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  1. Why is it that every alleged ‘computer savy’ moron out there on the internet thinks that everything that looks unbelievable is done with PHOTOSHOP? HELLO! There are people out there with REAL TALENT! Those who usually say -“Derrrr…That’s just PHOTOSHOP” USUALLY have NO TALENT whatsoever!

  2. Hola amigos! Es fabulso…magnifico!! ay de mi! muy muy bueno. estes manos son divirtido!! adios mis amigos americanos!

  3. …and even it if were Photoshop, it wouldn’t be any less impressive, and it wouldn’t require any less talent.

    These are really, really great.

  4. I saw this on a different website and it still gets me every time! I think it would be cool to have that eagle painted on my hands.

  5. i’m pretty sure its just a painting of a hand with paint on it. it looks more like a painting than an actual hand…and not just because there’s paint on the hand. if you catch my drift

  6. Ok, omg.. *silence* ok my shockingness is over..


    as the other hand ones i lie the elephant the best cuz hes so detailed

  7. Very well done.

    And besides for the eagle i can’t see why it should be anything else than fantastic skills behind.

    But for the eagle i have a problem with getting the thumb right, atleast my hands can not turn the tumb that much. But even the shadows by the tail can be painted on the arms.

  8. there is a book of these from the 80s.
    they also had a zebra and dog.
    now if someone says photoshop again i’ll shoot them, because they didn’t have photoshop in the 80s.

    the eagle was in it too.

  9. The shadows at the bottom of the eagle are artistic shading. They’re done with paint to imitate layers of feathers and convey realism.

  10. OMG they r totally real u lozers. In Readers Digest they have a whole write up and those r the exact pictures from it. I hope RD sues u!!

    1. What do you mean, they are real? Do you mean real animals, photoshopped? or real paintings?

      By the way my brother does this stuff, he rocjs!!!

  11. i think they did this fo the animal planets, heroe of the year or somthing along those lines…

    still looks cool, they also have something like that but its done with rocks lol

  12. I agree with Charles (#11) – people always think that anything that is done to a superb quality is done by photoshop. I understand if it is a photograph of a place that isn’t as it seems, then we can have doubts, but super body-art talent shoudn’t be weighed down with the voice of someone saying “It’s photoshopped”

  13. these are amazing, ive seen them on animal planet and to answer the guy who asked for proof, just watch animalplanetit actually shows the hands moving, and wow do people always need to need to be so litteral about everything…

  14. What a con – this is a subset of those on page 1, some of which have apparently been snapped up by some scuzzball commercial organisation.

  15. That is really cool. my dad also got an email of this and it said that it takes many hours to do it. it took like 10 hrs to do the eagle

  16. U know what? It’s annoying when people say “oh it’s PHOTOSHOPPED!!!!” and other annoying things like that…it’s NOT if it were photoshopped it would say so, just because something looks cool doesn’t mean it’s photoshopped!!! Cool illusion by the way! NICE!

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