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By on May 14, 2006, with 75 Comments

The minute I saw this photo, I felt sorry for a poor guy. I assumed it’s a picture of a dying elephant. But later I realised it came from a site dedicated to sand sculptures. This exibit is located at Harrison Hot Springs, also know as “Harrisand”. Harrisand hosts a World Championships of Sand Sculpture, so if you visit it, you can’t miss having really great time. Check for more of amazing sand sculptures inside this post. I posted only those who manage to deceive, giving you impression it’s real thing not a sand sculpture. Be sure to visit this site for full full set of images. Another thing, previously I posted another life-like sand sculpture of Brazillian girl lying in the beach. Check it!

Harrison Lake Sand Sculptures
Harrison Lake Sand Sculptures
Harrison Lake Sand Sculptures
Harrison Lake Sand Sculptures
Harrison Lake Sand Sculptures


75 Responses
  1. Farted says:

    Oh my gosh! I would do absolutely anything to have a talent like that!

  2. ~*NIQUE*~ says:


  3. stomer says:

    that is amazing!

  4. Basketball girl says:

    wow those are awesome

  5. Paper says:


  6. Hai says:

    they must have a lot of time on their hands!

  7. msprez2be says:

    They Are Cool But Ehhh. Who Wastes There Time On Sand?

  8. me says:

    those last three are cool

  9. Rayne says:

    The tide that comes to wash away
    Our castles in the sand.
    Our palaces that last one day
    Will crumble in our hand.

    The tallest waves grow in the sun,
    They die in tiny streams.
    They take our castles one bye one
    They cannot take our dreams.

  10. kitty says:


  11. Lucas says:

    And so Castles Made of Sand
    Melt into the sea,

  12. Kay says:

    those are awesome!

  13. Mishka says:

    That is awesome. I have seen cool ones, but that one takes the cake!

  14. niki says:

    I’m with farted on this one.

  15. kitty says:


  16. loser says:

    bet you anything that took forever…but its still freaken awsome!!!!!!!!!
    i would do anything for that talent
    but sadly now all they have is pictures cus the world trampled it down…just like the real world…you take forever doing some thing good…but the world tramples it down…and all thats left is a memory…the memory of building it the acoplishment..then your crushed..leving you to bleed…just like love…but thats another story…

  17. Broccoli says:

    They must have to do that fast since the tide will wash it away if they don’t

  18. Spença says:

    Hooooooly shiat. I gotta pay one of these guys to build me a full-size sand palace. Then I could have my very own beach house! And it’s gotta be cheaper than conventional methods…

  19. Red. says:

    Broccoli, they don’t make them on the beach. They don’t even use normal sand…they use special sand that sticks together better. I’ve seen things like this and they are incredible.

  20. _sandfx says:

    It took 25 hrs to make “Arms Race” they were all made on a lake beach ie. NO TIDE The sand is normal beach sand, it is dug up and put into plywood forms, add tons of water and packed down hard with tampers. Harrison’s sand has a high clay and silt content so when packed it can be carved like you see here.

  21. hiya bob says:

    awesome…until something called water comes in…

  22. Donkey butt says:


  23. Nikolle says:

    OK that is pretty cool but HOW IS THAT AN ILLUSION????

    But i still like it!!!! :)

  24. RAHUL says:


  25. meeow says:

    those are beautiful

  26. alien803 says:

    1 word wow amazing wait those are two words im insan

  27. Anonymous says:

    oh. mi. gosh
    thats all i can say!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Anonymous says:

    I think these are amazing i’ve already see a turtle like that and i’ve made my own like a teddy bear and the sphinx all though they were small

  29. Anonymous says:

    its amasing , ppl w/ dat kind of talent should get paid lol

  30. ana says:

    wow, i love the elephant!

  31. Elliexx ANIMALS ROCK!! says:

    hey, thats so clever!!

  32. dudd says:

    dude. what kind of loser spends their time on useless stuff lik this?! L-O-Z-A-zzz

  33. Anonymous says:

    dude, such a waste of time. LOOZA

  34. Anisha says:

    Absolutely amazing- they’ve gotta have a ton of patience, not to mention awesome artistic skills. Thanks for making the world more beautiful!

  35. Anonymous says:

    that’s so cool
    specially the villages

  36. hotty says:

    someone hooo has that in them: u r coooooooooooooooooool!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. lil miss wow says:

    i love the poem that rayne posted up and those pictures are awesome

  38. jewel says:

    those are just totally incredible!!
    i am totally addicted to this site, just found it last week. keep up the good work!!

  39. T-T-T-Tia says:

    these are really cool. but they arent actually illusions.

  40. Anonymous says:


    Is It Really Necesary To Talk Like This?

  41. Panda7888 says:

    Those are so awsome!!

  42. Anonymous says:

    dude. talk about sand castles…

  43. Aurora101 says:

    They are soo KOOL! I wish I had that kind of talent. It’s neat how people can create something spectacular out of nothing.

  44. Jaquie says:

    elephant was cute but it looked dead. (no efence)
    and all the others look fake but they are real sand
    (trust me been there)

  45. Anonymous says:

    Cool, cool. But it must take awhile, and who would build something only to destroy it?

  46. Macki says:

    I saw a sand mermaid and sand pharoh once in brighton beach in new york

  47. Anonymous says:

    i think its cool lol

  48. Anonymous says:

    excellent sand talents; whoever did them must have been spending their whole life =) on the beach!

  49. J says:

    Holy hell, that castle is AWESOME!!!
    i wonder if you can live in it?

  50. delanebug says:

    oh my gosh those are amazing but the naked brazilion is gross hee hee!!!!

  51. damianna says:

    huh? am i seeing clearly? this is totally mindblowing i am completly in love!

  52. Detective Kitty says:

    OMG those are sooo realistic it’s awesome….

  53. jade watkins says:

    wow wow wow wow

  54. Lily says:

    I’ve seen these things. Not the exact ones but amatur ones.

  55. Angel says:

    I like zee castles!

  56. Magilicious says:

    not really an optical illusion but awesome all the same :D

  57. I_luv_hoses says:

    the elephant looks so real

  58. Cool Ideas says:

    Very nice sand works

  59. some dude and his buddy says:

    these are some impressive sand scultures, but i dont see how its an illusion

  60. tom says:

    its good but this is better

  61. tom says:

    oh nevermind that is better after all

  62. Me, Myself, and iPod says:


  63. coolez says:

    the most realistik i think is the elephant ^_^ luv elephants

  64. 66darkfire says:

    Beauty! the level of detail in these sculptures is not easily produced. Amazing…

  65. Maddi says:

    Lol it’s like epic sand castle ownage.

  66. jack says:

    woah i thought the first one was a ral elephant

  67. cheyenne says:

    the last 3 are phenomenal and just realistic!

  68. cheyenne says:

    To Some Dude And His Buddy,

    Do you know what an illusion means? Its means something that misleads or makes a false impression of reality,which, if you look at the elephant could mislead you to think its real but its really a sand sculpture. I’m sorry but to all the people that say any of the illusions on the site AREN’T illusions are very very ignorant. All these stuff are illusions cause all these ILLUSIONS are misleading! Im sorry Im 11 and I know what an illusion is and you adults don’t!? Sad just plain SAD!

  69. hiiomi says:

    this is AMAZING!

  70. A says:


  71. C says:

    Holy crap! Those are freakin awesome! Bye the way A arent you kinda young for this?

  72. Abigail says:

    THAT IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am going to try that next time i go to the beach!!!!

  73. Aphrodite says:

    Extreme Sandcastles?

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