Hallucii’s Problem Illusion Video

These cartoon-ish illusions seem to get more popular as days go bye. The newest submission was done by Ryan Oksenhorn. I really enjoyed myself observing this funny looking dude trying to escape his Escher prison. If you notice, again we have reference to M.C. Escher’s Ascending Castle.

From my experience, Escher is the first thing that comes on a creative artist’s mind when wanting to implement illusions in his work. The author of this flick is Goo-Shun Wang, who has done a masterpiece, in its nature similar to our previous Journey to a World of Illusion video. Wait for it to load, then click play and enjoy it! Feel free to share this clip on your homepage, but please include authors name and his website. Not to mix things, Goo-Shun Wang is the creator, and Ryan is the guy who sent this. Ryan added: “First of all, I love the site! Keep it up! I found a very well made video illusion. I liked it and hope others do, too!”

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39 Replies to “Hallucii’s Problem Illusion Video”

  1. hahaha..no wonder these get more and more popular! They so funny and cool, the new age of illusion is out of just still pictures

  2. If you imagine how he feels in that impossible object, I amagine a fly in a bottle made of glass would feel the same way!

  3. that was great…i would love to see more of those! you really feel for that poor guy….thanks!!!!

  4. Shows the consequences of drinking :)
    I didn’t like it at all for some reason, The illusion was…well….OLD, and the whole idea was pointless. I don’t know why i din’t like it, i usually would’ve!

  5. AMAZING as i said be4.
    yay! this site has reached pver 7,000,000 viewers! well done Vurdlak!

  6. Really great video! I was watching him go through the door, and the I saw all those cities on the Escher hill, I was like ” Oh No”!

  7. i could see it in the top left hand corner the whole time…. but its better as a painting that ive seen a million times before.

  8. just goes to show, how big the world is and the fact tht we don’t perceive the big picture.

    when i saw the city in another of Escher’s illusion, lol!

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