl, England
    (It’s not just Americans that visit this site)

  45. im not trying to force my views on anyone so if you think that then i dont really care. iv learnt not to care what other people think about me so if you think im wrong i wont be offended/go off and cry/have a little strop about it. just try and say it nicely =)
    i would say thjat it is porn. its true that we were born naked and adam and eve were naked in the garden of eden because in eden there was no sin so no one thought rude things about naked people and/or had fantasies about them. and they were partners. so they were allowed to see each other naked. and clothes are manmade so we couldnt be born with clothes on. and please this is not an oppurtunity to have a go at each other. lets all be nice =) cos nice peole have more friends!

  46. It’s quite obvious that she’s wearing a swimsuit here. Look at the second picture, on her leg – you can see the border of the suit jut out.

  47. “to smilynn u r sooo rong! if god says to do sumthin in the bible u do it!
    god made u and me. the reason y he didn’t want everyone to follow him is because he gave us the choice to do what we want cause he didn’t want us to be like puppets and he steer us; he gave us the CHOICE to go to hell or heaven. and no affense but u guys need spiritual help. i hope 4 u 2 b a christian when u grow up and to believe that god died not because he just did, but cause he loved us and he took alll the sin in the world and put it on jesus who had not done anything rong, so that we(as in everyone)don’t have to get to heaven by sacrafices and good works, but all u have t do is believe that he did die to go 2 heaven. So i will pray 4 u guys and hope u cum 2 see HIM.”

    You don’t seem very Christian for one who has a very long post about God. Try capitalizing your proper nouns (especially religious ones). Moron.

  48. Okay, to all those people who said that this is “gross”, please refrain from leaving comments on this picture at all, or even using this website if the pictures bother you that much. This is an amazing piece of artwork that should be appreciated. Plus, it says in the article that it’s from Sports Illustrated. What did you expect? And it could be much worse.

    To Anonymous (1:06 PM): I agree with your comments about luvin’ angel’s post. For one thing, if you were a REAL Christian and not just some kid who goes to church and knows some fancy words, you would know that you ALWAYS capitalize the “g” in God and the “h” in He if you’re talking about Him.

    And God never died. And never will.

    And luvin’ angel, you even SAY that God is not forcing people to be Christian. So why are you?

    You don’t have to be a perfect Christian like you say you are to go to heaven. Even if you don’t believe in God, but are a good person, you’ll go to heaven. Remember the whole “God will forgive you” part?

    Don’t tell people they need spiritual help. Who says everyone has to be just like you? It’s rude and discriminatory. Some Christian you are.

    If you have to believe that God died to go to heaven, then I’m going to hell. If you ever paid attention in church (which I really doubt you attend) you would know GOD NEVER DIED.

    So luvin’ angel, if you want REAL CHRISTIANS to believe you, at least be a little more convincing.

  49. Appreciate it as a form of art, using obscures medias, not as pornographic, or blasphemous. The artist probably wants us to consider the illusion of clothing, or fabric, with paint, not bitch about it.

  50. wow…luvin’ angel, if we wanted ur help we’d ask for it…if you don’t like the picture, refrain from posting stupid immature comments.

    this picture is absolutely amazing…i love the illusion


  51. it must be sooooooo creppy being out in public NAKED! but the girl must feel better that shes wearing a fake swim sute, that looks real. :D

  52. As a human being and a Woman, I think she is beautiful and why shouldn’t she show off her body. The human form is a work of art, so let’s enjoy it as we are meant to enjoy it!!! So guys, keep on looking and girls, if it offends you perhaps it is your own flaws that offends you.

  53. I agree with #5 Kipske and #91 the prevoius post, this is not Heidi Klum. It is instead Elle Mcpherson. Aparently a lot of people make this mistake. Heidi did do bodypaint in the past few years but this image is several years older than that.

  54. I think as a women the human body is a beautiful thing whether you look at it sexually or as art and if you are not comfortable with looking at a women naked you obviously arent comfortable with yourself as a women. So refrain from commenting because no one wants to here your negative comments about a beautiful picture.

  55. To Whom It May Concern:

    According to the teachings of any Christian church, God is three Persons, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, equally present in each one; this doctrine is standardly known as the Trinity.


    The Father = God,
    Jesus Christ (Son) = God,
    Holy Spirit = God

    If one is a true Christian, and believes that Christ died on a cross, then they must also believe that God died.

    Complicated and/or “impossible” theory? One might think so, but the concept of faith also exists for a reason.

    Would all those who are trying to argue from a Christian standpoint please review what they are supposed to be believing? This whole “Jesus died, not God”, only serves to embarrass the well-educated amongst us.

    My apologies for continuing this topic.

    P.S. It is a well done illusion.

  56. I think Heidi Klum looks great all the time. The way her body is painted, in my opinion, is amazing. I love Heidi Klum! She rocks!

    1. I think that you should take a good look at yourself. Is it right to like a piece of art just because a naked woman is in it. I think that you should look for beauty in everyone and not just women you are into.

  57. one to a dude they see naked girl and they think hot two if you think the naked human body is descusting than you are on the wrong planet

  58. the human body isn’t disgusting. what’s disgusting is how some people think it is, it’s something YOU also have, if you haven’t realized. it doesn’t matter what weight you are.


    Freakish joker

    1. You come from a “descent” country? What do you mean by that?

      We aren’t perverts; this picture does not show anything inappropriate at all. It is simply paint on a woman’s body.

      Is wearing a one-piece swimsuit “disgusting”? I don’t think so. So how is this any different? You must be quite dumb.

  60. that’s a nice bodypaint. heidi klum looks fantastic and btw it is heidi klum. that photos were taken for “sports illustrated”. you can find a cover of it on heidi’s homepage heidiklum.com

  61. farted: If you admit to farting alot in front of probably like a few hundred thouasand people(depending on how many hits this page has) you must have problems. even i know people don’t wear bras with swimsuits, and im a guy. you must be one fat ugly biatch.the body painting is an art. would you as a…shemale…paint a swimsuit on a woman? im sure you couldn’t. i am and artist, but i couldn’t either, just cause…well…you know. you act like this kid in my class. he’s an immature spoiled rich kid, and he cant share. that sounds a little like my twin 3 year old cousins.

  62. hahaha… some people are just immature. It’s a human body. big deal. I think it’s beautiful and yes, I am a girl! She’s obviously proud of her body and is very confident. I like this picture. :] It’s not sexual or vulgar, I mean, she’s just standing there! my god. just relax and see this picture for the art that it is, instead of the fact that she’s not wearing anything.

    1. I am a guy and completely understand what she’s talking about, yes, I look at the art, but i don’t drool over them

  63. Great Illusion ;).

    I think the “wearing a bra under a swimsuit” bit was just an error between “bra” and “swimsuit”.
    I don’t even know why the owner even submits comments that are just “yay boobs” or anything like that tho!;{

  64. Farted is obviously a very unattractive human- inside and out. It is a shame that someone would be so hatefull and call an obvious beautiful woman ugly…shame…get a life and d o not spend so much time hating.

    1. Why would you say that. She is a person with a personality and a brain. She isn’t just a body. Maybe someday you can look at a woman and say she has a great personality and not “polly so wants this cracker!!”

  65. Nice samples of an art I’ve always loved. It’s rarely perfect, but always suggestive and surprising when well done.

    After reading all the comments around, I think some people here need to look down and realise they have just the same or equivalent ornaments. It’s evident they never did that exercise in their five-year-old lives.

    By the way, I’m glad to NOT live in USA, the only place in the world where the own body (and nudity, and sex, and curves, and everything) seems to be a childish taboo, and religions still distort minds to have a perverted perception beyond functional and artistic senses.

    Most USA people seems really stuck in the Middle Age with this topic. Their culture (or lack of) is a true model of how NOT to be.

    As beautiful, perfect and symmetric as it is, considering human body nasty, offensive or disgusting is by far one of the greatest signs of ignorance in the world.

    1. I would hope that you ment if she wants another paint job please contact me because you want to get to know her better and not because she is attractive. I don’t believe that’s what you ment but if it is please inform me.

  66. im an art student and when you go into that field your not looking at the body in a sexual manner. your looking at the shape of it. how it curves and moves and its planes. body art is just that…ART. the nakedness doesnt matter to the artist or the people who look at the art when its done. any and everything can be a canvas.

  67. Totally right. I really need to get a life. Just before I leave this site forever, I just wanna say, I LOVE THAT PICTUR COZ SHE IS WELL SEXY. Even if I am a girl.

    (Im actually 12 years old)

  68. Meagan,
    What is wrong with 10 & 11 year olds!!!!!!!!!!!!!I'm one and I'm really smart.In fact, our class is more mature than some of you!
    Yes, she is pretty. that's why she is a model. It does look like a swimsuite.0:)

    1. I can understand what you mean by she is sexy but I would hope that you could see more in women than just there body. I am a guy and understand that a woman can be pretty but I also like to see the personality of someone.

  69. I am a woman, I am not lesbian, and this is an art form. Picasso has painted naked bodies before and nobody calls him a pervert. How is painting a picture of a naked body so much different then painting a picture on a naked body?

  70. I propose that we just accept that we all have our own opinions instead of fighting about them or throwing mean comments at each other. I’m pretty sure we’re all mature enough to handle this situation in an adultly way….

  71. Oh come on, it’s meant to be art. It’s like painting a nude. To be honest I don’t find her that attractive, but that doesn’t matter, what matters is the interesting illusion that she’s wearing a swimsuit, which she isn’t.

  72. O.o Holy crap. *Sigh*… This is just really stupid. How long has this fight been going on for…? Ok, i agree that we shouldn’t make such bad pictures of woman and viiolate(?) them, but seriously, it’s just art. Have you SEEN the work in the 16th chapel. Half od the paintings there are naked, along with the statue of David and all those things. I’m a girl AND a Christian and I say just shut up and get on with your lives. I mean really, you either like it or not, no need for a huge argument about if it’s bad or good. everyone has the freedom of speech, so shut up..-.-“

  73. Honestly, what is the point of being two year olds and fighting over it? Just grow up and be mature please.

    Human art/painting is amazing. I wouldn’t be able to have the patience to do it, i’d mess up. But congrats to whomever can :)

  74. to luvin angel : im religious too, but i dont think that this is something bad. shes not doing something dirty, its art. what about old religious paintings that show angels or god or adam or whatever naked? are THOSE dirty?

    also, u say u are religious, yet u r insulting ppl. isnt that against whats said in the bible? and didnt u just say u go by the bible?

  75. to luvin angel : im religious too, but i dont think that this is something bad. shes not doing something dirty, its art. what about old religious paintings that show angels or god or adam or whatever naked? are THOSE dirty?

    also, u say u are religious, yet u r insulting ppl. isnt that against whats said in the bible? and didnt u just say u go by the bible?

  76. i think this is rlly good, it actually looks like a real swimsuit. can u ppl just appreciate the art and illusion! cuz tht’s wut is meant to be! there r lots of body paints out there and a lot r rlly good. its called ART, not NUDITY. GET OVER IT PPL.

    and i’m 11!

  77. @Anonymous:

    You seriously did NOT just say “16th chapel”, did you? -_-

    SPOILERS: (It’s actually called the Sistine chapel)

    People on the internet are so stupid.

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