Hallway Illusion

Yesterday we got ourselves another optical illusion submitted by one of our fans. We asked ourselves why not share it with rest of you! So here it is (if you like this one, check the “Endless Bridge Illusion”) Courtney Daab says: “The optical illusion I provided seems to create a hallway of sorts, in addition when you look at it, it seems as though in the corners there seems to be a “line” that connects all the corners… This one seems to be a never ending hallway…”

Courtney: “Here is another one I created.
Not only does it have the “endless hallway” eefect, but it also appear to move… Can you tell if the circles are behind or in front of the drawing? In this one, it seems also as though the circles are behind the scares but are infact on top. They were added after the scares…”

Click Here for a RANDOM Optical Illusion

30 Replies to “Hallway Illusion”

  1. ok my name is farted because i fart a lot. i have no boyfriends or anything from it. i like cold showers. and i like turdlets, i hold them whenever ipoo in my potty.

    i am saying this from my true heart.

  2. Farted…we didn’t need that information… I don’t wont to pprovoke a huge discussion or anything but this site iis about optical illusions, not you. Anyway, this illusion is awesome, i think its been done before though…

    1. to the person who thought farted was a guy girls fart too not just guys and to farted i think its cool that you arent afraid to tell who you really are

  3. This is kinda cool xD Gave me a headache o.o.
    The first thing I noticed, it looks like a deck of cards. From the top view looking down and they are cut pyrimid style ^-^.

  4. dude, the circles are black, the squares are black, it really doesn’t matter whether you painted them before or after, it would still look exactly the same.

  5. I first I thought it was a roof as seen from top or roof plan working drawings.. It ain’t tough YES! YES! YES! YES!

  6. Sheesh, give the girl a break. Art is about expression, not oppression. No need to put someone down because you don’t like their work. It takes courage for people to put their work out there like that, and most of you act like children about it. This is why people are afraid to put themselves out there. No one should ever have to fear sharing their art. That’s not what art or optical illusions are about. They are about expressing ourselves, sharing yourself with the world, and having fun.

    For those of you who were nice KUDOS to you! You are all amazing people, you are the kind of people I enjoy. People who don’t find pleasure in putting someone else or their work down.

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